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Chapter 248: Uttermost Flaunting

Chapter 248: Uttermost Flaunting

The Island Whale’s value did not lie in how powerful it was but in its strategic significance.

Ever since the Spirit Qi Awakening, the ocean had become a forbidden ground for humans. Likewise, the skies above the ocean had also become just as dangerous as the deep sea.

After reaching Platinum, many of the feys living in the ocean had the means to attack the skies above the ocean. Some fish feys relied on shooting high-pressure water jets and even creating a hundred meters of huge waves, while some marine feys could even briefly jump toward the sky and launch attacks.

This was why only a few experts among humans had been able to venture into the ocean.

The world’s territory was large, and there were many federations. However, the ocean separated these federations, so there were few opportunities to interact regularly.

Such a magical creature like the Island Whale had become a way for humans to wade into the ocean, and this was absolutely safe at that time.

The Island Whale was a very magical being. It could not be considered a living being, as it was not born from a pregnant mother but a large whale colony deep under the ocean.

The phenomenon of it sinking to the bottom of the ocean after its death was known as whale fall. A whale’s carcass could support a submarine ecosystem for nearly 1,000 years. Only where thousands of magnificent cetaceans died together could be called a large whale fall.

A whale fall was the last form of gentleness the magnificent giants of this world gave to the ocean.

When one whale falls, myriad creatures are born.

When myriad whales fall, and the Island Whale is born.

Deep under the sea, after a whale’s carcass experienced nearly 10,000 years, the deep-sea creatures would completely decompose it. Then, the large whale would leave a few sparkling jewel-like eggs in the deep sea, and in this egg was the Island Whale.

This showed that a rare fey like the Island Whale was an important strategic resource.

Due to this miracle of life, all the creatures in the ocean would not attack the Island Whale.

The unborn Island Whale slept in the jewel-like egg that appeared after the whale fall. Only after absorbing enough spirit qi would it automatically hatch.

Before reaching Diamond and becoming a Fantasy Breed, the Island Whale was just a dozen meters long, incomparable to ordinary cetacean feys.

When the pinnacle Diamond Island Whale became a Fantasy Breed and advanced to Suzerain, it would be so large that it looked like an island sheltered by the ocean on the raging sea. The stronger the Island Whale was after reaching Suzerain, the larger the area of the island became.

It could be said that the Island Whale was the only option for humans to venture into the ocean. Feys like the Island Whale could not be treated as feys, as each Suzerain Island Whale was a powerful foundation in the world that could deter other large forces.

Lin Yuan did not expect that Gao Feng would exchange an Island Whale for three Epic Spirit Spring Lilies. Although the three Spirit Spring Lilies’ value was comparable to an Island Whale, it was incomparable in meaning.

This was because other Bronze/Epic feys could replace the three Bronze/Epic Spirit Spring Lilies. However, venturing into the sea without an Island Whale was impossible.

Lin Yuan did not know whether to say he was lucky or Gao Feng was squandering his family fortune.

When Gao Feng heard Lin Yuan agree so quickly, he was elated but hurriedly said, “Brother, even though I’m exchanging an Island Whale that is still in the jewel-like egg without wisdom, it may be a bit special.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan became solemn. “How special?”

Gao Feng replied with a bitter smile, “Brother, I can’t explain how special it is. When we trade, I’ll bring it over to you for you to see. You can then decide to exchange or not. If you don’t want the Island Whale, I’ll exchange with source-type items or precious spiritual materials. I certainly won’t let you be on the losing end.”

When Gao Feng said this, he had started thinking about how many source-type items he should prepare to bring over first. He was also trying to be prepared beforehand.

This unborn Island Whale was simply too special, so special that the Gao family had absolutely no way to hatch it.

The Gao family had a Class 4 Creation Master. However, not long after this Creation Master had reached Class 4, it was still very hard for him to enhance Bronze/Epic feys.

This Class 4 Creation Master still had foresight. Because of his determination, the Island Whale in the jewel-like egg had started to mutate. Since the Island Whale was rare, he could only figure that it had mutated.

There was not the slightest research on what mutation had occurred in the Island Whale, which was also why Gao Feng could exchange it.

Otherwise, even if Gao Feng was the only direct descendant of the Gao family, he was definitely not qualified to exchange such a fey that symbolized foundation.

Lin Yuan cared little about it. When Gao Feng took out the Island Whale, and Lin Yuan used True Data on it, he would know where the mutation was and whether it was worth the exchange.

Lin Yuan was meeting Gao Feng at 3 p.m., which was a few hours away. He started to buy Spirit Spring Lilies from the Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion and enhanced them.


At the Leaning Moon Mountain’s Radiant Moon Palace’s inner palace, as Mystic Moon looked at the proud yet somewhat worried Moon Empress, he could not help but say, “Moon Empress, it’s a good thing that Young Lord did not come to ask for your help to write a recommendation letter. Instead, he used his Celestial Stairway’s title to obtain the qualification to compete for the Radiance Hundred Sequence. You should be happy.”

The Moon Empress glanced at him despondently and replied, “My disciple is naturally outstanding, but he’s too independent. As his master, I always feel that I have not helped him on his path of growing.”

Mystic Moon wanted to say something but did not do so. Instead, he kept it in his heart.

A true pride was never a flower in the greenhouse, but a person who faced hardships and created their own path using their own strength.

If Lin Yuan needed the Moon Empress’ help for everything, it proved that she had made an error of judgment when choosing her disciple.

Thereafter, the Moon Empress only felt that the spirit tea no longer tasted fragrant and could not help but think of what Chef Supreme had said when she talked about her disciple with him. “I’m envious that you have accepted a good disciple. You can be so worry-free.”

At the thought of this sentence, she stood up and asked Mystic Moon, “Chef Supreme is envious that I have it easy. Is he mocking me for not becoming a good master?”

Mystic Moon broke out in a cold sweat and cautiously answered, “I’m sure Chef Supreme did not mean that.”

He actually could not help but ridicule, I think Chef Supreme really envies Moon Empress.

The three disciples that Chef Supreme, a Class 5 Creation Master who had been famous all his life, had accepted were really worrisome.

It was said that the first disciple was not good at combat but was talented as a Creation Master. However, the path he took conflicted with what Chef Supreme had taught in the aspect of a Creation Master.

As a result, he insisted on his own path and left Chef Supreme to prove that his path was right. He had also left with Chef Supreme’s only biological daughter.

His second disciple was also an oddball. As he became a Creation Master, for some reason, he went out to sea to do business and opened a Spirit Food Pavilion with his master’s name, causing the entire Radiance Federation to think that Chef Supreme had opened it.

The third disciple was a recent disciple who was very outstanding in being both a Creation Master and spirit qi professional. However, he always loved to go into all kinds of dangerous places.

It was said that since his disciple went to dangerous places every now and then, Chef Supreme had heart palpitations.

Chef Supreme had assigned a Path Protector for his disciple, and it unexpectedly had a mental illness because of him.

Chef Supreme was already in such a miserable state teaching his disciples, so how could he still have the heart to mock others?

Wasn’t this akin to comparing whether potatoes or sweet potatoes were sweeter?

At that moment, Mystic Moon heard the Moon Empress snort. “That’s not right. Chef Supreme is certainly mocking me. I’ll definitely teach him a lesson when I see him the next time!”

Mystic Moon did not dare to say anything and just silently mourned three seconds for Chef Supreme.

Mystic Moon was not sure if Chef Supreme had meant to mock, but if the Moon Empress was going to settle scores with Chef Supreme, every word that she said about her disciple would absolutely seem like uttermost flaunting to him.

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