Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 393: The Development Outside the Radiance Federation and the Sacred Source Item

Chapter 393: The Development Outside the Radiance Federation and the Sacred Source Item

Although this tunnel gradually took on a shape, it was clear that the energy was still somewhat insufficient.

At that moment, Lin Yuan recalled the information True Data had provided for the Space Tunnel skill. After using the Ethereal Jellyfish’s tentacle, one could use spatial spirit materials to assist in the space tunnel’s formation.

He simply took out the green crystal formed by the Ethereal Jellyfish’s stomach and put it into the tunnel that was about to be formed.

Then, after this tunnel drew away a lot of energy from the green crystal, he found that he did not need to add the tentacle anymore.

This two-meter-high tunnel had been completely built. Lin Yuan looked at the tunnel formed by the spatial energy and crossed over. He had no special feeling when crossing over the space tunnel. He only felt that he had walked through a door, and when he stepped out of the door, the scene had changed.

Lin Yuan was very familiar with the new scene because he was already standing in his room in the mansion. Then he returned through this tunnel. After stepping out of the tunnel, he returned to the Radiant Moon Palace’s inner palace.

The green crystal formed by the Ethereal Jellyfish’s stomach was on the ground, and 1⁄3 of it had diminished.

Lin Yuan picked up the green crystal and fell deep in thought. When he had just let the Ethereal Jellyfish use Space Tunnel, two unexpected things had occurred.

One was that the Ethereal Jellyfish’s spiral-shaped tentacle, which was more than twice as long as ordinary tentacles, could actually detach from its body. After detachment, it would not cause harm to the Ethereal Jellyfish’s body.

Another point was that after the Ethereal Jellyfish used the spiral-shaped tentacle in the middle of its body, it could rely on drawing away a large amount of spatial energy to extend the distance of this space tunnel.

Lin Yuan could feel that as long as he marked two spatial nodes, no matter how far they were from each other, and as long as he had enough spatial energy to support the tunnel to be opened, he could open a complete space tunnel of an infinite length.

The Moon Empress immediately saw the key point to this space tunnel’s formation, so she asked, “Can the Ethereal Jellyfish’s space tunnel rely on spatial energy to increase the tunnel’s length?”

Lin Yuan nodded.

She pondered for a few seconds and then asked again, “What are the conditions for setting up a space tunnel?”

Lin Yuan thought for a moment and answered, “You need this Ethereal Jellyfish’s tentacle to set up a spatial node and then connect two spatial nodes to form a space tunnel.”

After saying that, Lin Yuan took out one of the tentacles of the Ethereal Jellyfish that he had cut before and handed it to the Moon Empress.

Thanks to the space tunnel he had set up, he suddenly understood something. Even if True Data could show the abilities and exclusive skills of feys in detail, their actual effects could only be demonstrated after a real test. Otherwise, it would be just paper talk.

At that moment, the Moon Empress’ words made Lin Yuan raise his head in shock.

“Do you have any intention of going to a continent outside the Radiance Federation to develop?”

Lin Yuan instantly understood the meaning of her words and asked, “Master, is it possible that this space tunnel can still be constructed from the Radiance Federation’s Royal Capital to the other continents’ federations?”

The Moon Empress took out a gemstone that shone with strong silver luster with a flip of her hand and replied to him, “It’s possible to construct a space tunnel from the Royal Capital to the nearest federation with the Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish’s shed spatial shell crystals.”

When Lin Yuan heard ‘Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish’, he recalled the Hollow Crystal Shellfish from Ostrich Logistics.

The Moon Empress looked at Lin Yuan’s inquiring gaze and explained, “You should be thinking about the relationship between the Hollow Crystal Shellfish and the Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish, right?

“There’s really an inextricable relationship between them.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan guessed.

“Does the Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish give birth to the Hollow Crystal Shellfish?”

Lin Yuan thought. According to the rumors that had been going around, the Hollow Crystal Shellfish was known as a fey that Ostrich Logistics’ own research had mutated, so it always had a firm grip on the Hollow Crystal Shellfish. Could it have something to do with this Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish?

The reason Lin Yuan had guessed that the Hollow Crystal Shellfish and the Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish had a subordinate relationship was that he could sense the spatial energy contained in the spatial shell crystals was obviously a thousand times more potent than the green spirit fluid that was formulated with the Hollow Crystal Shellfish’s shell powder.

Lin Yuan’s guess made the Moon Empress reveal a gentle smile on her face.

“Your guess is right but inaccurate. Ostrich Logistics’ Hollow Crystal Shellfish is just a skill of the Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish.

“This Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish is neither a fey nor a source-type lifeform, but a sacred source lifeform.”

Lin Yuan listened carefully as the Moon Empress revealed information that he had never even heard of before.

The Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish should be Ostrich Logistics’ secret all along. But what was a sacred source lifeform?

Without waiting for Lin Yuan to ask, the Moon Empress explained to him as she did during the previous question-and-answer sessions,

“The things that appear at the spatial hubs in Class 1 to Class 4 dimensional rifts are known as source-type items.

“As the class of the dimensional rift becomes higher, the number of source-type items produced also become higher.

“When a dimensional rift reaches Class 5, it no longer produces source-type items. Each Class 5 dimensional rift produces one and only sacred source item when it’s destroyed.

“When a dimensional rift reaches Class 5, it’s like a small complete world inside, and the sacred source item contains the Class 5 dimensional rift’s small world’s laws.

“Of course, the condition to form a contract with a sacred source lifeform is the compatibility with a person’s soul. Given the strength of a normal person’s soul, an individual can only contract one sacred source item in their lifetime.

“However, there are some beings with strong souls that can contract two sacred source lifeforms.”

As Lin Yuan listened to his master’s explanation, he immediately understood the rarity and power of the sacred source lifeform.

Few Class 5 dimensional rifts existed in this world, and its most powerful powerhouse was equivalent to a human’s emperor-class expert. It might even be stronger than emperor-class experts.

The sacred source lifeform contained the laws of one side of the world, which was akin to the Law Rune. That was to say that the sacred source lifeform could command heaven and earth.

Although Lin Yuan was curious, he did not ask the Moon Empress too much about the sacred source lifeforms. In his opinion, such lifeforms were far beyond his reach.

As for the fact that contracting a sacred source lifeform was related to one’s soul strength, Lin Yuan had no thoughts of it.

Soul power and spiritual energy were different. The soul had always been the most mysterious and abstruse existence.

However, Lin Yuan suddenly thought that as a transmigrator that had lived an extra lifetime, would his soul strength be stronger than ordinary people?

The Moon Empress reached out her hand and lovingly rubbed Lin Yuan’s hair before saying, “Sacred source lifeforms have a seal of the law power. No one can explore what’s inside nor what their uses are.

“But there is one thing certain. There is no weak sacred source lifeform.

“Well, disciple, let’s not mention the sacred source lifeforms.

“Have you ever wanted to set up a space tunnel that goes straight from your mansion to outside the Radiance Federation and then absorb the resources that you need to develop your own faction and train?”

When Mystic Moon, who was at the side, heard the Moon Empress suddenly mention the sacred source lifeform, he recalled that the Moon Empress had promised to give Young Lord a sacred source lifeform on his 20th birthday.

Why did she bring this up now?

Young Lord has just reached the age of 19, and if his soul was damaged by rashly contracting a sacred source lifeform, it would affect him for the rest of his life.

However, after hearing the Moon Empress change the subject, Mystic Moon was relieved.

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