Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 108 - Chapter 108: I Might Not Be Able to Save the Child

Chapter 108: I Might Not Be Able to Save the Child

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Late at night, in the palace.

Feng Weiping lay on the bed, scratching her arms and face.

“Someone, come here!”

Feng Weiping could not stand it anymore. She pushed the blanket to the side and got up.

The palace maids, who were on night watch, hurried over, asking worriedly, “Fourth Princess, what’s wrong?”

After they lit up the oil lamp, the palace maid standing closest to Feng Weiping screamed and fell to the ground when she saw Feng Weiping’s face.

An old nanny walked in at this time and scolded, “How dare you lose your composure in front of the Fourth Princess?”

However, when the old nanny saw Feng Weiping’s face, she panicked.

“Princess, your face!”

Feng Weiping finally realized that something was wrong. She quickly ordered a palace maid to bring a mirror over. When she saw her reflection, she let out a scream and fainted.

It looked as though there were countless worms squirming under the skin of her face.

Soon, retching noises rang in the room.

At the Yu Residence.

In the second half of the night, Yu Yunxi ordered people to search every nook and cranny of the courtyard. They even dug three feet underground during their search. However, she still could not find what she wanted.

“County Princess, we’ve searched the place, but we can’t find any book,” Qian Qing said solemnly.

Yu Yunxi’s expression was solemn as she massaged her aching head. There was no doubt that Yu Wanrong had taken half of her mother’s medical journals so why could she not find it?

“County Princess, why don’t we bring Yu Wanrong here and interrogate her?”

Qian Qing suggested.

Yu Yunxi shook her head and said, “Let’s not alert the enemy yet.”

Back then, her mother’s warm jade had already aroused Feng Weizhou’s interest. If she forced Yu Wanrong to tell her about her mother’s medical journals, it would likely stir up trouble when the news reached Feng Weizhou’s ears.

“Let’s continue investigating secretly, ” Yu Yunxi said.

“Yes, County Princess.”

“By the way, where’s Junjin? Is he asleep?” Yu Yunxi asked when she thought about the little bun.

Qian Qing replied, “The little master has already fallen asleep. Don’t worry. He hasn’t been sleepwalking over the past two days.”

“That’s good.”

Yu Yunxi heaved a sigh of relief.

“County Princess, you should rest as well,” Qian Qing said, feeling distressed for Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi was busy dealing with matters every day and hardly had any time to rest.

After a short moment, Yu Yunxi rose to her feet and told everyone to rest.

However, at this time, Aunt Qing knocked on the door and said, “County

Princess, someone from Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence came to the Yu Residence to see you. It seems very urgent.”


Yu Yunxi was surprised. She instinctively turned to look at Qian Qing and noticed that the latter’s expression had turned extremely cold. After a beat, she said, “Let them wait for me outside.

When Yu Yunnxi walked out, the person from Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence was already waiting. The other party stepped forward and said urgently, “County Princess, I’m the steward of Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence. I’m so sorry about disturbing you so late at night, but our Eldest Miss… Princess Consort Ru’s stomach feels uncomfortable.’


Yu Yunxi’s expression turned grim.

Jian Xin’s condition was not too good, to begin with. Now that she was feeling discomfort in her stomach, it was likely that the child in her stomach was in danger.

Yu Yunxi did not waste time and said, “Alright, I’ll come with you to take a look.”

Yu Yunxi planned to go alone. After all, with Qian Qing’s relationship with the Jian family, it was likely that Qian Qing would not want to go to Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence.

Unexpectedly, Yu Yunxi had only taken a few steps when Qian Qing suddenly said from behind, “County Princess, I’ll go with you.

At this time, the steward finally noticed Qian Qing. He exclaimed in shock, “S-second Miss?! ”

Qian Qing acted as though she did not see the steward. She walked toward Yu

Yunxi and said softly, “Let’s go, County Princess. Otherwise, it’ll be too late.”


Yu Yunxi exhaled slightly. Whether Qian Qing was willing to go to Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence or not, she would respect Qian Qing’s wishes.

They sat in the carriage of Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence and very quickly arrived at their destination.

After getting off the carriage, Yu Yunxi saw a group of people waiting for her. The steward said respectfully, “My Lord, My Lady, the County Princess is here.”

The two people standing in the lead were Jian Zhong, the marquis, and his wife.

Jian Zhong stepped forward and said with a complicated expression on his face, “County Princess, Jian Xin…’

Yu Yunxi interjected, “Marquis, let’s not talk now. Let me see Princess Consort

Rui first.’

“Alright, alright,” Jian Zhong said with a nod, looking a little flustered.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Jian Xin’s health and Yu Yunxi at this moment so no one paid attention to Qian Qing who lowered her head and followed behind Yu Yunxi. She walked on the familiar path of the marquis’ residence as though she was a stranger.

When they arrived at Jian Xin’s courtyard, Yu Yunxi could already hear the low painful cries from inside. She also saw a few doctors standing at the entrance with solemn expressions on their faces. She did not waste time and hurried into the house.

“County Princess, I’ll help you,” Qian Qing said and quickly followed Yu Yunxi.

Upon hearing this voice, Jian Zhong and Lady Zhang, his wife, turned around. Lady Zhang’s face paled when she saw Qian Qing’s face.

“Marquis, she’s… she’s…”

Qian Qing treated the duo like they were air and followed Yu Yunxi into the room expressionlessly before closing the door.

“Marquis, that’s Jian Qing! She’s Jian Qing! Do you think she’ll hurt Xin?” Lady Zhang asked anxiously as she grabbed Jian Zhong’s arm.

Jian Zhong’s expression was stiff and tense. After a long time, he said, “With the County Princess around, she probably won’t dare to do anything.”

Despite his words, Jian Zhong did not sound very sure.

At this time, he thought of something and asked unhappily, “Has anyone from Prince Rui’s Residence come yet? Did anyone inform him about this?”

“M-marquis, w-we can’t find him…’

‘Can’t find him?’

Jian Zhong’s expression was extremely unsightly at this moment.

Jian Xin was pregnant with Feng Weirui’s child and had suffered a lot, but Feng Weirui did not visit once. Now that the child in her belly was in danger, he was nowhere to be found.

Jian Zhong inhaled deeply before he said, “If you can’t find Prince Rui, then enter the palace to look for Consort Qin. No matter what, Xin is the Princess Consort of Prince Rui’s Residence!”

Jian Xin was carrying the bloodline of the imperial family. If anything happened to her in Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence, he would not be able to explain himself.

Inside the room.

Yu Yunxi and Qian Qing were not in the mood to care about the people outside or what they thought. They quickly walked to the bed.

Jian Xin, who was lying on the bed, was sweating profusely. Her hair was disheveled, and she looked like she was in great pain as she held her stomach.

When she saw Yu Yunxi, she cried and pleaded, “County Princess, I beg you. Please save my child.”

At this moment, Qian Qing leaned over and held Jian Xin’s hand before comforting the latter softly, “Sister, don’t worry. The County Princess won’t let anything happen to your child.”

“Q-qing? Is that you?” Jian Xin called out weakly. She had a clear look of Qian Qing’s face, and a hint of joy appeared on her face. However, she could not endure it any longer and fainted.

At this time, Yu Yunxi had just checked Jian Xin’s pulse. Her expression was grim as she said, “I might not be able to save her child..”

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