Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 391: Heavenly Craft Pavilion

Chapter 391: Heavenly Craft Pavilion

However, the light refracted by the jade-textured threads could well hide Lin Yuan’s chin and forehead with the halo.

His mask was paired with two jade-textured wood protrusions, just like two dragon horns. It made Lin Yuan give off the feeling of maturity and evil. The mask followed the curve of his chin, so people simply could not discern his age.

Lin Yuan saw the effect of this mask through the shadow reflected on the completely jade-textured table at the side.

He gave Hu Quan a thumbs-up and praised him, “Uncle Hu, your spirit craftsmanship is really ingenious. It’s simply superb!”

When Hu Quan heard Lin Yuan’s praise, he said with a chuckle, “You can’t show your face in public when dealing with matters now that you’ve established your private faction. It’ll be much more convenient with this mask.

“The mask’s jade silk threads outline the pattern of the majestic city in the clouds. At that time, I’ll make some similar ones to the style of this mask, with jade silk threads outlined with some white cloud patterns.

“It’ll be convenient for the others to carry when they go out to take care of their affairs.”

Lin Yuan nodded and asked, “Uncle Hu, is there still enough completely jade-textured wood in the mansion now?”

Hu Quan thought for a moment and answered, “Thanks to those four pieces of completely jade-textured green elm, there is no shortage. It’s enough to make good luck bed couches and weave masks for the period before New Year’s.

“I went to check on the completely jade-textured wood fragments I stored up in the past two days and found there were simply too many of them. It’s more than enough to supply the goods to the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

“I can rely on this Fantasy Breed Wood Weaving House Centipede to make jade-textured silk threads for weaving some objects.

“I’ve found a total of 27 Spirit Craftsmen to prepare Listen’s objects. These Spirit Craftsmen have already started working overtime in the Spirit Craftsman Association to make them.

“The manufactured objects are placed in my private warehouse in the Spirit Craftsman Chamber of Commerce. See when it’ll be appropriate to send these objects to Listen.”

Lin Yuan thought about his intention to go out later and set up spatial nodes with the Ethereal Jellyfish’s tentacles in various places within the Royal Capital. He had already set up a spatial node with a tentacle in his house.

Lin Yuan now had 29 tentacles of the Ethereal Jellyfish, so he could set up 29 spatial nodes in the Royal Capital.

Although he did not intend to set up so many spatial nodes at once, he felt that he needed to visit the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s location in the Royal Capital to set up a spatial node.

Thus, he said, “Uncle Hu, I’m going to make a trip to the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce later, and I’ll bring these objects made of completely jade-textured wood powder to Listen.”

Hu Quan replied, “I’ll now have a Class 3 Spirit Craftsman take those objects that they worked overtime to make out of my private warehouse before sending them in a Platinum fey storage box.”

After saying that, Hu Quan made a phone call to the Class 3 Spirit Craftsman, who was rushing to make the objects at the Spirit Craftsman Association.

Lin Yuan could infer from Hu Quan’s words how much his words weighed in in the Spirit Craftsman Association after becoming a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman.

Hu Quan could already deploy the Spirit Craftsman Association’s resources to a certain extent as long as he didn’t go too far.

Hu Quan hung up the phone, and after a moment of silence, he said to Lin Yuan solemnly, “Young Master, I want to pull together a group of Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen to establish an organization under your private faction, Sky City. What do you think?”

After hearing that, Lin Yuan indicated for Hu Quan to continue talking about his plan.

Although Lin Yuan did not express his opinion, he was in favor of Hu Quan’s desire to pull together a group of Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen and set up an organization under his own private faction.

If Lin Yuan wanted to build his Sky City on the Floating Island Whale’s back, he would need many Spirit Craftsmen to work for him. Relying on Hu Quan alone would exhaust him, and he clearly could not complete the huge Sky City’s construction.

Therefore, if Hu Quan could gather many Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen under him, it would obviously be of great use to Sky City’s construction.

Hu Quan told Lin Yuan very seriously about his plan.

“When I was looking for Class 3 Spirit Craftsmen to work on the objects under my name in the Spirit Craftsman Association, many of them expressed that they were willing to attach themselves to my side without charging any fees if they could learn Spirit Craftsmanship by my side. So I think this is an opportunity!”

Hu Quan’s eyes clearly revealed something called ambition.

“Most of the Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen in the Spirit Craftsman Association have chosen to do things alone or become a respected guest of the veteran factions.

“There are many Class 3 and Class 4 Spirit Craftsmen in the Spirit Craftsman Association, but there have been no Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen to use this power.

“If we can take in these Class 3 and Class 4 Spirit Craftsmen, not only can they earn money for us in the future development, but we will no longer need to worry about manpower in the future, no matter what we want to carry out to build.”

Lin Yuan could hear from Hu Quan’s words that he had been thinking about this big family.

Of course, a large part of this was also because Hu Quan had a new goal and ambition after becoming a Class 5 Creation Master.

It was not a bad thing to have ambition, as it could urge people to progress.

Lin Yuan was very much in favor of Hu Quan’s idea, so he naturally would not go against it.

Lin Yuan thought for a moment and said, “Uncle Hu’s strength as a Spirit Craftsman is ingenious. How about setting up a Heavenly Craft Pavillion?

“Tell me how much resources you’ll need for that. I’ll fully support it.”

Upon hearing that, Hu Quan laughed and replied, “A Heavenly Craft Pavilion sounds good! Young Master, I won’t let you down when I develop the Heavenly Craft Pavilion.”

The Class 3 Spirit Craftsman appointed by Hu Quan arrived at the mansion’s entrance in a short while. Hu Quan went to the door and brought back the Platinum fey storage box before handing it to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan then stored it in his amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

When Lin Yuan was about to go out, the Mother of Bloodbath, which was originally watching the fish before the fish tank, said, “Lin Yuan, wait for me for a moment. I’ll go out with you.

“Old Hu, make me a mask as well. I’ll take it out with me.”

After saying that, the Mother of Bloodbath pulled Lin Yuan to stand next to the red sandalwood longevity fish tank and let him and itself look at the three Mountain River Eternal Life Carps that were swimming inside.

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