Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 755 - In Broad Daylight! A Big Transformation!

Chapter 755: In Broad Daylight! A Big Transformation!

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Lin Yuan asked Red Thorn, “You’re right here. What body do you want?”

Red Thorn immediately replied in a small voice, “It’s the Source Seed you have.”

Lin Yuan immediately took out the Source Seed.

When Red Thorn saw the Source Seed, Lin Yuan sensed Red Thorn’s intense craving for the Source Seed through their connected bloodline.

It was as though Red Thorn was currently incomplete, and this Source Seed actually belonged to Red Thorn’s body.

Red Thorn used its smooth vine to grab the Source Seed and placed it in the spore cavity of the Mouth of Relinquish.

At that moment, a change occurred, and Red Thorn’s entire plant started to tremble violently.

Shortly after, Lin Yuan sensed strong plant energy flowing out of Red Thorn’s spore cavity.

This strong plant energy quickly filled up the area just outside the Mouth of Relinquish.

After this plant energy flowed out, Red Thorn did not leave any lifeform traces before it fell asleep.

This sudden change in Red Thorn and its abrupt slumber did not cause Lin Yuan to panic.

It was obvious that Red Thorn was in the midst of a positive transformation.

Lin Yuan carefully contemplated what Red Thorn had said about its body but did not come to a conclusion.

Eventually, he used True Data to check on the sleeping Red Thorn.

True Data confirmed that Red Thorn was truly going through a transformation.

However, Red Thorn was not sleeping because it was transforming after absorbing the Source Seed’s energy.

It was because the special energy needed for Red Thorn’s transformation was not complete.

Hence, Red Thorn did not have any other choice but to remain frozen in a state of slumber.

If the special energy was not made up for, Lin Yuan would have to abandon Red Thorn’s chance to transform in order to wake it up.

Lin Yuan was definitely not going to give up on the chance for Red Thorn to transform.

However, he needed to quickly solve the issue of Red Thorn’s slumber because the Blood Brew Grapevine could not do without Red Thorn’s Eyes of Relinquish0.

The Blood Brew Grapevine grew numerous unripe Blood Brew Grapes, and every vine that the Blood Brew Grapes grew on also had two extra supporting vines growing out of it.

Without the energy from the Eyes of Relinquish, the Blood Brew Grapevine would quickly run out of nutrients and divert what little nutrients it had left away from the vines, causing the vines to wither.

This would reduce the production of blood energy.

If that happened, all of Lin Yuan’s hard work would have been for nothing, and the Mother of Bloodbath’s evolution to Myth III would be delayed.

Lin Yuan refused to let this happen.

He worked the gears in his head and made a wild guess. His eyes lit up.

Red Thorn was transforming because it had consumed the Source Seed. Evidently, Red Thorn’s transformation was linked to the Source Seed.

It was highly likely that the special energy required by Red Thorn was the Source Seed’s energy.

However, there were only three known Source Seeds. one had been evolved into Red Thorn by Lin Yuan, and the other had been placed in Red Thorn’s spore cavity.

The last Source Seed had been evolved into a vine plant by a normal person.

After the normal person died, the vine plant was also wasted away due to the contract.

But the vine plant had been donated to the Fey Observer Association by the dead contractor’s family.

It had been made into a specimen by the Fey Observer Association and was being kept in the Fey Observer Association’s storeroom.

Lin Yuan could only retrieve the vine plant from the Fey Observer Association for Red Thorn.

He would feed it to Red Thorn to see if it would cause Red Thorn to transform. Otherwise, Lin Yuan would be rendered helpless.

Lin Yuan immediately left the Spirit Lock spatial zone and headed to the Fey Observer Association.

However, the Fey Observer Association was not a normal place, much less the Fey Observer Association situated in the Royal Capital.

This concerned Red Thorn’s transformation and the Mother of Bloodbath’s transformation, so Lin Yuan highly prioritized this matter.

In order to easily get his hands on one of the Fey Observer Association’s specimens, Lin Yuan needed to make use of something he had left untouched for some time.

Lin Yuan shook his hand, and a brocade box appeared in his palm.

This brocade box had a layer of moon silk on top that faintly glowed with moonlight.

Lin Yuan opened the brocade box and took out the Class 2 Creation Master crest with a moon engraved on it.

He removed the Class 2 Creation Master crest on his chest and replaced it with the one with the moon engraving.

The Fey Observer Association in the Royal Capital did not allow avian feys to stop there. Thus, they immediately directed the avian fey that Lin Yuan arrived on inside.

Lin Yuan saw an elderly man shouting from the entrance, “Fey Observers! Class 1 to 3 exam materials! Better than the information you find on Star Web! 5,000 Federation dollars for one! We’re only selling ten today. First come, first serve!”

In spite of all the elderly man’s yelling, few people in the Fey Observer Association paid attention to him.

The rare glance thrown in the elderly man’s direction was that of anger, as though he was doing something utterly despicable.

Lin Yuan felt that if not for the people from the Fey Observer Association around the area, these angry people would have beaten this elderly man up.

The elderly man spotted Lin Yuan and was about to advertise his Fey Observer materials to him when he noticed the moon engraving on his Class 2 Creation Master crest.

The old man was stunned, and his expression shifted.

He softly murmured, “Thousand Faced Fantasy Moth, remove the thousand faces.”

When Lin Yuan heard this voice, he was shocked because it was not the same raspy aged voice from before. Instead, it was the gentle and calm voice of a woman.

A black moth with a thousand metallic patterns on its body flew out of the elderly man’s body, and the old man’s body melted away like a mirror of foam.

In the old man’s place was a woman who seemed to be about 40 years old and wearing a long light-green skirt.

Lin Yuan stared in astonishment at this transformation. He did not know or dare to ask how this elderly man had changed into a middle-aged woman.

It was a terrifying event to take place in broad daylight!

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