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Chapter 243: Radiance Sacred Hall

Chapter 243: Radiance Sacred Hall

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After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuan went downstairs. It was already late at night, but a cold rain had fallen in the Royal Capital, causing the weather to become colder right away.

There was not much rain in the Royal Capital, not even a few times a year, unlike the Redbud City’s Xia Region, where it was rainy all year round without seeing the sun for a few days.

Lin Yuan looked at the downpour and could not help but sang softly,

In the pounding downpour outside the window, a fluttering song tempts me to listen.

The Xiaozhong Sword’s reflection on the water surface is a verse of hate in love.

While Lin Yuan was singing, he did not notice Chimey, which was flying around his shoulders previously, suddenly stopped doing so. Instead, it carefully listened to what he was singing, looking very serious as if it was memorizing it.

As Lin Yuan looked at the downpour outside the window, he could not help but think that it would no longer just be rain the next time. It would be the first snow of this year.

Once the snow fell, it would not be a month before the most lively Tournament Season of the Radiance Federation began. The Guild Alliance’s S Tournament would begin in early January until nearly April. Once that was over, it would be time for Lin Yuan to take part in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition.

Liu Jie came out of his room and saw Liu Jie and Wen Yu studying the red sandalwood longevity fish tank, with Bronze I/Flawless Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses grown on top of it.

At that moment, 99 Bronze I/Flawless Glow-Winged Butterflies landed on the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses. There were also 99 Bronze I/Flawless Five Fortune Ranchus, which formed a hydrangea, swimming around three Bronze I/Flawless Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps.

What a divine scene.

The mansion needed to be lit up in the past, but now, these Five Fortune Ranchus were releasing a large amount of spirit qi. The splendor of purple clouds constantly rose from the fish tank.

In addition, the furniture made from jade-textured wood also emitted lustrous light under this rich spirit qi environment, giving off a kind of feeling that made people’s body and mind feel placid as if in this warm glow—all the fatigue could be rapidly soothed.

When Lin Yuan came down, Wen Yu said to him with an excited look, “Young Master, the man-made scenery from the combination of these feys and the fish tank carved with jade-textured red sandalwood is comparable to Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen’s famous works.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan smiled faintly.

A man-made scenery was nothing more than reenacting the scenery in one’s heart into reality. Each man-made scenery was generally the most beautiful scenery in their hearts.

No matter how exquisite the furniture Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen made was, in Lin Yuan’s heart, it was ultimately not as good as the auspicious scenery that he had formed with a perfect match of spiritual materials and feys.

When Liu Jie heard Wen Yu’s words, his brows jumped. He had seen the world, but he was still shocked for a long time upon seeing this red sandalwood longevity fish tank. It was not because the scenery was too beautiful, but more because of the fish tank’s luxuriousness.

These jade-textured red sandalwoods were amazing, but they seemed pale in comparison with the paired feys. The more Liu Jie looked at these paired feys, the more he was shocked.

Nearly 300 Bronze/Flawless feys of expensive species were paired with three Bronze/Epic koi that were superior auspicious feys.

At a glance, one could sense the potent strength underlying in such a pairing.

But Liu Jie noticed Wen Yu was looking at this scenery, just in awe of the scenery’s beauty. She was not at all surprised at the luxuriousness of this scenery, which was enough to prove that she had seen many such things before.

However, Liu Jie was shocked, and nothing else. These discoveries in turn added to the pressure in his heart, making him want to become stronger more, as he did not want to be a retainer knight incapable of protecting his master.

Liu Jie rolled up his sleeves and walked toward the kitchen. “Lin Yuan, Wen Yu, I’ve already wrapped the small wontons. I just need to cook it. You two sit on the table first and wait a while for me.”

Liu Jie would go out for training tomorrow morning, so this night’s supper would be the last reunion meal that the three of them would have before the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

Soon after Liu Jie left, Lin Yuan also planned to leave for training in these two days.

After eating, Lin Yuan leaned back in his chair and let out a breath of satisfaction.

The bowl of small wontons made by Liu Jie was extremely light but with a bit of spicy white pepper. When it was eaten hot, the hot and spicy feeling was unspeakably pleasant on this rainy night.

