Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 245: The First Toolman

Chapter 245: The First Toolman

When Lin Yuan logged off Star Web, the sky was slightly bright in the real world.

Even though the overnight cold rain had increased the late autumn morning’s chilliness, it made the dawn’s light more brilliant.

As he looked at the rising sun, he stretched his back and carefully lay on the bed, afraid of waking up Genius and Chimey that were sound asleep.

Genius was actually laying on Lin Yuan’s pillow on its back, but Genius and Chimey seemed to have instinctively sensed Lin Yuan’s arrival in their dream, so they moved toward him.

This was like a scene that had happened in the Xia Region’s fey store six months ago.

Lin Yuan closed his eyes and thought about everything that had happened in the past few months before he gathered his thoughts and did a complete analysis of his gains and losses. He reinforced his previous path and also determined his future path.

When Lin Yuan woke up, it was late in the morning. He opened his eyes and found that Genius and Chimey were looking at him with their big, black eyes.

He reached out and scratched Genius’ chin and rubbed Chimey’s little head before saying, “Are you two hungry?”

Lin Yuan fed Genius and Chimey the leaves of the Platinum Celery Vine and fruits of the Platinum Cane Luffa.

After washing up, he went downstairs and found Wen Yu entertaining the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan, in the living room.

Lin Yuan hurried downstairs and said to Hu Quan, “Senior Hu Quan, are you planning to close your store and stay and work in my mansion?”

When Hu Quan saw Lin Yuan, his eyes lit up. “You’re finally awake. You were unconscious yesterday, and I waited for you for so long. I came to find you this morning, yet you woke up at noon.”

Lin Yuan reached out and scratched the back of his head. He had always been a self-disciplined person. However, he had been busy for the past two days, which caused him to compress his time constantly. This was because he intended to go out to train after taking care of everything.

Since Hu Quan intended to stay at his mansion, it was definitely a piece of good news for Lin Yuan.

Upon seeing that Lin Yuan had not said a word, Hu Quan could not help but feel a little comfortable. He previously only intended to stay in Lin Yuan’s mansion, but after going back, he had been in the anxious seat.

This was because after seeing the red sandalwood fish tank, Hu Quan could see that Lin Yuan had an extraordinary foundation.

For a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, there was nothing more attractive than those rare spiritual materials. Creating with rare spiritual materials was something a Spirit Craftsman wanted. By working for Lin Yuan, Hu Quan could have access to rare spiritual materials every day. If he could also see the red sandalwood longevity fish tank daily, he would be very satisfied.

“I’ve made you wait for a long time, Senior. May I ask what your conditions to stay and work in my mansion are?”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan say that, Hu Quan was relieved and answered, “For the conditions, if you can give me spiritual materials comparable to this jade-textured red sandalwood for creation every month, I won’t take your money.

“If you can’t do so, it’ll be the market price of a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman,”

Hu Quan said this in a very patronizing way. The purpose of staying in Lin Yuan’s mansion was to have another chance to create with a spiritual material like this jade-textured red sandalwood.

If Lin Yuan could not meet his conditions, Hu Quan would naturally not give him a free ride. The market price of a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman was not low.

When Lin Yuan heard Hu Quan’s words, he took a huge section of wood out of his Spirit Lock spatial zone without hesitation. This piece of wood gave off a very nice red-gold color and was glossy, with unique grain and a very fragrant wood aroma.

When Hu Quan looked at it, he immediately could not help but want to touch the golden-red piece of wood. It was jade-textured old pearwood.

The old pearwood was a piece of wood that Lin Yuan had stored in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. After that, the old pearwood had completely become jade-textured.

Lin Yuan had prepared this piece of old pearwood to use as a cushion on the huge table in his Spirit Lock spatial zone.

At that time, Lin Yuan had bought four of them. He had taken exactly one of the four out of the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

With a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Lin Yuan’s completely jade-textured old pearwood could finally be put to use.

“Senior, I have enough rare spiritual materials here. It seems that you’re going to work for me in the mansion without being paid.”

Hu Quan was not young anymore, so upon seeing the jade-textured old pearwood, nearly half of his life was gone because of happiness. At that moment, he felt he was the happiest Spirit Craftsman in this world.

Given the plethora of rare spiritual materials for him to carve, Hu Quan suddenly felt that he might have a chance to become a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman in the future. If that were to happen, it would really be a happy occasion.

Hu Quan smiled, and it gave Wen Yu a chill. She felt that with some black bean spirit fish on Hu Quan’s face, it could be served on the table as a cold dish.

“Lin Yuan, hurry up and speak. What do you want to do with this jade-textured old pearwood? I think carving a picture of 1,000 tigers leaving the mountain or 100 birds on the Chinese parasol tree is a good idea!”

As he looked at Hu Quan’s eager look, Lin Yuan took out an inkstone and wrote the words on the jade-textured old pearwood: ‘Return from Faraway’

While Hu Quan was dumbfounded, Lin Yuan replied, “Senior, help me carve ‘Return from Faraway’ on the jade-textured old pearwood. This mansion does not have an inscribed board yet. This can be hung up now.”

The words ‘Return from Faraway’ was something that had come to Lin Yuan’s mind when he saw Liu Jie depart for his training journey today. This was considered one of Lin Yuan’s wishes.

No matter how far Liu Jie, Wen Yu, or Chu Ci, who had yet to visit the mansion, went, he hoped they could all come back safely.

At the same time, Lin Yuan also hoped that he could still be a youth after going outside for half of his life, with his original intentions and sincerity.

Hu Quan had a complex look as he looked at the words. They’re written well, but do you have to be so direct? I know you are the mansion owner, but you don’t have to be so high-profile with it!

In Hu Quan’s opinion, the words ‘Return from Faraway’ translated into ‘This piece of land belongs to me, Lin Yuan[1].’

Unlike Liu Jie and Wen Yu, Lin Yuan and Hu Quan signed a very comprehensive employment agreement. It was to give Hu Quan a guarantee and was also a protection for Lin Yuan’s rare spiritual materials.

From now on, the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan, would become a mansion member. He was the first toolman.

Lin Yuan would leave the next day for training. Before going out for training, he planned to contact Gao Feng, with whom he had previously agreed to make a deal.

Just as he was about to call Gao Feng, Lin Yuan’s cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID, and his pupils shrank as his heart thumped rapidly.

It was not anyone else who called him, but Auntie Zhang, whom he had always been thinking of yet had not heard from!

[1] Return from Faraway is 归远. 归 can mean ‘return from somewhere’ or ‘belonging to someone’, and 远 can mean ‘faraway/distant’ or the ‘Yuan’ in Lin Yuan’s name

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