Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 756 - Lan Qin

Chapter 756: Lan Qin

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The transformed middle-aged woman dressed in a long light green skirt walked up to Lin Yuan and said, “Welcome, my name is Lan Qin, and I’m the head of the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association.”

While the middle-aged woman was talking, the Thousand Faced Fantasy Moth landed on her hair and looked like a hair ornament.

If not for the intermittent flapping of the Thousand Faced Fantasy Moth’s wings, it would be imperceptible as a living being.

Lin Yuan was bewildered by the transformation. He did not expect this to happen at the entrance of the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association.

He also did not expect that the elderly man who had been peddling Fey Observer materials would turn out to be the head of the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association.

Lin Yuan bowed to the middle-aged woman and said, “Greetings, Madam.”

As he spoke, he used True Data to check on the Thousand Faced Fantasy Moth and found out that it was only Platinum VIII/Legend.

When Lin Yuan became a B-rank spirit qi professional, the mist-like spirit qi professional condensed into a fluid, and his ability to sense spiritual power improved significantly. He could already sense the strength of other spirit qi professionals’ spiritual power through circulating his own spiritual power.

This was the innate comprehending ability of B-rank spirit qi professionals.

Lin Yuan could tell that Lan Qin’s rank was about the same as his.

However, Lan Qin had a much higher store of spiritual power than him. It far exceeded that of B-rank spirit qi professional.

Nonetheless, given that Lan Qin remained a B-rank at her advanced age, it was clear that she was not gifted at combat.

Nonetheless, Fey Observer skills were mutually exclusive from fighting power.

The knowledge about feys and source-type lifeforms that Fey Observer had was a type of lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation.

In this world where martial law ruled, Lan Qin had to be a Class 5 Fey Observer in order for her to become the head of the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Organisation with her weak fighting skills.

Moreover, she had to be at the peak level of Class 5 Fey Observers.

Although this was the first time that Lin Yuan had seen Lan Qin, he had heard of her.

When Lin Yuan had logged into Star Web, he had heard of Lan Qin’s prodigious reputation.

Fey Observers were not Creation Masters and could not nurture feys, but they were revered as ‘The Mothers of Main Dragons’.

By studying the triggers in dragon-species feys’ bloodlines that allowed them to mutate into dragon-species feys and training the bloodline to evolve into the main dragon-species fey, Lan Qin confirmed the most important components that led to dragon-species feys’ evolution.

It was because of Lan Qin’s research that led to more main dragon-species feys appearing in Radiance Federation.

The knowledge that one could gain in life was endless. It was incredible for a person to be able to generate information that was imperative to the world.

Creation Masters needed to concoct spirit fluids to evolve feys. Thus, they needed to have a grasp on Fey Observer and spiritual ingredient information.

But every field had its specialists. The information that Creation Masters knew about Fey Observers and spiritual ingredient analyses could not compare to that of Fey Observers and Spiritual Ingredient Analysts of the same class.

It could be said that Scholars, Fey Observers, and Spiritual Ingredient Analysts shared in the glory enjoyed by Creation Masters.

Many spirit fluid recipes came from Scholars, Fey Observers, and Spiritual Ingredient Analysts.

However, Creation Masters were needed to test these recipes.

Lin Yuan was surprised that Lan Qin would address him with such respect.

But this respect made Lin Yuan more aware of the Moon Empress’ status.

Lin Yuan carried the Creation Master crest that the Moon Empress had given him because he wanted to obtain the Source Seed from the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association with ease.

Lan Qin had clearly seen the moon engraving on his Creation Master crest and figured out his background.

From the way Lan Qin addressed him with such respect because he was displaying his status as the Moon Empress’ disciple, he could tell how much respect Lan Qin had for his Master. Otherwise, as the head of the Fey Observer Association, she could have pretended not to know of his arrival and came to escort him herself.

Although Lan Qin had greeted him with such respect, Lin Yuan did not put on airs as the Moon Empress’ disciple.

Lin Yuan sincerely offered his respect to this Class 5 Fey Observer and her boundless knowledge.

Lan Qin quickly reached out and gently pushed Lin Yuan up from his bow and said, “My Lord, I can’t have you bowing to me.”

Lin Yuan’s lips twitched awkwardly, and he replied, “Master, as your junior, I don’t deserve to be called Lord by you.”

Lan Qin smiled warmly. “I shall call you Young Lord then. You must have some business to attend to here. Let me take you in, and you can tell me what you need.”

Lin Yuan nodded and bowed in thanks as he said, “My apologies for inconveniencing you.”

When Lin Yuan followed Lan Qin into the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association, the people at the entrance could not help but freeze and stare in shock.

Many of these people had come to participate in the Fey Observer exam.

The Fey Observer Association was not as strict as the Creation Master exam but still had intervals. If one failed a Fey Observer exam, they would still be able to try again in another exam one month later, unlike the Creation Master exam, which only allowed one try per year.

Hence, the entrance to the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association was always crowded.

Many people appeared every month to take part in the Fey Observer exam.

Although there were 12 chances to take part in the Fey Observer exam each year, the exam topics were always challenging. Many of the questions were extremely difficult. Even the best students that had consumed all of the Fey Observer information could fail if they were careless.

Every time these people came to take part in the exam, they would see an elderly man peddling Class 1 to 3 Fey Observer materials at the entrance.

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