Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 128 - Chapter 128: Encountering Danger

Chapter 128: Encountering Danger

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“Yu Yunxi, weren’t you righteously trying to avenge my sister earlier? Now that her corpse is about to be burned, why don’t you say anything?” Jian Si asked, trying to goad Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi clenched her hands and asked, “Oh, you still know she’s your sister? However, you won’t even let her rest in peace?”

“How can Eldest Sister be more important than my own well-being? If you don’t want us to burn her corpse, put down your swords!” Jian Si said as her voice grew sharper.

Yu Yunxi gripped her sword tightly. She had nowhere to vent her anger. Finally, she said hoarsely, “Fine. I’ll put down my sword, but you have to put down the torch in your hand.”

Jian Xin was a pure, kind, and beautiful person. Now that she was dead, how could she allow Jian Xin’s corpse to be burned?

Qian Qing’s eyes reddened when she saw Yu Yunxi putting down her sword.

Then, she shouted, “County Princess, don’t! They’re lying to you!”

“Second Sister, how can you say that? We’ll keep our promises,” Jian Si said meaningfully. However, in the next moment, her lips curled up into a strange smile before she suddenly pushed Jian Xian down the cliff behind them.

If Jian Xin fell, she would not have a complete corpse.

Seeing this, Yu Yunxi quickly flew over. She forcefully pulled Jian Xin back, but unexpectedly, Feng Weirui launched a sneak attack at this time. Her shoulder was hit, and she fell backward.

Feng Weirui’s attack had been imbued with internal energy so Yu Yunxi fell rapidly. Even if used her internal energy now, it was useless.

Qian Qing ran to the cliff and shouted, “County Princess!”

While Yu Yunxi was in a daze, she was a tall figure jumping off the cliff.

‘That’s… Feng Yili?! Is he crazy?! How dare he jump off the cliff? Does he want to die?!’

Feng Weirui and Jian Si stood on the cliff with mocking smiles on their faces. The cliff was so high that those who fell would definitely die.

Feng Weirui said to Jian Si in a leisurely manner, “Si, you’re right. Yu Yunxi’s weakness is that she’s soft-hearted, and Ninth Imperial Uncle’s weakness is Yu Yunxi.”

As long as a person had a weakness, it would be easy to deal with them.

In Feng Weirui’s opinion, now that Feng Yili was gone, the others were much easier to deal with as well.

On the other side, Yu Yunxi’s reaction was quite fast even though she was falling. When she saw a branch extending out from the side, she quickly reached out to grab it. Although it cut her palm deeply, she still endured the pain and held on. Unexpectedly, the branch suddenly snapped, and she fell again.

At this moment, a pair of hands hugged her.

She looked up slowly and saw Feng Yili.

He freed one of his hands and covered her voice before he said gently next to her ear, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

There was a river below the cliff.

When Yu Yunxi fell, the water swallowed her whole, but she could still feel someone protecting her.

When Yu Yunxi regained consciousness, she found that her surroundings were dark. She struggled to sit up before she checked her body. She found there were many wounds on her arms, but they were nothing she could not endure. She patted her head slightly, trying to sober up. Soon enough, she discovered that she was in a cave with the help of the faint light from outside.

‘That’s right. I fell with Feng Yili! Where’s he?’

“F-feng Yili,” Yu Yunxi called out hoarsely. Her throat was in pain.

At this moment, she heard the sounds of hurried footsteps.

Soon enough, Feng Yili appeared before her eyes. He threw the firewood he had gathered on the ground and quickly lit it up.

Once the fire started, the cave became warmer.

Feng Yili said softly, “It’s raining outside so it’s a little cold. Come closer.”

At this time, Yu Yunxi also realized that her clothes were dry, but Feng Yili’s clothes were still wet. She quickly walked over and said sternly, “You need the fire more than I do.”

Yu Yunxi glanced at his back and saw the blood seeping out. Her eyelids twitched violently as she reached out to touch his back.

Feng Yili’s expression changed slightly and he frowned as soon as Yu Yunxi touched his back.

No wonder she was mostly unharmed after falling from such a high place. He must have used his own body to protect her.

“It’s just a small injury. Don’t worry,” Feng Yili said hoarsely, “This is the wild fruit I found earlier. Have it. Don’t worry about Feng Weirui. Even if I’m not around, the people from the Prince Regent’s Residence won’t lose to those from Prince Rui’s Residence. It’s raining now so it’s not safe to walk on the mountain road now. We’ll spend the night here and leave when dawn comes…”

Feng Yili did not give Yu Yunxi a chance to speak at all and took the initiative to explain various things.

However, Yu Yunxi did not care about these things now. She gritted her teeth and said angrily, “Can you take care of your health first?”

Feng Yili looked at her with a burning gaze and asked in return, “Then why did you disregard your own safety? Do you know how worried I was when you fell off the cliff?”

No one knew how frightened he had been at that moment.

The atmosphere changed as soon as Feng Yili finished speaking.

Yu Yunxi’s body was stiff, and her expression was a little unnatural. She did not expect him to feel that way. Finally, she said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect Feng Weirui to be so despicable so I didn’t guard against him.”

At that time, she only wanted to protect Jian Xin so she did not think too much. Now that she thought about it, she was indeed reckless.

Seeing her like that, Feng Yili could not bear to scold her anymore. Yu Yunxi suddenly said seriously, “Take off your clothes first.”

“You, what do you want to do?”

Feng Yili was briefly stunned. When he recovered, he looked at her with a strange gaze.

When Yu Yunxi noticed his red ears, she wondered inwardly, ‘Why is he like that? Don’t tell me…

Yu Yunxi gritted her teeth and said, “What were you thinking? I want you to take off your clothes so I can have a look at your injuries!”

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