Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 111 - Chapter 111: Venting Her Anger on Feng Yili

Chapter 111: Venting Her Anger on Feng Yili

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Yu Yunxi picked up her teacup and took a sip before she asked expressionlessly, “Oh, Young Marquis Luo did not hesitate to climb the wall of the Yu Residence at dawn just to ask me this question?”

The tea was cold, but it could not extinguish the flames of fury in Yu Yunxi’s heart. She was thinking about ways to deal with Luo Xiuran to reduce the pain in Qian Qing’s heart.

Luo Xiuran froze. He could sense a faint murderous aura from Yu Yunxi at this moment.

‘Am I imagining things? Why do I feel like she wants to kill me? Shouldn’t her anger be directed at Yili? Why is she angry with me?’

After a moment, Luo Xiuran rubbed his palms together. He still wanted to confirm the matter so he asked tentatively, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to ask you a question. That maidservant called Qian Qing and the second daughter of the Jian family, Jian…”

Yu Yunxi sneered and interrupted Luo Xiuran. “Little White.”

As soon as Yu Yunxi’s voice fell, a white tiger ran from the corner and pounced on Luo Xiuran.

Yu Yunxi had moved the white tiger here from the medical hall. It had been given good food and drinks every day so it had gained a lot of weight and looked even more impressive.

Little White was extremely fast. Before Luo Xiuran could react, it had already arrived in front of him. It opened its mouth, intending to bite him. He was so frightened that he almost lost his soul. He quickly retreated. As he dodged Little White, he asked in a sorry state, “Uh, Yunxi, County Princess, did I offend you in any way?”

Yu Yunxi glanced at her teacup as she said sarcastically, “Young Marquis Luo, instead of asking me, why don’t you think about the foolish thing you’d done back then?”

‘Huh? Could it be that she knows something?’

Luo Xiuran’s expression turned solemn.

When Yu Yunxi saw the change in Luo Xiuran’s expression, she knew that what

Qian Qing said was true.

‘This b*stard deserves to die!’

“Little White, bite him! If you bite him to death, I’ll reward you with a chicken!” Yu Yunxi said fiercely as she slammed the table.

Upon hearing that there was a reward, Little White worked even harder. It bared its fangs and chased after Luo Xiuran with renewed vigor. In just a short moment, Luo Xiuran’s sleeve was already torn.

At the critical moment when Little White was about to bite Luo Xiuran’s arm, Feng Yili, who was dressed in a black robe, flew down from the roof. He landed next to Little White and said in a low voice, “Stop, Little White.”

Shocked by Feng Yili’s powerful aura, Little White, who looked majestic just a moment ago, trembled and shrank back in fear. It did not try to bite Luo Xiuran again.

Yu Yunxi was enraged when she saw this. Her dislike for Feng Yili grew even more. She asked indignantly, “What brings the Prince Regent here today?” Feng Yili looked at her and said, “Luo Xiuran doesn’t deserve to die.”

‘He doesn’t deserve to die?’

Yu Yunxi’s heart burned with anger again. She was already enraged by the matter between Qian Qing and Luo Xiuran, but Feng Yili still wanted to defend Luo Xiuran.

Luo Xiuran, who was standing behind Feng Yili, said in a low voice, “Yili, she seems to know what happened back then…”

“Feng Yili, are you really going to protect him?!” Yu Yunxi slammed the table and stood up, glaring at Feng Yili. Luo Xiuran was like a brother to him, but what about Qian Qing? Qian Qing was like a sister to her.

Feng Yili frowned and said in a low voice, “Sometimes, what you see and what you hear might not be true.”

“Oh, it’s easy for you to say. Do you know what Qian Qing went through back then? When she fled to Xinan, her life was hanging by a thread. The tendons in her hands were broken. Every time it rains now, it’s difficult for her to even hold something steadilv Forget it- There’s no noint in saving this to von- Both of you are the same. Otherwise, how can you be such good friends?”

Yu Yunxi laughed sarcastically at the end of her words. It seemed like both Qian Qing and her were blind when it came to men.

“Yunxi, I…” Luo Xiuran said.

Yu Yunxi raised her sword and interrupted him. She looked at him murderously and asked, “Are you going to scram on your own, or do you want me to chase you out personally?”


At this moment, a white cat jumped out of Feng Yili’s wide sleeve.

Feng Yili explained in a low voice, “This is the white cat from that night. I saw that you liked it a lot so I specially entered the palace tonight to get it for you…”

Yu Yunxi looked at the cat. She had thought about looking for the cat as well. After all, she had promised to take it in. Moreover, it also helped her lure the palace guards away. She would not break her promise to the cat. Unexpectedly, Feng Yili would send it to her before she looked for it.

Yu Yunxi was just about to wave the white cat over when she recalled what Feng Yili and Luo Xiuran had done. With that, her anger returned. She asked coldly, “Why? Does the Prince Regent need my help again? Otherwise, why would you be so kind?”

Listening to her cold words, Feng Yili’s body tensed up, and he pursed his lips. After a long time, he said hoarsely, “I just saw that you like the cat very much so I brought it here. I don’t have any ulterior motives.”

“You might not have any ulterior motive, but I don’t want to owe you a favor,” Yu Yunxi said sarcastically. She took a bottle of medicine out and threw it to Feng Yili before calling the cat over. She picked up the cat and said icily, “This bottle of medicine is for you. Take it as me returning the favor of bringing me the cat, Your Royal Highness.”

Luo Xiuran instinctively caught the medicine bottle. He could not help but ask, “What medicine is this?”

“It’s the most suitable medicine for men like you! It can make you impotent!” Yu Yunxi said before slamming the door shut.

Little White scratched the door and purred. It also wanted to go in. It had seen the white cat earlier and it wondered if its master would abandon it now that its master had a new pet.

In just a moment, Yu Yunxi said from the room, “Little White, since you’re so obedient to others, you can leave. I can’t afford to raise you..

The two men were speechless.

Little White turned around and glanced at Feng Yili and Luo Xiuran before it left as well.

‘Hmmph! I’d rather starve to death than leave with them…’

“Yili, it seems like Little White dislikes us too,” Luo Xiuran said with a helpless sigh.

“I told you back then that your cowardly actions were going to lead to today’s results,” Feng Yili said coldly before he left with a flick of his sleeve.

Luo Xiuran, who was left standing alone, frowned.

‘Yes, I should’ve expected this outcome back then… Ultimately, I brought this upon myself…’

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