Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Burn the Corpse

Chapter 127: Burn the Corpse

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‘Ninth Imperial Uncle? Why is he here?’

Feng Weirui, who had been calm, became gloomy in just an instant.

Feng Yili rushed to Yu Yunxi’s side and looked at her carefully. After confirming that she was not injured, he sighed in relief.

“Why… Why are you here?” Yu Yunxi asked in a muffled voice. Her state of mind was a little different at this moment.

“I’ll explain it to you after we deal with this matter,” Feng Yili said softly.

Yu Yunxi knew it was important to deal with Feng Weirui first. She nodded and turned to ask Qian Qing, “How are you?”

Qian Qing nodded and said, “Don’t worry, County Princess. I’m fine.”

Yu Yunxi was just about to help Qian Qing to the side when someone suddenly grabbed Qian Qing.

“Let me help her,” Luo Xiuran said softly.

The two women did not expect that not only Feng Yili came, but Luo Xiuran came as well.

Yu Yunxi turned around to have a look, thinking that the duo brought reinforcements.

Upon seeing this, Luo Xiuran shook his head and said, “There’s no need to look.

It’s just the two of us.”

Yu Yunxi was speechless.

‘Why is it that the reinforcements that came twice are so unreliable?’

Yu Yunxi looked at Qian Qing, using her eyes to ask Qian Qing if Qian Qing was willing to let Luo Xiuran help her.

Qian Qing frowned slightly, but she did not refuse. After all, at this time, she was a burden, and she did not want to be a burden to Yu Yunxi. For this reason, she quickly nodded.

Luo Xiuran sighed in relief. He reached out and pulled Qian Qing into his embrace before using his tall body to block her, putting her in a safe position and protecting her.

Qian Qing frowned again, but she suppressed the resistance in her heart.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, the County Princess colluded with the bandits to murder Princess Consort Rui. I plan to capture her now. Please don’t interfere,” Feng Weirui said with a straight face.

Yu Yunxi sneered. Just as she was about to retort, Feng Yili spoke first.

“I know better than you what kind of person your Ninth Imperial Aunt is. She would never harm your Princess Consort. Do you really think I’m unaware of what you did?” Feng Yili asked coldly.

Feng Weirui was enraged. Initially, everything was going smoothly. Who knew that Yu Yunxi would suddenly show up? Not only that, but Feng Yili also suddenly showed up. Feng Yili was naturally much more difficult to deal with than Yu Yunxi.

Lady Zhang’s mind finally cleared up a little. She quickly dragged her injured body over and kneeled in front of Feng Yili, crying in grief as she said, “Prince Regent, you have to stand up for us. Prince Rui bribed the bandits, but he’s pushing the blame. If it weren’t for him, Xin wouldn’t have died. He wants us to die so the Emperor will punish Prince An.”

Upon hearing these words, Feng Yili glanced at her coldly and said, “I’m afraid the one who forced Princess Consort Rui to die isn’t just Prince Rui…”

Lady Zhang gulped and snuck a look at Jian Si. Although Jian Si wanted to kill them, she still could not bear to report her daughter whom she had doted on for many years.

When Yu Yunxi and Qian Qing saw this, they only felt that it was extremely ironic.

Jian Si was her biological daughter, but so was Jian Xin. Was Jian Xin’s death so insignificant? As a mother, how could she be so biased?

Feng Yili shifted his cold gaze from Lady Zhang to Feng Weirui before he said, “Do you want to go back on your own and apologize to your Imperial Father, or do you want me to bring you back?”

Feng Weirui clenched his hands and gritted his teeth, finally making up his mind. When he looked up again, the nervousness in his eyes could no longer be seen. He said, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, since I’ve done this, I’ve no intention of backing down. Your martial arts are indeed very powerful, but there are only a few of you. I, on the other hand, brought many elites.”

‘That’s right. I have more people than Ninth Imperial Uncle. He’s outnumbered. No matter how I look at it, I have a greater chance of winning… I can’t admit defeat!’

Feng Weirui’s gaze grew even more determined with this thought in mind. He gritted his teeth and ordered, “Everyone, attack! Whoever manages to kill Ninth Imperial Uncle will be rewarded with ten thousand taels of gold!”

There was no turning back. Feng Weirui knew if he failed today, his father would never let him off. It was better to just go all out. Moreover, it would be good for him if Feng Yili died since Feng Yili supported the Fifth Prince.

Although Feng Weirui’s men were afraid of Feng Yili, the temptation of ten thousand taels of gold quickly wiped away their fear. They felt it was worth it to fight with their lives. With that, all of them rushed toward Feng Yili.

“Protect Qian Qing,” Yu Yunxi reminded Luo Xiuran seriously. Then, she straightened her back and said to Feng Yili, “I’ll take care of this side, and you take care of that side.’

“Okay,” Feng Yili nodded obediently.

With that, a new round of killing began.

Lady Zhang and Jian Zhong hid behind a large rock, nervously watching the scene before them.

On Feng Yili’s side, everyone who got close to him died.

Although Luo Xiuran was not as powerful as Feng Yili, he was still more than strong enough to deal with the people from Prince Rui’s Residence.

Qian Qing stayed next to Luo Xiuran and helped him out. The two people who were still at odds a few days ago cooperated very well at this moment.

At the same time, Feng Weirui watched from afar. The longer he watched, the more uneasy he felt. At this rate, he was going to lose.

The situation was already unfavorable for Feng Weirui when Jiang Ying arrived with a group of people from the Prince Regent’s Residence.

This time, Feng Yili’s men surrounded Feng Weirui and his people.

Yu Yunxi looked at Feng Yili in shock. She did not expect him to be prepared.

Feng Weirui gnashed his teeth so hard that they almost shattered. Now that the reinforcements from the Prince Regent’s Residence had arrived, his chances of winning were slim to none.

At this moment, Jian Si sidled up to Feng Weirui and said in a low voice, “Your

Royal Highness, I have an idea.”

Feng Weirui looked at Jian Si’s calm expression, and his eyes flashed. “What idea?”

Meanwhile, on the other side, Yu Yunxi felt slightly uneasy. At this time, she heard Feng Weirui say threateningly from the back, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, Yu

Yunxi, tell your people to stop. Otherwise, I’ll burn Jian Xin’s corpse!”


They turned around and saw Feng Weirui and Jian Si standing behind Jian Xin’s lifeless body.

Qian Qing shouted, “Feng Weirui, Jian Si, you’re worse than animals!”

‘Sister is already dead, and yet, they still want to ruin her like this!’

There was a tradition in Tianxia that the dead had to be buried for them to rest in peace. If their corpses were burned, it meant that they would not be able to rest in peace..

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