Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 139 - Chapter 139: Confrontation With Consort Dowager Ning

Chapter 139: Confrontation With Consort Dowager Ning

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Shen Hezhi hugged the little bun and said in a slightly shaky voice, “Junjin, don’t be afraid.’

The little bun had once been kidnapped and was traumatized as a result. At this moment, his little body was drenched, and his small hands nervously clutched at Shen Hezhi’s sleeves. His large and dark eyes were filled with guilt and helplessness as he said through tears, “I’m sorry.”

‘Did I implicate Uncle?’

“It’s not your fault,” Shen Hezhi said, gently comforting the little bun as he carried the latter up. Although his clothes were wet, he did not look disheveled at all. His warm gaze was now cold and piercing as he looked at Feng Zixiu who was standing nearby.

Yu Yunxi rushed over at this time. Her heart ached as she asked worriedly, “Junjin, are you alright?”

The little bun was clearly shivering from the cold, but he still tried to put on a brave front. He shook his head and replied, “Aunt, I’m fine.”

At this time, Feng Zixiu had already run to hide behind Consort Dowager Ning. He smiled disdainfully as he complained, “Imperial Grandmother, I just wanted to give him a warning. Who knew he’d be so weak and fall with just a slight push?”

‘How could there be such a shameless person?!’

The guards from the King of Xinan’s Residence were both angry and distressed.

Yu Yunxi naturally could tolerate this. She stood up and questioned Consort Dowager Ning.

“Consort Dowager Ning, I don’t know how Junjin provoked the child behind you, but he’s really vicious. The pond was behind Junjin. Ordinary people wouldn’t have pushed Junjin.”

When they were in the imperial palace previously, they had heard about Consort Dowager Ning’s return to the capital. However, they did not expect her to arrive so quickly. Not only that, but no one expected her to be so ruthless to the little bun.

Earlier, Feng Yili had something urgent to attend to at the military base so Yu Yunxi brought Jian Xin and the others back to the Yu Residence first. She did not expect to witness such a heartbreaking scene as soon as she returned.

Shen Hezhi said to guards in a low voice, “Hurry up and bring the little master to change his clothes.”

The guards quickly brought the little bun away.

When Yu Yunxi saw the little bun looking at her anxiously, she nodded at him to reassure him. Some things should be handled by adults and should not involve children.

Yu Yunxi looked at Shen Hezhi worriedly and said, “Brother, you should change as well. Your body…”

She knew it would be bad if he caught a cold.

“It’s fine, I’m fine. Don’t worry,” Shen Hezhi said, shaking his head gently at her.

Consort Dowager Ning scoffed as she looked at Yu Yunxi with disgust and said, “Why are you still shamelessly occupying the position of Princess Regent when you’re blatantly flirting with another man?”

Yu Yunxi clenched her hands and said angrily, “Consort Dowager Ning, it’s been five years since we last met, but you’re still as prejudiced against me as before. Even then, is there a need to attack an innocent child?”

Consort Dowager Ning sneered. “Innocent child? A child without manners should be punished. Zixiu was only giving him a small punishment.”

After saying that, Consort Dowager Ning pulled Feng Zixiu to the front and said icily, “Yu Yunxi, look carefully! He’s the legitimate son and heir of the Prince Regent’s Residence! He’s Yili’s eldest son!”


When Yu Yunxi looked at the child who looked to be about ten years old, her eyes widened slightly, and her heart sank.

‘If this child is Feng Yili’s heir, then he…’

This was the first time that Yu Yunxi was at a loss. A hint of confusion could be seen in her eyes at this moment.

Upon seeing this, Shen Hezhi stepped forward to help her. He frowned as he said in a low voice, “Don’t listen to other people’s one-sided stories. Wait for Feng Yili’s explanation.”

Although Shen Hezhi did not want Yu Yunxi to be with Feng Yili, he did not want to see her and the little bun sad. Moreover, based on his judgment, he did not think Feng Yili would do something like that. As such, it was best not to make quick judgments.

Shen Hezhi’s words successfully calmed Yu Yunxi down. She exhaled, and her expression returned to normal. She looked at Consort Dowager Ning and said firmly, “Consort Dowager Ning, although you dislike me, I’m still the Princess Regent selected by the Emperor. I’m not dead yet, but you already made another woman’s son the legitimate son and heir of the Prince Regent. Perhaps you were away from the capital for too long. Did you forget the rules and etiquette left behind by the Great Ancestor?”

“Yu Yunxi, is this how you talk to me?!”

Consort Dowager Ning was furious. She slammed her hand on the stone table again.

Meanwhile, the members of the Yu family stood at the side and watched the show, wanting to see how arrogant Yu Yunxi could be this time.

At this time, Jian Xian walked to Yu Yunxi’s side and said, “Consort Dowager Ning, I think the Princess Regent’s words are reasonable.”

Jian Xin’s posture was dignified and elegant, and her temperament was gentle. However, there was a certain confidence and sternness in her that could not be ignored.

“Princess Consort Rui?”

Consort Dowager Ning frowned slightly. She had yet to receive the news so she assumed Jian Xin was still Princess Consort Rui.

‘Why are the people from Prince Rui’s Residence siding with Yu Yunxi?’

Various thoughts appeared in Consort Dowager Ning’s mind, and her expression grew uglier and uglier. Although she was an elder and had the right to speak in front of the Emperor, Jian Xin was the Empress Dowager’s granddaughter-in-law. If she made things difficult for Jian Xin, the Empress Dowager would not let it go so easily.

After fighting with the Empress Dowager for so many years, she relied on her son who had been conferred a title to have a noble status. She also had a tacit understanding with the former not to care about each other’s family affairs.

After calming down, Consort Dowager Ning’s expression eased a little. She picked up the teacup in front of her and said casually, “I was not aware that Princess Consort Rui has such a good relationship with Yu Yunxi.”

“Yu Yunxi is my aunt so we naturally get along,” Jian Xin replied in a neither obsequious nor arrogant tone.

At this moment, Yu Yunxi said in an unyielding tone, “Consort Dowager Ning, please tell that child to apologize to Junjin.”

Consort Dowager Ning snickered and said disdainfully, “Apologize to him? Who is he, and who is Zixiu? Is he worthy?”

Seeing how angry Yu Yunxi was, Consort Dowager Ning added, “Don’t even bother complaining to Yili. Zixiu is his biological son. I’m sure he knows who to side with…”

At this time, Shen Hezhi walked over and stood in front of Yu Yunxi, protecting her with his tall body. Then, he said indifferently, “Consort Dowager Ning, your words are inappropriate. It’s inappropriate for the Prince Regent to interfere in the matters of the harem. In my opinion, we should let the

Empress Dowager be the judge of this.”

Jian Xin’s expression changed imperceptibly when she heard these words, and she took a few more glances at Shen Hezhi as she thought to herself, ‘This heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence is really quick-witted.’

Jian Xin knew that Shen Hezhi had noticed Consort Dowager Ning’s change in attitude when facing her earlier. It was obvious that Consort Dowager Ning did not want to have any trouble with the Empress Dowager. It was indeed wise to bring up the Empress Dowager at this moment. The Empress Dowager might not help the King of Xinan’s Residence, but she definitely would not help

Consort Dowager Ning..

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