Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 109 - Chapter 109: Qian Qing Loses Her Composure

Chapter 109: Qian Qing Loses Her Composure

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“County Princess, I beg you to save the child. My sister has been in poor health since she was young. Back then, after she got married, the old imperial doctor said that it would not be easy for her to get pregnant. For this reason, she was neglected in Prince Rui’s Residence. The child is not only her flesh and blood, but the child is also her hope,” Qian Qing said, sobbing as she held Yu Yunxi’s hand.

After so many years, this was the first time Yu Yunxi saw Qian Qing lose her composure. With this, she understood that Jian Xin was a very good sister to Qian Qing. She suppressed the emotions in her heart and said solemnly,

“Although it’s difficult, I’ll do my best to save the child.”

“Thank you, County Princess,” Qian Qing said, sighing in relief. Since Yu Yunxi had said so, she would definitely do it.

“Light the oil lamp and bring the silver needles here,” Yu Yunxi said with a hint of urgency. She was not God after all. If they continued to waste time, Jian Xin might die.

At some point, Consort Qin rushed over. A maidservant supported her as she asked, “Marquis Jian Zhong, how’s Xin?”

Because of Prince Rui, Jian Zhong’s attitude toward Consort Qin was not very good. He said expressionlessly, “The County Princess is trying to save her. We don’t know the situation yet. In any case, the doctor said that it’ll be difficult to save the child.”

Lady Zhang tugged at Jian Zhong’s sleeve. “Marquis…”

No matter what, Consort Qin was the Emperor’s consort. As an official, even if Jian Zhong was angry, he had to be careful with the way he spoke.

Meanwhile, Consort Qin staggered slightly when she heard Jian Zhong’s words. Fortunately, she had the support of her maidservant. She spun the prayer beads in her hand as she muttered over and over again, “It’ll be fine, it’ll be


Jian Zhong frowned as he looked at Consort Qin coldly.

‘Consort Qin is a vegetarian and chanted Buddhist scriptures all year round. How did she raise a son like Prince Rui? If it weren’t for the fact that Xin heard that Prince Rui wanted to make a woman from the brothel his concubine, Xin would not have been so angered until she almost miscarried…’

When the door to the room finally opened, Yu Yunxi and Qian Qing, who were sweating profusely, walked out.

Lady Zhang and the others rushed forward and asked worriedly, “County

Princess, how is she?”

“She’s fine. The child is also safe for the time being. However, there’s still a long time until the due date. I don’t know if Princess Consort Rui will be able to hold on until then…” Yu Yunxi said with a grave expression.

Jian Xin was quite weak after all.

“This, this…” Lady Zhang’s eyes reddened, looking as though she was about to cry.

“County Princess, what can we do?” Jian Zhong asked worriedly.

“Don’t let her be stimulated anymore. I’ll prescribe her another prescription. Make sure she takes her medicine on time. We can only monitor her for now,” Yu Yunxi said in a low voice.

Consort Qin said through her tears, “It’s all thanks to you this time, County Princess.”

Yu Yunxi turned to look at Consort Qin. The woman was thin, and she had a kind face.

Upon seeing this, Qian Qing reminded in a low voice, “County Princess, she’s

Consort Qin, Prince Rui’s biological mother.”

Yu Yunxi quickly said, “Yunxi greets Consort Qin.”

“Good child. Thank you for your hard work, ” Consort Qin said as she shook her head and thanked Yu Yunxi.

“It’s not hard at all. Moreover, I’ve met Princess Consort Rui once before. I naturally hope that she can keep the child,” Yu Yunxi said calmly.

“As long as we don’t stimulate and anger Xin, what happened today won’t happen again,” Jian Zhong said mockingly.

Consort Qin’s expression changed when she heard these words. She said in a

soft voice, “What did Weirui do wrong? Can Marquis Jian Zhong tell me?”

Since Consort Qin had spoken, Jian Zhong naturally would not refuse. He said indifferently, “This way please.”

Yu Yunxi stood where she was and watched them leave. She frowned slightly as she looked at Consort Qin’s thin figure under the palace robe.

‘Why do I find her figure familiar? It’s very similar to the black-clad figure I fought with in the palace that day…’

After a while, Yu Yunxi shook her head, dismissing her thoughts. Although Consort Qin was not very favored, she was still one of the Four Consorts. She also had a son of her own. There was no reason for her to play such a trick in the palace.

Nonetheless, Yu Yunxi glanced at Qian Qing sideways and still asked softly,

“Qian Qing, does Consort Qin know martial arts?”

Qian Qing quickly shook her head and said seriously, “Consort Qin is from the Qin family. Most of the women of the Qin family are proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. I haven’t heard of any of them being skilled in martial arts… Furthermore, she’s been a vegetarian for a very long time and spends most of her time chanting Buddhist scriptures. She is kind and can’t stand seeing people fighting and killing..

Yu Yunxi frowned slightly.

‘Is this really the case? If so, the person from that night is probably not Consort Qin… Perhaps, it’s just my imagination..

At this moment, Lady Zhang, who was standing at the side, looked at Qian Qing. She could no longer hold back and asked tentatively, “County Princess, this is…

“This is my maidservant,” Yu Yunxi replied lightly.

Lady Zhang scoffed. “Oh, she really looks like the concubine’s daughter of our Marquis Jian Zhong’s residence…”

Yu Yunxi had noticed Qian Qing’s cold expression when Lady Zhang spoke. She knew Qian Qing did not want to come to this place. If it were not for Jian Xin being in danger tonight, Qian Qing would not have stepped into this place. For this reason, she wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible.

Lady Zhang said again, “Since she’s your maidservant, then she should have nothing to do with that wicked girl from our Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence.

Speaking of that wicked girl, she’s really an embarrassment to our residence. She was jealous and vicious. If she were still alive, I’d definitely drown her in a pig’s cage.”

Lady Zhang chattered non-stop, insult after insult coming out of her mouth.

Qian Qing’s body trembled slightly as she listened. Under her long sleeves, her palm was already bleeding from her nails. However, she did not seem to feel any pain at this moment, overwhelmed by the hatred and frustration in her heart.

“Her mother died young so she did not have a proper upbringing. Moreover, her mother was just a concubine,” Lady Zhang continued to mock.

“Marchioness Jian, you seem to have forgotten that I’m also a concubine’s daughter. My mother also died young,” Yu Yunxi said coldly as she looked at Lady Zhang from the corners of her eyes.

Lady Zhang was momentarily stunned. After a moment, she said with an awkward smile, “How can that lowly thing compare to you? What I’m saying


“Marchioness Jian, you keep going on and on about how your husband’s concubine’s daughter didn’t have a proper upbringing, but it seems like you’re the one who doesn’t have a proper upbringing,” Yu Yunxi said coldly.

“W-What did you say?”

Lady Zhang and a few maidservants behind her were stunned.

Lady Zhang was furious, and her breathing quickened. She did not expect Yu

Yunxi to insult her. She said indignantly, “County Princess, your words are wrong. You…”

“Marchioness Jian, if you have the time, why don’t you go in and see Princess Consort Rui? I’ll take my leave first,” Yu Yunxi said before she turned around and left..

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