Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Did Feng Yili Betray Her? (2)

Chapter 113: Did Feng Yili Betray Her? (2)

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Qian Qing asked with a grave expression, “County Princess, what do you think the Empress Dowager means by this?”

Yu Yunxi shook her head slightly. She could not guess the Empress Dowager’s thoughts. It was dangerous for her godbrother and son to enter the palace, but with their identities, it was impossible for them to refuse.

At this moment, a childish voice said, “Mother, I can protect myself and Uncle!”

The little bun appeared after that.

“Junjin, now’s not the time to be joking,” Yu Yunx said seriously after she walked over.

The little bun pulled her sleeve and said seriously as well, “I’m not joking. Since there’s no way to refuse, we’ll have to protect ourselves.”

Yu Yunxi did not expect her son to be so sensible. She knew he had a point. She turned around and asked Qian Qing, “How’s the Young Master’s condition?”

“We’ve been delivering medicine every day as you instructed. There’s also news that the Young Master has been in good condition recently,” Qian Qing quickly replied.

“That’s good,” Yu Yunxi said with a sigh of relief. Since they could not refuse, they would face it calmly. After a moment, she pinched the little bun’s cheek and said to Qian Qing, “Help Junjin change and send him to the Young Master.”

“County Princess, allow me to enter the palace with the Young Master and the Little Master. Otherwise, I’ll be worried,” Qian Qing said solemnly. After all, who knew what those people were up to?

Yu Yunxi pondered for a moment. Qian Qing was brave and meticulous. With

Qian Qing’s presence, she would feel more at ease. Finally, she said, “Okay. Be carerul. ”

“Yes, County Princess.”

Yu Yunxi called Qian Jiao and Qian Mei over to accompany her into the palace.

When the sedan stopped at the entrance of the imperial study, Lin De’s voice rang out.

“County Princess, we’ve arrived at the imperial study. The Emperor, the Empress, and Consort Qin are waiting inside.”

Since Consort Qin was present, the matter was definitely related to Jian Xin as she had expected.

Yu Yunxi’s eyes flashed briefly. She suppressed her emotions and quickly got down from the sedan.

The sun was already high up in the sky, and it was extremely dazzling.

“County Princess, the Emperor only wants to see you. Your maidservant can wait here,” Lin De said in a low voice.

“Qian Jiao, Qian Mei, wait at the door,” Yu Yunxi said after turning around. Then, she walked into the imperial study.

As soon as she entered, Yu Yunxi saw the person sitting in the high seat. At this moment, he looked at her with a scrutinizing gaze.

The Empress, who sat next to the Emperor, was dressed in a phoenix robe, and her expression was unreadable/

Consort Qin, on the other hand, held the Buddhist prayer beads and chanted softly under her breath.

“Yunxi greets His and Her Majesty; the Emperor and the Empress, and Consort Qin,” Yu Yunxi said with a bow.

“Rise,” Feng Yijin said before asking, “I heard you treated Princess Consort Rui last night?”

Although Feng Yijin’s gaze carried a huge pressure, Yu Yunxi replied unhurriedly, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

“So what’s the situation?” Feng Yijin asked again.

Yu Yunxi recounted what happened last night and what Jian Zhong had said.

The Empress touched her robe and said lightly, “County Princess is right.

Pregnant women can’t be stimulated. Prince Rui is really too much. Princess Consort Rui is pregnant. Why can’t he be more considerate? Even if he really intends to marry that woman from a brothel, can’t he wait until Princess Consort Rui gives birth?”

Upon hearing these words, Consort Qin’s hand that was turning the prayer beads paused briefly. After a while, she said gently, “Sister, you’re right. I’ll definitely teach Weirui a lesson later.”

Feng Yijin only glanced at them briefly, clearly not interested in talking about Prince Rui. He shifted his piercing gaze back to Yu Yunxi again and asked, “Why did I hear that you have already treated Princess Consort Rui before? I heard that Princess Consort Rui was poisoned at that time. Is that true?”

‘As expected, this matter has been exposed..

Yu Yunxi replied, “Your Majesty, there’s indeed such a thing.”

“Then why didn’t you report this to Prince Rui before? If you’d done that, the imperial doctors could have treated Princess Consort Rui. With that, perhaps what happened last night would not have happened at all,” Feng Yijin said as his voice grew sterner and sterner.

‘So this is his objective…’

Yu Yunxi’s eyes darkened.

When Jian Xin was poisoned back then, the situation was urgent, and the damage had already been done. Let alone the imperial doctors, even the immortals could not reverse the damage of the poison.

The Emperor knew this, but he was intentionally making things difficult for Yu


At this moment, the Empress said kindly, “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. The County Princess of Xinan’s medical skills are amazing. Since there was nothing she could do, I believe the imperial doctors wouldn’t be able to do much either. For now, it’s best for us to focus on finding a way to protect the child Princess

Consort Rui’s belly and find out who poisoned her.”

Feng Yijin slammed his hand on the table and said, “Since the Empress pleaded for you, I’ll hand this matter to you. Those who harm a member of the imperial family deserve to die 10 ,ooo deaths. Find out who harmed Princess Consort Rui in a month. Otherwise, you’ll be punished for not reporting what you know!”

Yu Yunxi felt extremely disdainful. Clearly, the Emperor and the Empress were playing good cop and bad cop. It was not easy for them to find a way to make things difficult for her.

Yu Yunxi lowered her head to hide her cold expression as she said, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Since she could not go against the Emperor’s order, she could only accept it.

Moreover, she also wanted to know who harmed Jian Xin.

Just Yu Yunxi thought this was the end of it, Feng Yijin said, “A few days ago, there was a murder in the Cold Palace. A palace maid died tragically there..”

He paused briefly before he said lightly, “I heard from the Prince Regent that the County Princess of Xinan went to the Cold Palace that night.. Is that true?”

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