Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 389: Fantasy II

Chapter 389: Fantasy II

When the two middle-aged men heard the gloomy youth’s words, they looked at each other.

The younger of the two men asked carefully, “Young Master Zheng, I heard that the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce found a backer, and the merchant guild is just an empty shell now. About that...”

The gloomy youth’s eyes grew dangerous. He looked at the two kneeling middle-aged men and yelled, “Since the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce has already shifted from Indigo Azure City to the Royal Capital, it means they did so before your eyes!

“Don’t tell me you cannot even handle the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, which has already given up their downline resources and is just under your watch!?

“As for the other matters, I will handle them.”

After receiving the gloomy youth’s orders, they quickly retreated from the room while feeling terrified.

At that moment, the hunched elder standing behind the gloomy youth suddenly said, “Young Master, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s current leader is Listen. I heard that he is rather competent.”

The gloomy youth stood up and shrugged. He said as though he didn’t care, “Elder Niu, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce is just an ant. So what if Listen is a competent person? If he doesn’t even have any chess pieces, how can he play chess?”

One could hear from the gloomy youth’s tone that he didn’t even put Listen in his eyes. The hunched elder originally wanted to say something, but after hearing the gloomy youth’s response, he asked, “Young Master, do you want me to find out about the faction backing the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce?”

The gloomy youth shook his hand and said, “Given the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s current situation, do you think a veteran faction would try to take control of it?

“Furthermore, what I really want is the coastal sea, which the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce controls at Indigo Azure City. My Zheng Family wishes to excavate resources at Indigo Azure City’s coastal seas. Therefore, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s coastal sea is destined to belong to my Zheng family.”

“If there is a faction truly obstructing us...”

After speaking to this point, the gloomy youth lowered his head and didn’t talk anymore.

The hunched Elder Niu stayed silent for a moment before asking, “What does Young Master plan to do?”

The gloomy youth looked at the crushed wine glass on the floor and said, “Listen’s backer might not bother about the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce. However, if this backer really interferes with the Zheng family’s interests, then let the backer be the wine glass on the ground right now.”

The hunched Elder Niu responded, “I understand, Young Master. Let me handle this matter!”

Before he used almost all of his strength to kick the black leopard on the ground, the gloomy youth nodded. The black leopard never closed its eyes to rest after getting kicked awake earlier.

When the gloomy youth kicked it, the black leopard was obviously terrified and didn’t even dare to dodge. It endured the kick.

The gloomy youth sat on the black leopard’s back and said, “I want everything to be over before the dimensional rifts’ active period. Otherwise, I won’t be able to afford it when the main family tries to blame me, a descendant of a mistress.”

The hunched Elder Niu bowed even lower. “Young Master doesn’t have to worry.”

The night wind brought about snow and a bone-chilling air that surged toward the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.


The winter sun was much lazier than before. During summer, the sun would be high up in the sky when it was five or six o’clock in the morning. It was already seven o’clock, but the sky was only dimly lit.

Lin Yuan had been toiling for the past few days as he enhanced the Ethereal Jellyfish without rest. Normally, after toiling for several days, Lin Yuan would sleep until afternoon in order to replenish all his energy that was lost from the last few days.

However, it was only seven o’clock in the morning, and just as the sky turned bright, Lin Yuan woke up.

Lin Yuan could feel that Chimey, which had been sleeping in the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree’s nest, had already awakened.

Lin Yuan immediately summoned Chimey from the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Once Chimey was summoned out, it immediately let out a few clear chirps.

When Lin Yuan heard Chimey’s clear chirps, he felt as though it was like a clash of soft jade that wasn’t only pleasant to the ears—the chirps felt like they could enter deep into the soul. The voice had now turned into a soul voice.

Lin Yuan was speechless. If Chimey used its current voice to sing, wouldn’t it be irresistible?

After chirping, Chimey immediately landed beside Lin Yuan’s ear with fondness and used its beak to peck at Lin Yuan’s hair, helping to tidy up his morning hair.

Immediately after, Chimey jumped onto Genius’ head and used its little talon to hop around its head.

Shortly after, Genius was awakened from its dreams. Genius let out a lazy ‘meow’.

However, once Genius saw that it was Chimey, it immediately became energetic. Genius lifted its two fluffy tails and formed a little chair. Chimey flapped its wings and flew over to land on the little chair.

Subsequently, Genius wagged its tails, making it feel as though Chimey was seated on a swing. Chimey let out a joyful and carefree expression.

Lin Yuan rubbed Genius’ cheek and said, “Genius, you are pampering Chimey too much.”

When Chimey heard Lin Yuan’s comment, it chirped twice to express its protest before speaking. “Genis and Yuan both pamper me!”

When Lin Yuan heard Chimey talking, he was pleasantly surprised. He never expected Chimey to learn how to speak after reaching Fantasy II.

Actually, it should be natural.

During normal days, Chimey could already understand what Lin Yuan was saying. In the past, when Chimey had learned how to sing, it was something like parrot talk. Nonetheless, it had helped build Chimey’s foundation in speech.

Chimey might not be too proficient in speech. Still, after a period of practice, once Chimey’s quality reached Fantasy III, or it went through a bloodline evolution, Chimey would probably be able to converse like a regular person.

Lin Yuan extended his finger and said, “Chimey, come over and let me see your changes after the quality upgrade.”

Chimey flew off from Genius’ tails and landed on Lin Yuan’s hand. It chirped twice and said, “Yuan, Chimey has become more beautiful. Look.”

While speaking, Chimey extended its wings to present itself to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan noticed that Chimey hadn’t become bigger in size after reaching Fantasy II, and it still possessed that delicate and exquisite look.

However, Lin Yuan could see that the cloud prints on Chimey’s feathers were now more intense. Each cloud print seemed to be concealed by a starry halo, making them look brighter.

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