Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 233: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Mutation

Chapter 233: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Mutation

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Based on Lin Yuan’s request, the top of the red sandalwood fish tank was made into a huge flower bed, which was carved with longevity mantras and all sorts of mountain and river scenery, every stone and wood carved vividly.

In the tank, a darker-colored jade-textured red sandalwood was carved into a strange pine tree. The trunk was like a young dragon, the branches were lofty, and the leaves were spirited. There were also pine cones at the top, signifying happiness and longevity.

The bottom of the tank was carved into eight cities, with cold water carvings. These eight cities arched over this strange pine, just like holding up a mountain peak.

Lin Yuan gently recited, “The cold water descends in the eight cities. The divine tree holding up the peak is young forever.”

This scenery alluded to the saying of longevity, which was exactly in line with the jade-textured red sandalwood’s longevity mantra. Only when longevity was combined with longevity was it considered endless.

At that moment, Wen Yu came over with a pipe and connected the mansion’s ground and the red sandalwood longevity fish tank. This place had only been recently built and was connected to the man-made lake.

Soon, she filled the 9.9m×3m×4m red sandalwood longevity fish tank with water from the man-made lake. Even if Wen Yu was used to seeing good things in the Radiant Moon Palace, she also could not help but be at a loss upon seeing this fish tank.

It was not because of how rare this fish tank’s material was, but the design.

Lin Yuan said to Hu Quan, the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, who was at the side, “Senior, please give me a hand.”

Hu Quan was actually a bit reluctant looking at the fish tank and felt heartbroken at the thought that he would never see it again. Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Hu Quan was naturally willing to help him.

Hu Quan would like to see what the youth in front of him wanted to raise in such a good fish tank. He was experienced and knowledgeable, so he really did not think any worthy feys could be raised in a fish tank.

“Senior, see if you can help me lift the flower bed on top of the fish tank first.”

A Class 4 Spirit Craftsman naturally made objects with skills. Therefore, if Lin Yuan wanted to figure out how to dismantle it, he would really take a good long while.

Wen Yu brought a ladder over, and Hu Quan took it and climbed to the top of the four-meter-high fish tank. There were cracking sounds as Hu Quan lifted the flower bed on top of the fish tank.

When Lin Yuan saw this, he waved his hand, and the three Bronze/Epic Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps and 99 Bronze I/Flawless Five Fortune Ranchus that he had stored in the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box entered the fish tank carved with jade-textured red sandalwood.

Since Hu Quan was lifting the flower bed, he could not see what Lin Yuan had placed in the fish tank. He only heard splashing sounds, and before he could see them, the fish tank lit up at once. It was like a propitious omen.

Hu Quan was amazed, as the jade-textured red sandalwood would only produce such an effect with a large amount of spirit qi. He became increasingly curious about what Lin Yuan had put in the fish tank.

When he repositioned the flower bed on top of the tank and came down the ladder, he glanced at the fish tank.

If Lin Yuan had not supported him, the ladder would have fallen to the ground with him alongside his actions.

Hu Quan was a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman and a king-class expert, but he was just not good at combat. Despite his king-class expert strength, he could not help but marvel at the scene before his eyes and gasp. These gasps were not entirely due to surprise. It was because he found the scene beautiful.

The three Bronze/Epic Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps in the red sandalwood longevity fish tank were swimming freely like dragons and phoenixes.

The 99 Bronze I/Flawless Five Fortune Ranchus released majestic spirit qi, making the entire house’s spirit qi significantly higher.

The Five Fortune Ranchus species had five colors: red, white, yellow, blue, and black. Among them, red was the most, while black was the least. When they swam in schools, they were like huge hydrangeas.

The Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps swam around the Five Fortune Ranchus and formed hydrangeas, just like a dragon and phoenix chasing after a pearl, which symbolized a scene of auspiciousness.

As a Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan constantly pursued art. Now that he had seen such a scene, he only felt his heart surging and said to Lin Yuan, “The pairing of these feys is simply superb! Superior auspiciousness with inferior auspiciousness paired with the purple cloud and longevity pattern is really a kind of great elegant music.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan scratched his head and replied, “Senior, I’m not done yet.”

Lin Yuan carried out the two Gold fey storage boxes. Unlike before, the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses and Glow-Winged Butterflies had become Bronze I/Flawless.

Lin Yuan and Wen Yu planted these Bronze I/Flawless Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses on the flower bed at the top of the tank.

It was now dawn, so the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses were the most splendid. However, the bloomed flowers had withered, and in another hour, the flowers of the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses that contained spirit qi would fall into the fish tank through the cracks in the flower bed and become food for the Dragon-Phoenix Landscapes Carps and Five Fortune Ranchus.

