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Chapter 246: Little Yuan Is Going to Be My Junior Brother?

Chapter 246: Little Yuan Is Going to Be My Junior Brother?

Lin Yuan had not contacted Su Jin and Dong Hai to ask for news about Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li for some time now.

Ever since his Jasmine Lily had become a Fantasy Breed and obtained the exclusive skill, Severed Limbs Growth, he had always wanted to try to see if it could heal Uncle Li’s bone gangrene.

Likewise, Auntie Zhang’s Fantasy Breed fey, which normally disguised itself as a Terror Rabbit, had also been in imminent danger.

The Jasmine Lily had accumulated a huge amount of vitality with its exclusive skill, Vitality Imprint. Thus, Lin Yuan was confident in curing Uncle Li’s leg injury and Auntie Zhang’s Fantasy Breed fey’s injury.

The Jasmine Lily’s healing ability might not be able to completely remove the toxins in Uncle Li’s infected leg, but there were other ways to do so.

Uncle Li’s bone gangrene and its toxins had been firmly locked in his left leg.

In fact, as long as his left leg was amputated, using the Jasmine Lily’s Severed Limbs Growth would be enough to let Uncle Li recover as before.

However, no matter how Lin Yuan tried to contact Uncle Li and Auntie Zhang, there had not been the slightest news.

Every time he contacted Su Jin and Dong Hai, their answers would make Lin Yuan feel they seemed to know something but were deliberately hiding it from him.

This made Lin Yuan very worried about Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li’s health condition.

But now, he suddenly felt his nose tingle because of Auntie Zhang’s call.

Lin Yuan had big dreams, but his world had always been small. After living two lives, he could see through many things.

Like and dislike.

Hatred and non-hatred.

Agreeing and disagreeing.

Close and distant.

Lin Yuan had always treated everything around him this way, upholding responsibility and having passion for life. His world had been so small that there were only three people—Chu Ci, Auntie Zhang, and Uncle Li.

Ever since he had recovered, he had slowly gotten to know many people. He could count them with his fingers—Chu Ci, Auntie Zhang, Uncle Li, the Moon Empress, Cold Moon, Mystic Moon, the Mother of Bloodbath, Liu Jie, Wen Yu, Zhang Xiaobai, Xin Ying, Tan Ran, and Lu Pinru.

Now that he received Auntie Zhang’s call, Lin Yuan’s heart that was in suspense was partly relieved. At least, he knew that Auntie Zhang, who was calling him, was in good health.

Lin Yuan picked up the phone, and before he could speak, he heard Auntie Zhang’s forthright and enthusiastic voice with a strong hint of concern. “Little Yuan, I heard from Su Jin and Dong Hai that you followed the Redbud City Lordress Ling Xiao to the Royal Capital and that your health problems are gone?”

Upon hearing Auntie Zhang’s familiar voice and tone, as well as her strong concern, Lin Yuan revealed a smile. “Auntie Zhang, everything is fine. I’ve recovered, and I’ve also become a Creation Master.”

When Lin Yuan heard Auntie Zhang say that he had gone to the Royal Capital with Ling Xiao, he knew that she should have found out from Su Jin and Dong Hai.

Auntie Zhang was like his elder, so he did not have to hide anything from her. Even if she did not ask, he would also tell her about him being a Creation Master.

Lin Yuan could sense Auntie Zhang’s concern, so he told her he was a Creation Master to reassure her and so that she would not be concerned about him anymore.

“Little Yuan, it’s good to know that your body has recovered.”

Auntie Zhang would always express her emotions clearly in her tone. At that moment, her words carried indescribable happiness, and her joy was almost going to transmit across the phone.

Lin Yuan could not help but feel touched. At any time, Auntie Zhang’s greatest concern was indeed his own health.

Compared to his health, his achievements in her eyes were no longer important. However, Lin Yuan still asked what he wanted to know the most.

“Auntie Zhang, how are your and Uncle Li’s health? Has his leg been treated?”

“Little Yuan, his leg is fine. Don’t you know about my health? It has always been awesome.”

Upon hearing Auntie Zhang’s words, Lin Yuan knew she was afraid that he would worry, so she still did not tell him the truth. But at least, Auntie Zhang’s and Uncle Li’s health was no longer a problem and was a lot better than when they had left the Xia Region.

