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Chapter 244: The Future Will Be Written by You

Chapter 244: The Future Will Be Written by You

The Radiance Sacred Hall was very wide, and very few people could apply on Star Web and get approved to go there.

It was now late at night, so it was silent inside the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Lin Yuan found out that he was the only one outside the Radiance Sacred Hall at the moment. Since he had obtained the qualification to enter the Radiance Sacred Hall, he could walk around as he wished inside.

He did not rush to apply for the qualification to compete in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition but chose to walk around outside the Radiance Sacred Hall. As he walked, he looked carefully at the simple yet magnificent scenery outside the Radiance Sacred Hall.

There were rows and rows of statues outside the Radiance Sacred Hall that seemed to belong to the past Radiance Hundred Sequence members.

There were three kinds of carved statues. The first type was a golden statue, where there was a huge golden stone slab behind it, with great achievements and merits written on it.

Only the Sequence members who had been honored in the Radiance Hundred Sequence for a decade and had retired gloriously were eligible for this gold statue.

The second kind was a silver statue, which referred to the Radiance Hundred Sequence members during their tenure.

The third kind was a bronze statue that represented the members who had been successfully selected to the Radiance Hundred Sequence but had been eliminated outside the Sequence.

The gold, silver, and bronze statues stood quietly in rows and columns.

Lin Yuan knew that behind each of these statues was a true pride of the Radiance Federation.

Regardless of the color, the statues represented those who had entered the Radiance Hundred Sequence but had been eliminated. They were all the Radiance Federation’s proudest backbone.

After walking through the rows of statues, he saw a gallery of five kilometers. The painted walls were ordinary limestone slabs that were carved with exquisite murals.

Lin Yuan looked over at each of them. An inexplicable feeling of shock would emerge in his heart with every step he took in the gallery. This was because the five-kilometer gallery’s murals depicted all the big events that the Radiance Federation had experienced in the past 100 years ever since the Spirit Qi Awakening.

This gallery was akin to a solemn chronicle, and behind this chronicle was the reason that humans could be called the wisest among all creatures.

This was because humans had something that could transcend all other living beings—civilization.

Lin Yuan did not know how long he had walked, but he walked through the five-kilometer gallery step by step. After seeing this gallery, he felt he suddenly had a deeper interpretation of radiance.

He looked at the seven big characters written on the blank part on the last panel of the gallery and suddenly smiled silently. The seven words were ‘The Future Will Be Written by You’.

This was perhaps the Radiance Federation’s expectation of the younger generation. This expectation was the cornerstone to constantly make the Radiance Federation better.

Lin Yuan walked into the Radiance Sacred Hall with firm steps. At this moment, his state of mind had changed a little compared to when he had first stepped in.

When he entered the Radiance Sacred Hall, Lin Yuan approached the staff and explained the purpose of his visit. Soon, the staff took him to an office inside the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Lin Yuan pushed open the door, only to see a middle-aged man holding a book about spiritual ingredients and looking at it with great interest.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan enter, he waved his hand, gesturing for Lin Yuan to sit down, and then said, “Black, when you got the qualification to enter the Radiance Sacred Hall, you had been considered having passed the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection’s qualifications in terms of strength.

“In terms of character, there is no need for auditing due to your deeds in guarding Millstone Town.

“However, I will need to review your age and other information again. You can just show your Star Web identity card.”

The middle-aged man looked at Lin Yuan with appreciation and a hint of inquiry.

What he appreciated was naturally Lin Yuan’s strength to obtain the Celestial Stairway’s exclusive title, as well as his bravery in guarding Millstone Town against the insect tide invasion.

He was also inquisitive about Lin Yuan’s identity because when the middle-aged man had let Lin Yuan come to the Radiance Sacred Hall, he had checked Black’s Star Web identity card.

The protection of personal privacy on Star Web was extremely heavy, but this protection of privacy was not included in the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s qualification test.

When the middle-aged man had checked Black’s identity card, he had found that it was kept secret from him.

In other words, even such a big event as the Radiance Hundred Sequence test was not enough to qualify to view Black’s information.

The middle-aged man had faced such a situation before, and it proved that behind Black was one of the few strongest experts in the Radiance Federation.

Nevertheless, this was another matter.

If Lin Yuan wanted to qualify for the Radiance Hundred Sequence test, he had to verify his age.

Lin Yuan was not coy at all and just showed Black’s personal data. However, he only showed his basic details and not his contracted feys’ details.

Lin Yuan knew that his contracted feys’ qualities were simply too astounding. On the other hand, it was because only his age needed to be assessed for the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s qualification selection.

Thus, there was no need for Lin Yuan to reveal his feys’ information.

Lin Yuan was not a person who loved to show off. On the contrary, he was an extremely introverted person.

Only something that he could grasp with no one knowing was called a trump card. Such a trump card was the key to turning an evenly matched battle around.

If a person showed all their skills, this was the same as fighting with other people with his cards shown.

Even if the other party was not as strong, they might also come up with a hidden card nobody knew to win by surprise.

After the middle-aged man checked Black’s basic information, he could not help but be lost in thoughts. He already knew Black’s strength, so there was nothing to be surprised. Nonetheless, Black’s age shocked him.

The youngest Radiance Hundred Sequence member seemed to be around 20 years old. The age of 18 should be the age of graduation from the Spirit Qi Intermediate Academy.

Black would take part in the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s test at this age, which made the middle-aged man sigh.

“Heroes indeed emerge from youths since ancient times!”

However, after the middle-aged man understood Black’s strength, he did not think that Black could enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence this year.

Although Black showed amazing strength, he was still a notch short of the Radiance Hundred Sequence in the middle-aged man’s opinion.

However, the middle-aged man was very optimistic about Black’s participation in the Radiance Hundred Sequence this year. This was because everyone would like such a youth’s motivation and fighting spirit.

The middle-aged man revealed an encouraging smile. “You are qualified for the ten places in the Radiance Hundred Sequence this year. Before the test, the Radiance Sacred Hall will contact you.”

Lin Yuan was about to say goodbye when he heard the middle-aged man call out to him. He turned back and heard him say, “Black, good luck on the Sequence selection test!”

Lin Yuan revealed a bright smile behind the mask. “Okay, Uncle. I will work hard.”

The middle-aged man was stunned to hear that. After Lin Yuan left, he opened his desk drawer, took out a mirror, carefully examined himself for a minute, and kept repeating, “Why don’t you call me Brother? Why do you have to call me Uncle? Am I very old?”

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