Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 126 - Chapter 126: Feng Yili Is Here

Chapter 126: Feng Yili Is Here

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After Feng Weirui spoke, Jian Si bit her lower lip and glanced at Lady Zhang. Then, she ran to Feng Weirui’s side without hesitation.

“So obedient,” Feng Weirui said, stroking Jian Sit s head as though she was a pet. In his opinion, his woman should have self-awareness and be obedient to him, not like Jian Xin who was full of thorns.


Jian Zhong, who had just calmed down, was so angry that he almost fainted again when he saw this scene.

Although Lady Zhang doted on Jian Si, she could not accept this as well. She asked through gritted teeth, “Si, are you crazy?!”

Jian Si raised her head and said righteously, “Mother, since Second Sister could snatch my man, why couldn’t I snatch Prince Rui from Eldest Sister?”


Lady Zhang stumbled a few steps back and almost fell. She did not expect these words from Jian Si.

Jian Si clearly did not feel like she had done anything wrong. She continued to say righteously, “If it weren’t for Jian Qing, I would’ve married Young Marquis Luo a long time ago. At that time, I was the victim, but Eldest Sister spoke up for Jian Qing! I’m her biological sister, and Jian Qing is only a lowly thing born from a concubine! How could she do that? She deserved falling to such a state today!”

When Qian Qing heard these words, her body trembled in anger, and she saw red.

‘Just because Sister spoke up for me back then, Jian Si harmed Sister?’

“For this reason, you didn’t hesitate to poison her and cause her to almost have a miscarriage?” Yu Yunxi asked angrily.

When Yu Yunxi first treated Jian Xin, she had already guessed that Jian Xin was poisoned by someone close to her. However, she did not expect the culprit to be Jian Si. The reason she was discovered by the bandits was also thanks to Jian

Jian Si sneered. “That’s right, I did it. The child in her stomach should’ve been gone at that time. I didn’t expect you to be so nosy and actually saved the child! If you didn’t interfere and let the child die, there wouldn’t be so many troubles now.”

Jian Si pushed all the blame on Yu Yunxi.

Feng Weirui got off his horse at this point, and Jian Si leaned against him like a weak little bird as she mocked Yu Yunxi, “I heard that the Emperor ordered you to investigate the matter of Eldest Sister’s poisoning. Alas, what can you do even if you know I’m the culprit? Do you think His Royal Highness will let you leave this place alive?”

Lady Zhang covered her chest. She was so angry that she found it hard to breathe. “Si, are you crazy?! She’s your eldest sister!”

A hint of grief could be seen in Jian Zhong’s eyes as he said, “You evil child, you actually forced your sister to die! Are you going to kill your father and mother as well to silence us?”

Feng Weirui stroked Jian Si’s cheek and said in a low voice, “Si, their lives are in your hands. If you want them to live, I’ll let them live. However, if you want to keep our secret, I’ll send them off to reunite with your eldest sister.”

Jian Si’s eyes flickered when she heard this. After a while, she said with a smile, “Your Royal Highness, it’s all up to you. However, in my opinion, it’s best to eliminate all hidden dangers…”

In short, Jian Si wanted to kill her parents.

Upon hearing these words, Lady Zhang fell to the ground, looking as though she had lost her soul.

Yu Yunxi said angrily, “She already knew that both of you poisoned her and the child. However, she didn’t tell anyone and endured it alone. Jian Si, before she died, she still thought about you and did not expose you!”

Yu Yunxi really felt Jian Xin’s actions were not worth it. That cruel and unscrupulous Jian Si was not worth Jian Xin’s sacrificing her life to protect at all.

When the two people heard these words, not only did they not feel guilty, but they even laughed.

Feng Weirui said mockingly, “She was really kind. However, a kind woman isn’t suited to be my Princess Consort.”

Suddenly, Yu Yunxi turned around and asked Qian Qing, “Qian Qing, can you still move your hands?”

Earlier, Qian Qing could not dodge in time, and her arm was injured by a guard. However, she did not seem to feel any pain at all at this moment. Only murderous intent could be seen in her dark eyes at this moment. She said firmly, “County Princess, I can still move them.”

“Good,” Yu Yunxi murmured as she lowered her gaze.

In the next moment, the two of them raised their swords and flew toward Feng Weirui.

“Protect His Royal Highness!”

The secret guards scrambled frantically to protect Feng Weirui.

Feng Weirui scoffed. “You’re really seeking death!”

Feng Weirui had seen Yu Yunxi’s martial arts earlier. Although they were not bad, he did not think much of it. In his opinion, women were weak.

At this time, he took the sword from the guard behind him and leaped toward

Yu Yunxi.

“I’ll personally end your life today!”

‘If the County Princess of Xinan dies here, Third Imperial Brother will be in even more trouble…’

Feng Weirui laughed coldly as he attacked Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi’s gaze darkened, and her expression was solemn. After sensing Feng Weirui’s internal energy, she could tell that he was quite formidable. She had only begun learning martial arts five years ago so her internal energy was naturally not as strong.

‘I mustn’t fight him head-on!’

Yu Yunxi gritted her teeth and changed her technique. Her movements were now gentle, but she could easily block Feng Weirui’s attacks. This was using softness to defeat hardness.

After exchanging dozens of moves, Feng Weirui was full of openings while Yu Yunxi seemed very at ease. She even felt like she had the upper hand. When she saw another opening, she thrust her sword out, but it only pierced his shoulder. She gritted her teeth, annoyed at herself. If her sword was a little higher, she would have been able to slit his throat and avenge Jian Xin.

Feng Weirui’s expression was very unsightly after his shoulder was injured. He could not wait to kill Yu Yunxi at this moment. He turned around and saw his secret guards surrounding Qian Qing in the distance. Although she was outnumbered, she was not at a disadvantage.

‘These two b*tches’ martial arts are so strange…’

Feng Weirui took a few steps back and said sinisterly, “Release the arrows!” As soon as his voice fell, the archers came out of hiding and released arrows.


Anger flashed across Yu Yunxi and Qian Qing’s faces. They could only use their swords to block the countless arrows raining down from the sky. However, they had exhausted much of their energy earlier so it did not take long for them to fall into a disadvantageous position.

“Qian Qing!” Yu Yunxi cried out when she saw an arrow pierce Qian Qing’s leg.

“County Princess, don’t worry about me! Think of a way for you to leave this place,” Qian Qing said, shaking her head.

How could Yu Yunxi abandon Qian Qing? She gritted her teeth and stood in front of Qian Qing, blocking the arrows. Her hands hurt when the arrow hit her sword. Just as she was about to fall, a wave of powerful internal energy surged out from the side, knocking all the arrows away.

Yu Yunxi turned around…

‘Feng Yili is here!’

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