Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 110 - Chapter 110: Qian Qing’s Past

Chapter 110: Qian Qing’s Past

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Lady Zhang was furious. However, she was wary of Yu Yunxi’s identity.

Moreover, Jian Xin still needed Yu Yunxi’s help in the future. As such, she could

only forcefully swallow her anger.

She turned around and ordered coldly, “Find someone and investigate that maidservant next to Yu Yunxi.”

An old nanny stepped forward and said softly, “Madam, do you suspect that the maidservant and the Second Miss…”

“It’s impossible for two people to be so similar in this world. There’s something fishy going on. She better not be that b*tch! Otherwise, I’ll kill her a second time,” Lady Zhang said viciously with a scoff, flicking her sleeve.

“Yes, Madam.”

After Yu Yunxi and Qian Qing left, Yu Yunxi turned around and discovered the latter was still trembling. She had never seen the latter in such a sorry state before. She asked with a complicated expression, “Qian Qing, are you okay? I shouldn’t have brought you here today.”

If Yu Yunxi had known about Lady Zhang’s attitude, she would not have brought Qian Qing here no matter what.

Qian Qing took a deep breath and gradually calmed down. She replied, “I’m okay, County Princess, I’m okay.”

Qian Qing’s expression eased as she said softly, “Thank you for standing up for me earlier.”

Ever since her mother passed away, no one had stood up for Qian Qing like that.

Seeing Qian Qing like that, Yu Yunxi was reminded of her past self. A hint of sorrow flashed in her eyes as she asked, “Qian Qing, what’s going on between you and the Jian family?”

Qian Qing felt that there were some things that she should not hide. She asked in a low voice, “County Princess, don’t you think my relationship with Young Marquis Luo is not simple?”

“That’s right.”

Qian Qing shook her head and smiled bitterly as she said, “Back then, I had a relationship with him. That is also my biggest regret… Back when I first met Luo Xiuran, I was unaware of his identity. I only thought he was an ordinary person. At that time, I thought about spending the rest of my life with him. Later on, I met him at the Jian family’s banquet. My father invited Luo Xiuran over because he wanted to marry my third sister to Luo Xiuran…”

Qian Qing continued to say, “My third sister is also the daughter of the legitimate wife. The Jian family has always been trusted by the Emperor. The first legitimate daughter is Princess Consort Rui. Indeed, my third sister’s status is worthy of Luo Xiuran…”

“However, I couldn’t accept it at that time. I naively thought that my relationship with Luo Xiuran was worth fighting for. However, unexpectedly, a prodigal son would always be a prodigal son. I was the most inconspicuous one among the many women in his life…’

“He did not reject the marriage. The two families planned to enter the palace and ask the Emperor to bestow a marriage. However, I don’t know where my third sister heard about my relationship with Luo Xiuran. She made a scene, and the entire Jian family was in chaos…

“Everyone accused me of being shameless and seducing my future brother-in-law. Father even scolded me for not knowing my place. How could a concubine’s daughter dare to have thoughts about the legitimate son of a


Yu Yunxi’s heart ached for Qian Qing when she heard the latter’s story. The latter must have felt so helpless back then. She asked, “What about Luo Xiuran? Did he speak up for you?”

Qian Qing raised her head to stop her tears from falling before she said, “Luo Xiuran? Who knows how many women he had back then? Why would he care about my life and death?”

Qian Qing took a deep breath and continued to say, “I had already given up on him at that time. I decided to endure the insults. I thought that as long as they got married, it would be fine. Everyone would slowly forget about this matter. However, my third sister continued to cause trouble… Before the two families entered the palace, she actually jumped into the river, saying that she could not tolerate the relationship between Luo Xiuran and me…”

“Needless to say, when the two families heard about this, they quickly brought people to rescue her. After that, I became a sinner. Everyone thought that I wanted to force my sister to die. My father wanted to kill me, and Luo Xiuran’s mother slapped me in front of everyone and called me shameless…”

In the end, Qian Qing shrugged and said with a smile, “County Princess, no one spoke up for me at that time. How am I supposed to forgive these people who persecuted me?”

“Qian Qing, don’t say anymore. The past is in the past,” Yu Yunxi said with red eyes. She regretted not poisoning Lady Zhang earlier. Qian Qing was the best in her eyes. How could others bully Qian Qing like that?

“After that incident, no one could tolerate my existence… Lady Zhang wanted to send me to a monastery to become a nun, and my father agreed. However, as soon as my carriage left the capital, those servants accompanying me turned into assassins… They said I was a disgrace to the family and that I had to die…”

Qian Qing smiled at the end of her words.

‘Since I didn’t die… those people must be very disappointed…’

“Qian Qing, just wait. I’ll avenge you…” Yu Yunxi said, feeling frustrated that she had nowhere to vent her anger. She really wanted to return to Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence again and avenge Qian Qing. After so many years, she had long treated Qian Qing as her younger sister. How could she not be angry when she heard about Qian Qing’s past?

Seeing Yu Yunxi make a move, Qian Qing grabbed Yu Yunxi’s hand and shook her head gently as she said, “County Princess, you gave me a second life. I don’t want to think about the past anymore. I only came here today because of my sister. Apart from my mother, she was the only one who treated me well back then. Let me deal with them personally…”

Yu Yunxi’s heart tightened. She knew that Qian Qing did not want to implicate her.

‘Why are you silly?’

“Alright, you can do whatever you want. However, when you decide to seek revenge, as long as you ask, I, the King of Xinan’s Residence, Qian Jiao, and the others will definitely hand you a knife!” Yu Yunxi said seriously after she hugged Qian Qing.

They were a family. No matter what happened, they had to protect each other.

When they returned to the Yu Residence, it was almost dawn.

Yu Yunxi spent a lot of effort to convince Qian Qing to go and rest. As for herself, she was exhausted but not sleepy. Her heart was burning with anger.

She did not expect that Qian Qing, who was the calmest and most reassuring, had such a bitter experience.

‘Jian family, Luo family… I’ll remember them…’

Initially, she thought Luo Xiuran was not bad, but now, she felt like he deserved to die.

At this moment, a figure climbed over the wall. Coincidentally, it was Luo Xiuran.

“Uh… Yunxi, I heard that you all went to Marquis Jiann Zhong’s Residence today.. What happened?”

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