Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 242: Really Fastidious

Chapter 242: Really Fastidious

Lin Yuan raised his brows when he saw the two messages Listen had sent.

Listen: “Master, if you have any Bronze/Epic feys in the future, can you give me a chance to trade first? I will not let you lose out.”

Listen: “Master, I’ve sent another one square meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver to your previous address. Hehe.”

Lin Yuan suddenly felt that Listen should stop solicitously currying favor with him. Or were all Creation Masters treated like that?

This was Lin Yuan’s first time receiving bribes from others. However, this one cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver was more of an ingratiation than a bribe.

Lin Yuan replied Listen.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “There are a total of 13 genera and 36 species of power offense-type canine feys, including dogs, wolves, dholes, foxes, and many more. The range is vast.”

After sending a reply to Listen, Lin Yuan saw that he was currently online and wanted to wait for his reply. In less than three seconds after he sent that, Listen replied.

Listen: “Wow, expert! You mean I can choose the species of the canine fey?”

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Yes.”

Since Listen had accommodated him, he accommodated him as well. This had nothing to do with the one cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver that Listen had sent over.

However, Lin Yuan would not refuse the Day and Night Spirit Silver. The price of one cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver was at most 5,000,000 Radiance dollars.

But if the chance that Lin Yuan had given to Listen was to be calculated inside, the value was akin to priceless.

After Lin Yuan had replied with a ‘Yes’, he watched Listen send over dozens of Storm Praise. He could not help but be skeptical whether this Listen buyer secretly drank one kilogram of honey.

In the end, Listen chose an unorthodox fox fey that focused on mental attacks. Such a fox fey was not rare, but it had many directions it could evolve toward.

When such a fox fey evolved into Bronze, it did not necessarily evolve toward a particular direction. But no matter how it evolved, it could always reach Listen’s proposed requirements.

At the same time, Lin Yuan could not help but think that if he had not accommodated Listen, it would be practically impossible for Listen to find such a Bronze/Epic fox fey to match a Willpower Rune.

After Listen finalized his species of the fey, Lin Yuan bought an Elite Illusory Fox from the Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

The Illusory Foxes were Elite feys from a young age. None of them were Normal.

After getting the Elite Illusory Fox, Lin Yuan evolved it in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. When it evolved into Bronze/Epic, its name had changed to Pain Illusory Fox under True Data.

The Illusory Fox’s ability laid in the domination of the five senses, while the Pain Illusory Fox evolved toward pain domination.

When the Pain Illusory Fox released its ability to a target, it could let the target enter a state of pain, and such pain would work on the body and mind depending on the ability. It was an extremely powerful attacking means.

When this Bronze/Epic Pain Illusory Fox reached Bronze, Lin Yuan chose Mind Vulnerability among the three exclusive skills. This exclusive skill could allow it to use Deepened Pain on the target’s mind when releasing abilities. It was an exclusive skill that greatly enhanced the Pain Illusory Fox’s attacking abilities.

Mind Vulnerability was also the best choice among the three exclusive skills.

Lin Yuan had always maintained his initial intentions, so he let the Illusory Fox reach Elite/Epic before reaching Bronze.

When raising the Illusory Fox to Epic at Elite, there would be more choices in its exclusive skills.

Although nobody knew about Lin Yuan’s hard work, he at least had a clear conscience.

Since he had posted that people could choose their own species of Bronze/Epic feys in exchange for an item in his Purchase With No Loss Fey Store, he also had no intention for his store to keep a low profile. If he were going to keep a high profile, he had to do it until the end.

Lin Yuan mailed this Bronze/Epic Pain Illusory Fox to Listen. After Listen received it, the news in Lin Yuan’s store about exchanging any Bronze/Epic feys for an item was confirmed to be completed by the Star Web.

Previously, many experts had not gotten the chance to trade with Lin Yuan, so they were in a wait-and-see state. Now that they had seen Lin Yuan’s small store had made a deal so quickly, they could not help but be secretly shocked at the store’s capability.

These experts and affluent families’ members hurriedly paid attention to Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store.

Suppose a group of ordinary merchants was waiting for Silver Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish before. In that case, many affluent family members and king-class and above experts were doing so now.

Many people even started to make discreet inquiries about his store. But no matter how they did so, they could only know that the owner was a youth.

When Lin Yuan had become the Moon Empress’ disciple, she had sealed all other news, so nobody could check them.

Lin Yuan did not expect after Listen received his Bronze/Epic Pain Illusory Fox, he would mail himself another source-type item. Although the source-type item was still very unorthodox, it showed Listen’s attitude to some extent.

Despite Listen currying favor with him, an insincere person would not do such things.

In a way, the price for Listen buying this Bronze/Epic Pain Illusory Fox was higher than the Lightning Sparrow King’s king-class expert squad buying that Bronze/Epic Flame Veined Dragonfly.

The price he had paid for was akin to an additional two cubic meters of Gold Day and Night Spirit Silver, which was the price of 10,000,000 Radiance dollars.

Lin Yuan had a relatively deeper impression on this Listen buyer, who had a sweet tongue. If Lin Yuan needed other spiritual ingredients that he could not buy, he might as well have a trade with Listen.

Lin Yuan was about to go to bed when he suddenly received Zhang Xiaobai’s call.

He picked up the phone and heard Zhang Xiaobai ask excitedly, “Lin Yuan, have you ever had this kind of dream?”

Lin Yuan had long gotten used to Zhang Xiaobai’s way of speaking and asked, “What kind of dream?”

“In my dream, I felt I was sleeping. I pinched myself hard and felt a lot of pain. Then, I woke up, so I got up to go to the toilet, only to feel like falling into the river from a boat. After that, I really woke up.”

Lin Yuan almost choked on his own saliva. Zhang Xiaobai had called him in the middle of the night just to tell him this? How could Zhang Xiaobai say such things as an adult!

At that moment, Zhang Xiaobai suddenly laughed, causing Lin Yuan to be at a loss.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan heard Zhang Xiaobai’s cry of pain with an ‘Ouch’ and him begging for mercy. However, Zhang Xiaobai’s cry of pain did not end.

Lin Yuan could imagine how Xin Ying used the Grasp of the Undying and Lethal Tempo to use Darkness Harvest on Zhang Xiaobai.

Xin Ying then picked up Zhang Xiaobai’s call. “Lin Yuan, ignore him. He watched Star Web’s live-streaming room in the middle of the night and became like this. This is the 17th call he has made.”

Lin Yuan only felt a leap of apocalypse.

Lin Yuan and Xin Ying chatted for a couple of minutes and were prepared to hang up.

At that moment, Xin Ying suddenly asked, “Lin Yuan, have you really decided to use this identity of Black to compete in the Radiance Hundred this year?”

Upon hearing that, he spread a smile on his face and revealed his white teeth. He replied firmly, “That’s right. I’ll go to Star Web in a moment and sign up with my exclusive achievements from Star Tower to take part in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition this year.”

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