After this meal, Lin Yuan logged onto Star Web with his Creation Master identity and put the large batch of Silver Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish from the Spirit Lock spatial zone into his Purchase With No Loss store.

Despite doing so, he set up the store’s AI robot. It would update the new stock every week, but this time, the new stock was increased.

Lin Yuan glanced at the store’s fan club and found that several new people had entered. Most of these newcomers were winners based on speed and luck among the buyers waiting to snatch the goods.

However, one of the newcomers surprised him. This person was Listen.

Listen had gotten the chance to enter the fan club after having the exchange deal with his store, unlike other buyers who were waiting to grab his goods. His chance of entering the fan club was like the way of how the braised egg head had done so.

The transaction between Lin Yuan and Listen took only over three hours, so Listen had taken that amount of time to enter the fan club. But in these three hours, Listen had actually taken over his store’s fan club’s speaking rights.

Previously, the topics in the fan club centered around Zhou Jiaxin and the braised egg head. But after Listen had entered, in just a few hours, the topics shifted to him instead.

This puzzled Lin Yuan. Listen had a different identity from most of the people in his store’s fan club. Most of them had joined to wait for the Silver Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish more easily. Such a deal would be around a few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Radiance dollars.

However, Listen had clearly entered the fan club, hoping to get another chance to trade for the Bronze/Epic feys. Thus, his transaction would often reach tens of millions and above.

Of course, Lin Yuan would refuse such a transaction with such an amount, as the significance of source-type items was much greater than their value.

Lin Yuan thought that after Listen came in, he would call himself ‘boss’ and take over the speaking rights. But when Lin Yuan looked through, he could not help but be surprised.

After Listen entered the fan club, he did not have any special actions. Just by his way of speaking, he easily obtained a good impression from the vast majority of the people.

This was a terrifying ability. This ability did not stem from talent and strength but a very high emotional intelligence. But Lin Yuan did not pay too much attention to him. He logged onto Star Web as Black.

This time, he did not go to the Rare Lifeform Pavilion to purchase feys and spiritual ingredients as usual or climb the Star Tower. Instead, he went to that sacred official organization on Star Tower, the Radiance Sacred Hall.

The Radiance Sacred Hall handled the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s qualification verification, selection, and the members’ ranking.

Lin Yuan went there because he wanted to use his Star Web achievement to get a chance to enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition.

Of course, not everyone who wanted to go to the Radiance Sacred Hall could do so.

To enter the Radiance Sacred Hall, he had to authenticate his identity before he could get the chance to apply to the Star Web’s official to enter the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Of course, such an opportunity was limited to the Star Web’s Radiance Sacred Hall. For the Radiance Sacred Hall, in reality, only real members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence were eligible to step inside.

Since Lin Yuan had previously reached the 100th floor and won two Celestial Stairway promotion duels with a 102 winning streak before reaching the Celestial Stairway, he had already obtained a Celestial Stairway’s exclusive achievement.

Although the Celestial Stairway’s achievement altar still did not have Black’s virtual image, the Star Web’s officials had contacted Lin Yuan a few times, seeking his wishes to design Black’s virtual image.

As early as when the Star Web had notified Lin Yuan of the Celestial Stairway’s exclusive achievements, the Radiance Federation’s officials had verified Black’s Celestial Stairway’s exclusive achievements.

Before Black’s virtual image appeared on the Celestial Stairway’s achievement altar, the Star Web’s officials would not announce it publicly.

Therefore, the Star Web’s officials immediately gave Lin Yuan the qualification to enter the Radiance Sacred Hall.

After entering the place, whether or not Lin Yuan could complete the Radiance Sacred Hall’s verification, become a seeded participant, enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, or get the qualification to compete for the ten spots in the Radiance Hundred Sequence every year, it would depend on whether he could reach the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s selection conditions in other aspects besides his strength.

At the same time, the Radiance Hundred Sequence would also check Lin Yuan’s resume. This aspect was actually the assessment of his character.

Each Radiance Hundred Sequence member was the backbone of the Radiance Federation and represented its younger generation. Therefore, the requirements for one’s character were even more stringent than other aspects.

When Lin Yuan just arrived at Star Web’s Radiance Sacred Hall, he was immediately stunned by the Radiance Sacred Hall’s grandness.

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