These 99 Bronze I Five Fortune Ranchus also happened to meet the growth conditions of the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses. The two complemented each other and became an excellent cycle.

Under this rich spirit qi, each of the Bronze I/Flawless Spirit-Containing Hibiscus could produce dozens of bowl-sized flowers. When so many purple flowers clustered together, it was like a sky formed by the rising purple clouds.

‘Look at the flowers blooming in the early morning and wilting in the evening, with a smile behind the window. Don’t plant flat peaches because they only bloom once a thousand years1.’ referred to the hibiscus feys.

The Spirit-Containing Hibiscus’ blooming and wilting represent the cycle of a day, and each wilting was in order to bloom more gorgeously during dawn. Alongside the constant setting and rising of the sun, it was as if spring and autumn had arrived, and the four seasons rotated, but it was endless.

Therefore, the Spirit-Containing Hibiscus represented the ‘sky’ in this red sandalwood fish tank.

“The dragon and phoenix chase after the pearl and give rise to purple clouds, the heavens bestow good fortune known as the dew of grace.” This was the scene in Lin Yuan’s heart.

Hu Quan could not help but clap and praise as if he was joking, “This is the most beautiful object I’ve ever seen. If I hadn’t widened my horizons today, I would’ve thought that you would destroy this red sandalwood fish tank. If you can come up with any new ideas, I’ll also want to close my store. I can even work in this mansion as long as you can afford to pay me.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up when he heard Hu Quan’s words. He had just completed his mansion, so there were still many places that needed to be carefully carved. If he could have a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, it would be effortless to construct his mansion.

Lin Yuan asked, “Really, senior?”

When Hu Quan heard Lin Yuan’s question, he was stunned and then laughed out loud. “Of course, what I’ve said is true. Ask around at the Spirit Craftsman Association and see if my words are reliable.”

Lin Yuan could not help but think of Hu Quan’s Star Web store with 90% bad ratings. However, Lin Yuan was straightforward and opened the other Gold fey storage box, and 99 bright-white Bronze I/Flawless Glow-Winged Butterflies flew out and headed straight to the blooming flowers of the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses.

In a short while, these Glow-Winged Butterflies changed into light purple alongside the change of the environment.

In the purple clouds from the flowers, they were just like dancing lively in the sunrise and playing in the sky. The rosy clouds in the sky were far from being more gorgeous than the red sandalwood longevity fish tank.

Dragon and phoenix, hydrangeas, divine wood, cold water, hibiscuses, fireflies, purple clouds, auspiciousness, blessing, longevity, nine kinds of elegant music, the 9.9-meters-long red sandalwood longevity fish tank, 99 Five Fortune Ranchu, Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses, and Glow-Winged Butterflies symbolized the lack in the heavenly law.

Due to this shortage, there were endless variables that made it more beautiful.

The Bronze I/Flawless Glow-Winged Butterflies danced around the house once as though the wind blew the blooming hibiscus flowers into the air.

Due to the Glow-Winged Butterflies’ Dust Avoidance, the air in the house immediately became fresh, and the clean house became more immaculate.

Hu Quan’s current expression was completely interesting.

It had just been temporary interest, so he had said that, but he had not expected that it would be hard for him to get out of the situation. But looking at the spectacle in front of him, Hu Quan suddenly felt as if a new world had opened in his mind.

Perhaps a different kind of life was not bad. Hadn’t this extreme beauty in front of him always been exactly what he was seeking?

At that moment, Lin Yuan could not appreciate the result in front of him in time as he suddenly heard the Mother of Bloodbath’s peculiar yet pleasant voice that was full of oppression and pain.

“Lin Yuan, take me outside the city, as far away from the Royal Capital as possible.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan’s expression changed, and he ran out without saying a word.

Hu Quan was startled and said, “No need to close the door. I didn’t say I wouldn’t stay in your mansion—”

Before he could finish his words, Lin Yuan, who had run to the door by now, replied, “Wen Yu, entertain Senior Hu Quan. I don’t know when I will return. Senior Hu Quan, if you have any matters, you can leave.”

The moment Lin Yuan stepped out of the mansion, the Mother of Bloodbath immediately collapsed in his hands. Its body had become the size of a basketball. Clearly, the Mother of Bloodbath could not even maintain its camouflage for some reason.

The majestic blood energy rose on the Mother of Bloodbath’s hideous and magnificent body that was as though it was carved with a red crystal. It was as if it could erupt at any time.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s body trembled gently, and it was obvious that it was painfully oppressing.

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