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Chapter 754 - Red Thorns Body

Chapter 754: Red Thorn’s Body

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After Master Hong Shen led Xin Ying, Zhang Xiaobai, Lu Pinru, and Tan Ran away, Lin Yuan wandered toward Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.

He had not seen Blackie in a few days and did not know how it was doing in Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.

Even before he reached Submerged Flood Dragon Lake, he spotted a sea of blue in front of him.

The Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen were building pavilions atop the Diamond X/Legend Sunlight King Lotus.

Each Spirit Craftsman was holding a blueprint that Hu Quan had especially drawn.

Every Class 3 Spirit Craftsman needed to perfectly adhere to the pavilion’s design as they built it.

Lin Yuan looked down and felt that the view of Submerged Flood Dragon Lake resembled the sky.

The blue amazonite at the lake’s bottom made Submerged Flood Dragon Lake appear bottomless, expansive, and pure.

Lin Yuan watched as a few Angelfish of Bliss swam by, leaving rainbow ripples in their wake.

At that moment, Lin Yuan saw a long black silhouette appear under Submerged Flood Dragon Lake.

He immediately recognized it to be Blackie, which had come to greet him.

Lin Yuan hastily backtracked by five meters. With how well he knew Blackie, he would have been drenched if he had not moved away.

His prediction was right as Blackie drew a fountain of water out with it.

Although Lin Yuan had moved backward by five meters, his shoes still became wet.

As he looked at the 18-meter long Blackie, Lin Yuan stroked its head helplessly. He ignored his wet shoes and jumped onto Blackie’s back to allow Blackie to carry him a few rounds around the mansion.

Since Master Hong Shen’s mansion was next to Lin Yuan’s, and the forest and green mountain behind the mansion also belonged to Lin Yuan, Blackie flew Lin Yuan around the large perimeter.

Lin Yuan looked in the direction of the tunnel’s construction and said to Blackie, “Blackie, go down and take a look.”

The arrival of Lin Yuan at the green mountain drew the attention of all the Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen there.

Lin Yuan jumped down from Blackie’s back and asked the Spirit Craftsman nearest to him, “Where’s Master Hu Quan?”

This Class 3 Spirit Craftsman was apparently dazed as he was silent for a while. He then timidly replied, “Master went underground to check out the condition of the soil.”

The dazed Spirit Craftsman went back to his work and started sanding down planks of Trickle Rock Metal.

The dazed man’s reaction made Lin Yuan feel a little awkward.

The nearby Liu Tong, who was moving planks of Trickle Rock Metal, immediately noticed his awkwardness.

Liu Tong did not expect the legendary Young Master of the Return from Faraway Mansion to inspect their work and quickly ran up to Lin Yuan with a smile and said, “Young Master, you can ask me all your questions. If you’re looking for Master, I’ll go down and inform him of your presence now.”

Lin Yuan was taken aback by the sudden appearance of this Class 3 Spirit Craftsman.

After confirming that he was not acquainted with this Class 3 Spirit Craftsman, he could not help but admit that his appearance had eased Lin Yuan’s awkwardness.

Since Hu Quan was checking on the condition of the underground soil, Lin Yuan did not interrupt his work as he was just here on a whim.

“There’s no need to fetch Master Hu Quan. Are there enough feys to supply oxygen in the basement?”

Liu Tong had approached Lin Yuan in order to leave an impression.

He did not expect Lin Yuan to entertain him, or rather he could not believe that Lin Yuan was as approachable as he was being.

Liu Tong replied in a detailed manner, “Young Master, Master Hong Shen sent over 500 Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemones that can each supply two hours of oxygen when removed from the water. There are about 150 Spirit Craftsmen that enter the basement to work at a time. Hence, there are more than enough feys to supply oxygen in the basement.”

When Lin Yuan heard this Class 3 Spirit Craftsman’s reply, he realized that his Class 3 Spirit Craftsman spoke conscientiously.

Seeing as Hu Quan would not be coming out anytime soon, Lin Yuan thanked the Spirit Craftsman that had informed him of the basement’s construction process and went back to ride Blackie back to the mansion.

Lin Yuan’s casual word of thanks stunned Liu Tong.

Liu Tong had joined the Heavenly Craft Pavilion to hone his Spirit Craftsman skills and would occasionally chat with Hu Quan to find out Hu Quan’s impression of him.

As such, Hu Quan could place Liu Tong’s name to his face now.

But there were more than 500 Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen in the Heavenly Craft Pavilion. The addition of the 300 Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen placed more pressure on Liu Tong’s shoulders.

Since he had coincidentally run into Lin Yuan today, Liu Tong mustered up his courage to reply to Lin Yuan’s question.

However, he did not expect to be overwhelmed by Lin Yuan’s thanks.

He could tell Lin Yuan’s polite demeanor from his thanks and sense that Lin Yuan did not regard anyone below him. Instead, he viewed Liu Tong as his equal who was also deserving of respect.

As he watched Lin Yuan mount the enormous flood dragon fey, Liu Tong gathered his courage and shouted, “Young Master, Liu Tong bids you goodbye!”

When Lin Yuan heard the Class 3 Spirit Craftsman bidding him goodbye, he turned and waved to Liu Tong.

He instinctively logged Liu Tong’s name in his mind.

Liu Tong watched Lin Yuan disappear in the distance atop the flood dragon fey and balled his fists together to motivate himself.

His skills as a Class 3 Spirit Craftsman were relatively solid, and it was highly likely that he would become a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman.

Liu Tong worked hard and ensured that he did more than the other Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen. He believed that one had to be prepared to seize opportunities instead of laying back and waiting for the door to open to those who were talented.

Hence, he was always ready and waiting for the day where his opportunity to shine would arise.

Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone when he returned to the mansion and summoned Red Thorn out of the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

After Red Thorn was summoned, it immediately wrapped its thornless vine around Lin Yuan’s wrist.

Despite Red Thorn’s gentleness, Lin Yuan’s wrist still felt like an elephant’s trunk was grabbing it.

The lethality of Red Thorn’s ortet mutated when it evolved to Fantasy Breed and was no longer deadly.

However, the ortet became extremely strong after absorbing the flesh of so many dimensional lifeforms.

Red Thorn waved its vines at Lin Yuan and used its gill-shaped petals to produce a voice that said, “Yuan, I want a pretty bow and my body.”

When Lin Yuan heard that Red Thorn wanted a pretty bow, he instantly took out a red cloth and tied it around Red Thorn’s vines.

But at the mention of Red Thorn’s ‘body’, Lin Yuan was confused.

He did not know what was the ‘body’ that Red Thorn wanted.

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