Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 757 - The Only Goal

Chapter 757: The Only Goal

The materials sold by the elderly man were truly cheaper than those sold on Star Web, and many people had purchased them.

However, when the people who purchased the materials brought them home and scanned through them, they would inevitably abandon them because there was more than three times the information offered on Star Web.

The Fey Observer information sold on Star Web was already difficult enough to understand, much less those sold by the elderly man.

Now, everyone knew that the elderly man was a facade.

Many people cursed out loud after they saw Lan Qin enter the Fey Observer Association.

“Crap, that stupid old man is actually Master Lan Qin! Thank God I didn’t demand a refund from that old man.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe my goddess Master Lan Qin has been right in front of me all along! I had no idea!”

“It’s settled! I’m going to lock myself up for three months to carefully study the information I got from Master Lan Qin. Even if I still end up failing the Class 2 Fey Observer exam in three months, at least I won’t get negative points.”

A weak voice amongst the crowd peeped, “Hey, don’t you guys find that young man next to Master Lan Qin familiar? He’s the guy from the Allstar Match that…”

Before this weak voice finished, it was overshadowed by a chain of thunderous curses.

Although there were only 200,000 tickets to the Allstar Match, it had also been streamed live on Star Web.

Given that the Allstar Match was the precursor to the S Tournament, it generated a lot of buzz in the Radiance Federation. Thus, most people in the Radiance Federation had seen the live stream of the Allstar Match and remembered Lin Yuan’s performance.

Lin Yuan had worn something different when he participated in the Allstar Match, which was why he had not been immediately recognized.

Most of the people had found Lin Yuan to be familiar, but this small reminder triggered the full memory about Lin Yuan.

As Lin Yuan walked alongside Master Lan Qin, he told her about the reason he had come to the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association and said, “Master Lan Qin, I remember that the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association has a rule. The feys or source-type lifeforms that have been made into specimens by the Fey Observer Association can be traded for an equally valuable specimen that has not been recorded by the Fey Observer Association before after six months of storage.”

Master Lan Qin immediately knew why Lin Yuan had come and replied, “You’re right. Young Lord, what would you like to trade for? I’ll immediately get someone to arrange it for you. Many top factions have come to the Royal Capital recently. A lot of them will probably come to the Fey Observer Association to trade for feys or source-type lifeforms that have been turned into specimens. As such, there will be a lot of changes happening to the specimens in the association. Although the specimens are made public on Star Web, it’s highly possible that many specimens will be taken during this time. But don’t worry. There’s still an abundance of specimens in the Fey Observer Association for now.”

Lin Yuan could not help but feel anxious when he heard what Master Lan Qin said.

He knew that the Source Seed that had been nurtured into a vine plant had been stored as a specimen for a long time.

If the Source Seed had been traded away and ruined or used in research, it would be futile even Lin Yuan found out who the new owner was. He would have no choice but to give up on Red Thorn’s chance at transformation.

“Master Lan Qin, the only goal I have of coming here is to obtain the Source Seed.”

Lin Yuan’s voice was solemn and sincere. Lan Qin could tell how important it was to Lin Yuan.

She raised an eyebrow when she heard that Lin Yuan was after the Source Seed.

Lan Qin frowned, not because she knew that the association no longer had the Source Seed, but because she could not remember much about Source Seeds.

As a Class 5 Fey Observer, she interacted with countless feys and source-type lifeforms every day.

She did not have a photographic memory, so naturally, a source-type lifeform like the Source Seed, which was already dead and did not have much potential left in it, had not left a deep impression on her.

If not for the Source Seed’s special characteristics, it would not even be considered being made into a specimen by the Fey Observer Association.

“Young Lord, if the Source Seed is in the Royal Capital’s Fey Observer Association, I’ll definitely deliver it to you.”

Lin Yuan nodded at Master Lan Qin’s assurance and said seriously, “Master Lan Qin, the Source Seed is really important to me, and I hope that you’ll be able to check if it’s still here as soon as possible. Even if it has already been traded away, I hope you’ll be able to tell me which faction traded for it so I’ll be able to retrieve it.”

Lin Yuan knew that the Fey Observer Association did not guard its specimens strictly.

Most of the people working in the Fey Observer Association had the authority to approve trades.

The Fey Observer Association even encouraged factions to exchange for specimens in bulk because it would ensure that the Fey Observer Association maintained fresh specimens. This would allow Fey Observers to have a stock of topics to study. They would not need to buy feys and source-type lifeforms to study.

Hence, Lin Yuan was really afraid that the Source Seed would have already been traded away.

The only thing that Lin Yuan could use to comfort himself was that the vine plant was not useful to most people. It was unlikely that there would be a person who was willing to trade resources for the Source Seed.

Lin Yuan and Master Lan Qin had already reached the top floor of the Fey Observer Association.

“Take a seat in my observer room first. I’ll personally ask my assistant to check on the Source Seed for you,” said Master Lan Qin.

Lan Qin had stopped walking as she opened a door on the other side of a wall and said to the woman cleaning up inside, “Xiao Fan, go to storage and check if there’s a Source Seed.”

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