Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: Did Feng Yili Betray Her? (1)

Chapter 112: Did Feng Yili Betray Her? (1)

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Early in the morning, a well-dressed Qian Qing appeared before Yu Yunxi.

“County Princess.”

Qian Qing’s eyes were no longer red. Her expression was cold and determined.

Yu Yunxi was stroking the cat when Qian Qing appeared. As soon as she heard the latter’s voice, she looked up and asked worriedly, “Did you feel better after resting?”

Qian Qing nodded with a smile. “Thank you for your concern, County Princess. I feel much better.’

Qian Qing leaned over and stroked the white cat’s head as she asked softly, “County Princess, where did you find this cat? Where’s Little White?”

Qian Qing had slept very deeply last night so she was unaware of what had happened.

Yu Yunxi’s eyes flashed when she heard Qian Qing’s words. She replied, “Little White did something wrong last night so I locked him up for a day. I found this cat in the palace previously. It did not have a master so I decided to take it in. It doesn’t have a name. Why don’t you give it a name?”

‘Name it?’

Qian Qing was stunned, but she did not refuse. She thought about it seriously after that. After all, Yu Yunxi was really terrible at naming.

“There’s a herb called Pinellia in the medical hall that grows really well and is resilient. Let’s call it Pinellia,” Qian Qing said gently.

“Alright. Little fellow, your name is Pinellia from now on. Although your name is slightly inferior to that of Little White, it’s not bad…” Yu Yunxi said as she rubbed the cat’s head.

The white cat:

Qian Qing: .

‘As expected, the County Princess is truly terrible in regard to naming…’

“Pinellia, this is your sister, Qian Qing. You have to learn how to make her happy in the future,” Yu Yunxi said seriously as she continued to rub Pinellia’s head.

When Qian Qing heard this, she felt a lump in her throat. She knew that Yu

Yunxi wanted to make her happy. She said, “County Princess, I’m really fine. After so long, I’ve already thought things through. There’s no need for me to be sad over those people.”

Yu Yunxi’s heart relaxed a little when she heard these words.

Qian Qing’s expression turned solemn as she continued to say, “Last night when we went to the Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence, I actually discovered something.”

“What did you discover?”

“Back then, when the Jian family sent me out of the capital, everyone thought that I took the initiative to leave. When I disappeared, others thought that I had run away. For example, when Prince Rui first saw me in the palace, he said,

‘You’ve finally returned’. But last night…”

Qian Qing’s gaze turned frosty at the end of her words.

Yu Yunxi continued, “But last night, when Marquis Jian Zhong and his wife saw you, they looked as though they had seen a ghost.”

This meant that back then, either Jian Zhong or his wife, or perhaps both of them, sent people to kill Qian Qing, chasing her all the way from the capital to Xinan.

Yu Yunxi grew even more sympathetic to Qian Qing. The latter must be very sad that her biological father could do such a thing.

Yu Yunxi said softly, “Bring Junjin to the medical hall later.”

Qian Qing’s expression turned serious immediately. “What do you plan to do, County Princess?”

Yu Yunxi placed Pinellia on the ground and rose to her feet before saying lightly, “Your sister is pregnant with a member of the imperial family. Something so big happened last night that even Consort Qin was alarmed. I’m sure that the Emperor, the Empress, and the Empress Dowager have also heard about it. They’ll definitely investigate this matter. Since I treated your sister, I might be summoned to the palace.”

The Yu Residence was not safe. Yu Yunxi naturally would not leave her son here alone. Apart from that, due to Qian Qing’s identity, it was better not to bring Qian Qing into the palace.

Qian Qing frowned slightly and said, “County Princess, if I had known this would happen, I would’ve stopped you from going to Marquis Jian Zhong’s residence last night.”

“Your sister and I are fated. I can’t leave her in the lurch. Don’t worry. I planned to enter the palace to investigate some things anyway. If I’m summoned to the palace, it can be considered an opportunity,” Yu Yunxi said. She still had no clue about the Cold Palace and wanted to investigate it.

While the two young women chatted, Aunt Qing came over to inform Yu Yunxi that someone from the palace came to summon her into the palace.

There was also another piece of news.

The Empress Dowager wanted Shen Hezhi to bring Yu Junjin into the palace. She said she had not seen the King of Xinan for many years so she wanted to have a look at his grandson..

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