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Chapter 247: Island Whale

Chapter 247: Island Whale

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When Lin Yuan answered the call, Wen Yu had been paying attention to his expression. Upon seeing him hang up the phone, she brought over a cup of freshly brewed spirit tea and said, “Young Master, I feel that you’re much happier after the call.”

Lin Yuan laughed heartily and replied, “I’m finally relieved about the thing I’ve been worried about.”

Besides improving his strength, the most important thing on his mind was Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li. As for Chu Ci, Cold Moon had arrived in Redbud City, so he was not worried about her.

During this period, Lin Yuan could feel how hard Chu Ci had been learning and practicing when he called her over the phone. Besides being proud, he was also a little heartbroken.

But more than anything else, he blamed himself, feeling as if he had raised a wonderful sister into the wrong path.

Although Lin Yuan never paid attention to his news on Star Web, he was very attentive to Chu Ci’s news.

Not long ago, Chu Ci had started the Star Tower duels. Her terrifying talent and her Bronze/Fantasy Breed Obsidian Iron Wild Bull naturally attracted many people’s attention. Some of Star Web’s columnists were even writing articles about her.

Everything else was fine, but Chu Ci surprisingly had a very powerful and overbearing title on Star Web—Iron Bull Knight.

This title was not bad on a guy, but she was a young girl. Such a name was really a little too much.

Some time ago, when Chu Ci had called Lin Yuan, she had talked about her desire to start an extracurricular hobby. Lin Yuan was naturally in favor of it, as it was a pretty good thing.

However, when he learned she wanted to learn boxing, he felt as if he was simply going to split open.

After Lin Yuan had used all his strength to persuade her, she finally changed her mind from learning boxing to learning fencing.

Lin Yuan just wanted to put his hand on his forehead. Had he raised his sister on the wrong path, or was she like that in the first place and that he could not pull her back?

If Lin Yuan were given a chance now, he would never have let Chu Ci contract an Obsidian Iron Wild Bull. However, he was more at ease at her learning fencing. Any aspect of learning fencing would be much better than Zhang Xiaobai learning weird facial expressions.

Lin Yuan could not help but sigh. Next year, he could consider letting Chu Ci contract her third fey. Although he had a certain idea of her third fey, he did not have a clear choice yet, but he probably would have to add a new criterion.

Besides being powerful, her third fey needed to have good visuals as well. If the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s savagery was 10,000 points, then Chu Ci’s third contracted fey had to reduce that to zero points.

Lin Yuan dialed Gao Feng’s number, and Gao Feng only picked up only after the ringing was about to end.

Lin Yuan only heard Gao Feng’s hoarse voice on the other side, as if he had just woken up and was confused. However, his tone seemed bad.

“Who is it? I’m sleeping. I’ll call you later when I wake up.”

Lin Yuan raised his brows and felt that Gao Feng really got up on the wrong side of the bed.

“You don’t want the Bronze/Epic support-type plant fey anymore?”

Just as Lin Yuan said that, he held the phone ten centimeters away from his ears, as he heard Gao Feng shout at the other end, “Brother! Finally! I waited for your call! Ahhh!”

Lin Yuan felt that this Gao Feng also had the talent of changing faces like in Sichuan opera.

“You said before that you want a support-type plant fey with a stronger attack. Do you have any specific one in mind?”

Gao Feng was no longer sleepy. In fact, when he heard Lin Yuan mention the Bronze/Epic fey, Gao Feng had been completely refreshed.

Upon hearing him say that, Gao Feng’s heart thumped wildly, and his eyes shrank. As a core member of the richest Gao family in Wind Mist City, one of the 32 major cities in the Radiance Federation, Gao Feng simply did not have good listening and voice differentiation skills.

Lin Yuan’s question was akin to showing that he could choose any support-type plant fey with offensive capabilities. The meaning of his words was self-evident. Only people who had at least a Class 4 Creation Master behind them could have the courage to say such words.

It was difficult for Class 4 Creation Masters to nurture a Bronze/Epic fey, but the words that had come out of Lin Yuan’s mouth were as simple as casually asking if he had eaten.

Even with Wind Mist City’s Gao family’s wealth, he did not have the confidence to say such words.

All the cells in Gao Feng’s body were telling him that it was time to cozy up to someone powerful.

However, he was somewhat embarrassed and stammered, “Brother, can I change from a support-type plant fey with offensive abilities to support abilities? That kind that can help humans to recover spiritual power?”

Gao Feng spoke carefully, obviously afraid that Lin Yuan would have any opinions of his change of mind.

When trading Bronze/Epic feys, suddenly changing one’s mind on the species without permission after the agreement was a thing that did not score well.

Lin Yuan was surprised. What had Gao Feng experienced in the past few days?

What had made him change his focus on a fey with attacking abilities to one with supporting abilities?

The change was simply too big!

Lin Yuan’s fey compatibility had always been inclined toward healing and support-type feys, which had little means of attacking. However, he had always been biased towards attack in his choice of enhancing his feys.

Meanwhile, his control, defense, and healing developed in an all-rounded manner, and he did not let himself show any shortcomings.

In just a few days, Gao Feng’s change of mind was simply faster than an old lady spraining her back!

However, Lin Yuan did not have any opinions on his change of choice and replied, “Then do you have any more favorable choices among the support-type plant feys that can recover spiritual power?”

Gao Feng’s eyes lit up as Lin Yuan’s words were akin to giving him hope.

“Brother, do you have a Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lily?”

Upon hearing ‘Spirit Spring Lily’, Lin Yuan answered, “A Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lily is not cheap. The price of Bronze/Normal ones is usually comparable to Gold feys. Also, Spirit Spring Lilies require extremely high purity of spirit qi when evolving, which even poses some difficulty to pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters. There’s a possibility of failure, so you should understand the price.”

Gao Feng chuckled and replied, “Brother, don’t worry. I, Gao Feng, have never been short of money. But can I have three Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lilies?”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan smacked his lips.

Young man, look at the way you speak!

Three Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lilies were much rarer than three Bronze/Epic Flame Veined Dragonflies that had awakened with the Silurian overload’s bloodline and had been traded with the Lightning Sparrow King before. Thus, they were naturally more expensive.

Lin Yuan was thinking of exchanging for at least ten source-type items, in which there must also be two source-type items that were in high demand with relatively easy contract conditions before he would choose to exchange with Gao Feng.

When Gao Feng noticed Lin Yuan not speaking for a long time, he cautiously asked, “Then, may I exchange with an Island Whale?”

Upon hearing ‘Island Whale’, Lin Yuan said firmly, “Yes!”

Lin Yuan had never imagined that someone would be willing to exchange with an Island Whale, even if it was for three Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lilies.

The Island Whale’s value was in a sense no less than a Bronze/Legend fey that had yet to appear on the market.

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