Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 107 - Chapter 107: Removing Junjin’s Human Skin Mask

Chapter 107: Removing Junjin’s Human Skin Mask

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“Let’s talk about how you drugged my Princess Consort back then, ” Feng Yili said. He stood up and slowly walked toward Yu Wanrong.

When Feng Yili’s tall figure cast a shadow on her, Yu Wanrong felt as though darkness was creeping up on her. Her eyelids began to twitch violently.

‘How did he know about the drugging?’

Yu Wanrong’s breathing quickened, and she gripped the hem of her dress tightly. She wanted to lie again, but when she saw Feng Yili’s murderous gaze, she became timid. In the end, she repeated her words to Feng Weizhou before.

After listening to her, Feng Yili saw red. The veins on the back of his hand bulged as he raised his hand and strangled her.

“Did you really send someone to…”

He could not bring himself to say the words ‘defile her’.

Yu Wanrong was extremely vengeful. She really hoped that Feng Yili would despise Yu Yunxi for what happened so she tried to nod. However, his grip on her neck was getting stronger and stronger, and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. She looked up with great difficulty, and when she met his murderous gaze, she did not doubt that he wanted to kill her at all. Afraid that Feng Yili would kill her, she finally did not dare to lie. She said with great difficulty, “I… Actually, the people I brought did not… defile my sister…’

As soon as these words were said, it seemed like the temperature in the room rose immediately.

Feng Yili narrowed his eyes and said sharply, “Speak. What happened?”

Feng Yili withdrew his hand, and Yu Wanrong fell to the ground coughing, looking extremely miserable. She looked up and said, “Back then, I planned to send two men to defile my sister. However, my sister was very ruthless. She killed them and even injured my face.”

“What happened next?”

Feng Yili felt as though his heart was being tightly squeezed at this moment. Back then, she was in so much danger, but he could not protect her. She must have felt extremely helpless.

“After I left, I brought more people back. However, at that time, she had already disappeared, and you were about to wake up. I seized the opportunity and pretended that I saved you,” Yu Wanrong said hesitantly. She still wanted to make Feng Yili think Yu Yunxi was impure at this point so she said, “The medicine I used was extremely potent. If nothing happened, the person who was drugged would definitely die…”

“I should really… kill you,” Feng Yili said as his aura turned murderous again.

Sensing Feng Yili’s murderous intent, Yu Wanrong panicked. “Your Royal

Highness, I’ve told you everything I know! Please let me go!”

“Since you dared to harm her like that, how can I let you live?”

Feng Yili stared at Yu Wanrong murderously. Just as he mobilized his internal energy and was about to hit the top of Yu Wanrong’s head, Luo Xiuran suddenly rushed over.

“Yili, calm down! If Yu Wanrong could be killed, Yunxi would’ve killed her a long time ago. Yunxi wouldn’t have let her live until now. Yunxi must have a reason for keeping her alive,” Luo Xiuran persuaded.

Feng Yili’s gaze was dark, and his aura was freezing cold.

Luo Xiuran continued to say, “It’s easy for you to kill her now, but what if you spoil Yunxi’s plan and make her unhappy?

Luo Xiuran’s words seemed to calm Feng Yili down a little. Seeing this, he quickly struck while the iron was hot and continued to say, “Moreover, Yu

Wanrong is the key to breaking through on the Crown Prince’s side. The Crown Prince has been crazily plotting against the Prince Regent’s Residence all these years. We can use her to deal with the Crown Prince.”

Feng Yili pursed his lips. After a long while, he said stonily, “Cripple her, and throw her back to the Yu Residence.”

“Alright.” Luo Xiuran clapped his hands. He was the best at this kind of thing.

He summoned two people carrying medicine boxes over before he calmly said, “I don’t need you to do much. Just break her bones. Don’t let her die, but make sure she lives in discomfort.

With that, the two people quickly got to work.

Jiang Ying and Jiang Chuan exchanged a look, slightly shocked and curious about where these two people came from.

Jiang Chuan asked directly, “Young Marquis Luo, where did these two people…’

“I was at the government office earlier. They’re coroners. Don’t worry. I’m very familiar with the people from the government office. They’ll keep this matter a secret,” Luo Xiuran said with a mischievous smile.

‘You really know a lot of people..

Meanwhile, Yu Wanrong panicked even more when she heard that the two people were coroners. She struggled with all her might, trying to escape. However, the coroners easily pulled her back.

Luo Xiuran brought something out of his pocket and stuffed it into her mouth.

Yu Wanrong coughed. After a few moments, she felt dizzy and fainted. This time, Jiang Ying asked curiously, “Young Marquis Luo, what did you feed

“It was given to me by Junjin. He told me that it’ll damage one’s brain and make one lose their memory,” Luo Xiuran said with a shrug.

“I didn’t expect Junjin,” Jiang Chuan said. He stopped abruptly and cleared his throat before he continued to say, “I didn’t expect the little master to have such a thing…”

Feng Yili’s eyes surged with unknown emotions when Yu Junjin was mentioned.

Sensing the change in Feng Yili’s mood, Luo Xiuran could not help but lean over and asked, “Yili, what do you do think of what Yu Wanrong said earlier?


Suddenly, Feng Yili asked hoarsely, “Do you think she used me… as an antidote back then?”


The expressions of the men in the room changed upon hearing this.

Luo Xiuran took a deep breath before he asked seriously, “You… Don’t you remember what happened in the imperial mausoleum back then? You think…’

“My intuition tells me that’s what happened.. ‘


“Well, you need more than your intuition. You need evidence. Otherwise, Yunxi won’t admit it,” Luo Xiuran muttered. Based on his observation, it was clear that Yu Yunxi wanted nothing more than to stay far away from Feng Yili. She would not admit to anything without evidence.

Feng Yili’s eyes flashed as she said, “Evidence? There’ll be evidence once we remove Junjin’s human skin mask.”

“No, you can’t be thinking…”

Luo Xiuran was shocked. It seemed like Feng Yili was completely convinced that Yu Junjin was his and Yu Yunxi’s child. However, it was said that Yu Junjin was Shen Hezhi’s legitimate son, the grandson of the King of Xinan.

Luo Xiuran wanted to say something, but Feng Yili had already left. He was determined to find out who Yu Junjin’s parents were..

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