Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 390: Hu Quan’s Mask

Chapter 390: Hu Quan’s Mask

Even if Chimey didn’t use Radiant Body, the stars within the cloud prints were subtly emitting a glazed radiance. At the same time, the plume feather on Chimey’s head had grown longer, and there were some indistinct patterns too.

Lin Yuan couldn’t really discern the exact patterns, but the plume feather and the patterns made it look as though Chimey was wearing an avian crown.

Lin Yuan could tell that Chimey’s bloodline must have been activated to a greater extent. Otherwise, Chimey wouldn’t have transformations that were visible to the naked eye.

Now that Chimey was awakened after the quality upgrade, Genius was obviously overjoyed. Lin Yuan knew that Genius had a little habit of raising its tail higher and higher as it was getting happier. At present, Genius’ twin tails were already lifted high up into the sky.

However, Lin Yuan was still going to let Chimey continue to rest on the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree to upgrade its quality, progressing from Fantasy II to Fantasy III. Therefore, Lin Yuan said to Chimey, “Chimey, can you continue to upgrade your quality on the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree?”

When Chimey heard Lin Yuan’s request, it chirped twice and blinked its eyes before saying, “Yuan, when I wake up next time, can you teach me to sing more songs?”

Lin Yuan rubbed Chimey with his finger in a pampering manner and said, “You quick-witted little rascal. Of course, it is fine to learn more songs. I can teach you as many songs as you want.”

After receiving Lin Yuan’s reply, Chimey flew around the house twice in an excited manner. It felt like it could already see a whole screen of praises for it in the live-streaming room.

Chimey suddenly thought, I, the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess, am going to be busy for some time. Once I am done, I will sing new songs for everyone. Remember to praise me!

Chimey didn’t know that while it had been missing for such a long time, its fans had all bitterly been waiting in the live-streaming room. Of course, the most miserable fan was the top-ranking one who was still sending gifts frenziedly.

At the same time, Chimey was also abnormally excited to be able to upgrade its quality again. A quality upgrade was an irresistible temptation for any fey. Furthermore, after this upgrade, Chimey could obviously feel that it was much stronger than before.

Even though Chimey was extremely active and lively, it was still willing to fall into a deep slumber to upgrade its quality and activate its bloodline. On the other hand, when Genius heard that Chimey was going back to sleep, its lifted tails immediately drooped down again.

Lin Yuan rubbed Genius’ head and said, “Once Chimey is asleep, you still can play with Gray inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Furthermore, Gray will be able to come outside to play with you soon after a period.”

Genius could feel Lin Yuan’s concern in his words as it immediately used its head to brush against Lin Yuan’s palm. It then nodded like an adult.

Lin Yuan looked at Genius and genuinely felt that he should quickly comprehend a Willpower Rune that was suitable for Genius. He would then be able to allow Genius to become a Fantasy Breed.

However, even if Lin Yuan could comprehend more Willpower Runes, the content of the Willpower Rune wasn’t something that Lin Yuan could decide. It was still up to fate.

Once Lin Yuan made the arrangements for Chimey, he looked at the time and realized it was already 7.30 am. However, Lin Yuan felt that his mind was still rather drowsy and didn’t have enough sleep.

When not having enough sleep, it would make an individual feel very weak throughout the entire day. Therefore, Lin Yuan simply carried Genius and laid back on the bed.

The winter sun might be up late, but it was still very warm when it shone through the window.

Soon enough, Lin Yuan and Genius closed their eyes and fell into the deep dreamland.

Lin Yuan slept until afternoon and gave a huge stretch after waking up, feeling very refreshed.

After cleaning up, he carried Genius downstairs, who was still rather drowsy and in a daze.

Lin Yuan was wearing a set of matte white spirit qi clothes that had a mix of silk and cotton. The white surface was decorated with light yellow embroidery.

Lin Yuan already had a sunshine aura, and when complemented by this set of spirit qi clothes, it allowed Lin Yuan to have an even more amiable presence.

When Lin Yuan got downstairs, he saw Hu Quan seated on the leather sofa. The latter was commanding the Fantasy Breed Wood Weaving House Centipede to consume the completely jade-textured wooden shavings.

He then commanded the Wood Weaving House Centipede to process the wood shavings inside its belly before spitting out durable jade-textured threads.

Hu Quan acted quickly as he delicately weaved the jade-textured threads on a metallic frame. The durable jade-textured threads wrapped around the metallic frame and formed a cloud-like pattern in just a short moment.

When Hu Quan saw Lin Yuan walking down, he quickly said, “Lin Yuan, come over here and see if this mask I made is suitable for your size.”

Lin Yuan walked over and saw that Hu Quan had an item that was almost completed. He looked for a long time before he noticed that Hu Quan was making a mask.

The metal frame didn’t have enough jade-textured threads weaved around, and there were plenty of gaps. It was truly hard for anyone to associate it with a mask right now.

Hu Quan saw Lin Yuan’s expression and felt that his spirit craftsmanship was getting doubted.

He pointed at the sofa by the side and said, “Sit and wait there for 20 minutes. This mask will be done by then!”

Immediately after, Hu Quan’s hands moved delicately and deftly again as he pulled out the thread spun by the Wood Weaving House Centipede and weaved it on the metal frame.

As time went by, the metal frame was completely weaved.

Finally, Hu Quan took out some jade-textured wooden pieces that were already polished up previously and tied them with the threads. He then used a tessellation technique to embed the wooden pieces onto the metal frame.

During the past 20 minutes, Lin Yuan had been watching how Hu Quan created an exquisite mask from just a framework. He truly felt that it was heaven’s work when a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman worked together with a Fantasy Breed fey.

As the only Spirit Craftsman in the manor, Lin Yuan had naturally discussed with Hu Quan about Sky City’s design.

This mask just happened to be designed according to Lin Yuan’s ideal of the Sky City.

Once Hu Quan finished the mask, he handed it over to Lin Yuan and indicated for him to wear it.

Lin Yuan received the mask and realized that even though it looked heavy, it was surprisingly light.

When worn on the face, it was able to cover Lin Yuan’s eyes and nose.

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