For a moment, Lin Yuan was at a loss about how he should tell Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li about his desire to treat them. At that moment, he heard a peal of very familiar laughter from Auntie Zhang’s side.

“Yingying, can you hurry up and talk to Little Yuan? Can’t you see I’m waiting in line here?”

Then, he heard a not-so-subtle noise from the phone. Uncle Li had clearly snatched the phone from Auntie Zhang.

“Little Yuan, what do you want to eat? I’ll cook it for you!”

Uncle Li would always ask him what he wanted to eat the most. Lin Yuan replied without a second thought, “I love the meat that you cook.”

“Haha, I know that you love meat. Do you think the four-joy meatballs are tastier with pork or fish meat?”

Lin Yuan answered, “It’s pork, of course!”

Lin Yuan could feel that after he said ‘it’s pork’, Uncle Li froze for a few seconds and suddenly asked very seriously, “Little Yuan, didn’t you always prefer fish meat to pork?”

Lin Yuan was not used to hearing Uncle Li’s solemn tone. Uncle Li would usually speak cynically with him. Lin Yuan had never felt that Uncle Li would be so serious about one matter.

Since Uncle Li had asked, he pondered for a while and said, “I do love fish meat more, but I like fried fish and squirrelfish. For four-joy meatballs, I think that pork is tastier.”

Lin Yuan felt a sudden silence from the other end of the phone. He thought for a while and said, “Food has no definite taste, and those that suit one’s taste are precious. Using the same ingredients to make different dishes will produce different flavors, so the two dishes taste more like different dishes instead. Uncle Li, I’m in the Royal Capital now. Why don’t you and Auntie Zhang come here and settle down with me?”

Lin Yuan thought that after Uncle Li and Auntie Zhang came over, he would propose to them about their treatment.

Suddenly, he heard Uncle Li’s cheerful peal of laughter. It seemed like something he had suppressed in his heart for years had been relieved.

“Food has no definite taste, and those that suit one’s taste are precious. Little Yuan, how good would it be if I asked you whether fish meat or pork was tastier for the four-joy meatballs earlier. Auntie Zhang and I will be busy this year. When we’re done, I’ll go to the Royal Capital to cook for you.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuan could not help but touch the back of his head. He did not understand what Uncle Li had figured out. Why was he so happy? He even asked him what he wanted to eat. Why did he have to be busy for a year in a flash?

However, Lin Yuan thought little of these. Now that he knew that Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li were doing fine, he was completely at ease.

Auntie Zhang noticed Uncle Li’s expression and suddenly froze for a moment. Then, a clear smile crept on her face.

“It’s almost 20 years. You’ve figured it out?”

Upon hearing that, Uncle Li looked at Auntie Zhang and answered, “I’ve figured it out. Let’s go back. I don’t know if that old thing will beat me to death after I go back.”

Upon hearing that, Auntie Zhang whacked Uncle Li’s back and said, “What old thing? I forbid you to call my father like that!”

Uncle Li smiled awkwardly and replied, “If Master hits me, you have to help me stop him, Yingying. Otherwise, if he doesn’t hold back and hits me to death, you’ll have nowhere to cry.”

As Auntie Zhang looked at Uncle Li, a foot flew up.

“Li Changlin, when I left with you back then, I broke my father’s heart. I won’t even be able to protect myself when I go back this time, yet you still want me to plead on your behalf?”

When Uncle Li heard that, he blinked awkwardly and blurted out, “We’re really a pair of bitter lovebirds.”

Auntie Zhang suddenly smiled brightly.

“You’re the one who’s having a bitter life. Anyway, I will go back and tell my father you fooled me when I first left with you. Just wait to be beaten by my father and me!”

When Uncle Li heard that, he was dumbfounded. His expression was like a mistreated bun.

Auntie Zhang laughed and said, “Given my understanding of my father, he won’t dare to deal with you. If he does so, and you leave for another 20 years, he won’t be able to take it.”

Auntie Zhang’s words made Uncle Li feel awkward, and she snorted.

“Little Yuan is now a Creation Master. When I go back, I’ll ask my father to take him as his disciple!”

Uncle Li widened his eyes.

“F*ck! What a difference in seniority! Little Yuan is going to be my junior brother!?”

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