Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 392: Lazy to Even Bloom

Chapter 392: Lazy to Even Bloom

The people in the mansion had long been used to the jaw-dropping good stuff that always appeared inside and were no longer as surprised as they were at first.

Lin Yuan was a little confused why the Mother of Bloodbath kept looking at the three Mountain River Eternal Life Carps.

Suddenly, a bad thought flashed through his mind. Could it be that the Mother of Bloodbath was craving for fish?

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath said, “Lin Yuan, the bloodline within the three carps is not simple.

“They have the same bloodline in their bodies that influence and attract each other. When they’re together, the three bloodlines vaguely fuse into one, as if there is only one bloodline that is three times stronger.

“When the three carps evolve to a certain level, it’s likely that one will be the dominant one, and two will be the supports, forming a special mutation evolution.”

Lin Yuan was not sure about the special mutation evolution that the Mother of Bloodbath was talking about, but he secretly took it to heart.

This was because these three Mountain River Eternal Life Carps had slowly evolved from the Myriad Form Carps, thanks to Lin Yuan. Thus, if a special mutation did occur in the future, Lin Yuan would also have a good idea of what to expect so as not to be too flustered at the time.

In less than 30 minutes, Hu Quan threw the newly made mask with cloud patterns to the Mother of Bloodbath.

After Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath went out, Lin Yuan ordered a flying fey and went toward the Radiant Moon Palace on the Leaning Moon Mountain.

When they arrived at the Radiant Moon Palace’s entrance, the Mother of Bloodbath transformed into a fist-sized red spider and landed on that Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia that had yet to reach Suzerain in front of the Radiant Moon Palace.

After a fey reached Suzerain, it would possess a strong sense of territory. If two unfamiliar feys rashly landed on the other’s body, it would be akin to a great provocation and offense.

Lin Yuan entered the Radiant Moon Palace and went straight to the inner palace. Before he reached the entrance, he smelled a burst of lotus fragrance.

At that moment, he couldn’t help but think of what his Master, the Moon Empress, had said before about making lotus root powder for himself from those Suzerain lotus feys’ roots.

He swallowed his saliva and only felt a little sorry for those lotus feys that he usually saw every time he was there.

“The Moon Empress wouldn’t really have laid her hands on those lotus feys that have just been promoted to Suzerain, would she?”

Just after entering the inner palace, Lin Yuan saw his Master combing the seven-tailed Sun-Swallowing Fox’s fur.

Mystic Moon was commanding Cai Cha and Yin Cha to cut the lotus roots in the lotus pool. The lotus feys that had just been promoted to Suzerain all looked weak, helpless, and pitiful. The blooming lotus flowers of various colors were drooping, looking very spiritless.

Lin Yuan felt that if these lotus feys could make expressions, they would all look like ‘Don’t you come here!’.

Mystic Moon said upon seeing this, “They’re lazy to even bloom. It seems that there are too many lotus seeds!

“Just in time for Young Lord. Having lotus seeds inside the lotus powder can certainly upgrade the flavor to another level.”

The moment Mystic Moon said that the Suzerain lotus feys in the pool immediately spread their huge flowers completely and produced haze.

Some of them didn’t have to wait for Cai Cha and Yin Cha to cut them. They took the initiative to break their lotus roots by themselves.

The Moon Empress waved her hand to Lin Yuan, who had just entered the inner palace. “Try the pollen cream ginger cakes made from the camellias planted in the garden outside the palace. See if they are to your liking.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan rushed forward and saw a plate of very exquisitely made soft snacks.

Lin Yuan ate a mouthful of pollen cream ginger cake, which felt fragrant in his mouth. Obviously, the taste of chestnut cream was very soft, sweet, and light.

The Moon Empress saw Lin Yuan ate it and was afraid he would choke, so she poured him a cup of spirit tea before saying, “It just so happens that you’re here today. I’ll let Cai Cha and Yin Cha grind you a bowl of assorted lotus root powder.

“These dozens of Suzerain lotuses’ root powder will be mixed with water into a bowl, and together with the Suzerain Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia’s nectar, it should be able to let you wash away the impurities in your body again and really make your body become free of dirt.”

Lin Yuan reached out and scratched the hair on the back of his head, thinking about how the Moon Empress would always go out of her way to cook delicious food for himself whenever he came to the Radiant Moon Palace.

She usually had Mystic Moon send all kinds of things to the mansion. There were food, spiritual materials, spirit qi clothes, and even a strategic spatial source-type item with the ability to perform spatial teleportation.

Cold Moon had also not returned to the Radiant Moon Palace for a long time. During this period, Lin Yuan had called Chu Ci and learned that Cold Moon had taken her to the most remote place of the 32 large cities, Osmanthus City, for training, allowing her scope and strength to greatly improve.

Lin Yuan also wanted to send some things to the Radiant Moon Palace, but the Moon Empress did not accept them every time.

She only said, “I’m not lacking anything. Tell me if you lack anything.”

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, such a feeling of doing well and expecting nothing in return was actually kinship!

Lin Yuan waved his hand, took out the Ethereal Jellyfish’s three stomach stones, and said, “Master, these three green crystals are what the Ethereal Jellyfish’s stomach had turned into after it spat them out when I contracted it.”

Upon hearing that, the Moon Empress took the three green stomach stones to check and replied, “The energy contained in these three stomach stones is almost all condensed from the energy in that bottle of green-colored spirit liquid. It’s considered a spiritual material rich in spatial energy. Keep it well. It might be useful in the future.”

After Lin Yuan put away the three stomach stones, he talked about his Ethereal Jellyfish’s Space Tunnel with the Moon Empress.

When she heard that, she obviously also became interested and said, “It might be a good idea for you to build a spatial tunnel within the Radiant Moon Palace and your mansion. It’ll be quite convenient to come and go in the future.”

Lin Yuan also had just this purpose.

Lin Yuan summoned the Ethereal Jellyfish and took its tentacle that he had cut before to set up a spatial node. He ordered the Ethereal Jellyfish to connect the spatial node he had set up in the mansion with the one in Radiant Moon Palace.

After receiving Lin Yuan’s order, layers of energy emerged on its light-red body. When the spatial energy collided with the node, it vaguely opened a tunnel.

Lin Yuan knew that he should put the tentacle of the Ethereal Jellyfish into it to help the tunnel expand.

However, before he could do that, the Ethereal Jellyfish took the initiative to break off one of its three spiral-shaped tentacles, allowing this tentacle to fuse into the new tunnel.

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