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Chapter 232: The Radiance Hundred Sequence Is Shady

Chapter 232: The Radiance Hundred Sequence Is Shady

When Liu Jie heard Lin Yuan’s words, he pondered for a moment. He replied, “I can’t be exact about each Radiance Hundred Sequence member, but you definitely cannot trust the data publicly available on Star Web. If you believe it, things will definitely take a turn for the worse.”

Lin Yuan was a little surprised to hear that. “Big Brother Liu, why do you say that?”

Liu Jie hurriedly explained, “All the feys that the Radiance Hundred Sequence members used during all the open and performance duels, as well as the Celestial Stairway duels, are those they used for the selection.

“When each member is shortlisted for the Radiance Hundred Sequence, they will receive a large number of resources from the Federation, so they should have already shifted their focus long ago on their feys and used the comprehended Willpower Rune to nurture new Fantasy Breed feys.

“However, each of these people is so shady that they hold back their strength at each year’s Sequence ranking and won’t reveal their strength.

“That’s because their goal is to accumulate strength and charge forward in one go, moving up greatly on the rankings.

“Therefore, either the members’ ranking will not change, or it will change tremendously. Each year, people will drop and rise in the rankings.

“Take me for an example. Four years ago, I became a Radiance Hundred Sequence member, but when I took part in the Sequence ranking in the second year, I still used the Insect Queen’s Normal, Elite, and Silver abilities. Even though I have the Gold ability, Lightning Gathering Moths, I’ve always hidden it and never used it.”

For Lin Yuan, there was nothing Liu Jie could not say. Outsiders simply would not be clear about such insider secrets of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

Lin Yuan was a little stunned. He had understood the strength of the Radiance Hundred Sequence in vain. If he hadn’t asked Liu Jie and had instead taken the information on Star Web seriously, it would probably have been his own fatal trap.

This made him could not help but recall that a few months ago when he had been able to sense the spirit qi of the world, he had watched the performance duel between Sequence #18 White Devil and Sequence #47 Unknown Flame.

Regardless of the two, in Lin Yuan’s current opinion, the strength they had revealed was no longer that surprising. It turned out that they had hidden their strength and had shown their strength when they had just been selected into the Radiance Hundred Sequence. A sense of urgency crept up in him due to such news.

After eating, Lin Yuan returned to his room and entered his Spirit Lock spatial zone. Lin Yuan also intended to go out for training in the near future, but he had not thought about going with Liu Jie.

There was a far discrepancy in their strength, so if he went out with Liu Jie, he would not be able to achieve his goal of training in life-and-death situations.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, it was easier for the spirit qi crystals produced by Morbius’ Spirit Qi Condensation to enhance Silver/Fantasy Breed feys than him doing it. Thus, he still focused on raising his spirit qi professional’s rank.

He opened the two Gold fey storage boxes that arrived in the morning. One of them contained 99 Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses, while the other contained 99 Glow-Winged Butterflies.

Lin Yuan had spent nearly 500 Radiance dollars on buying each of these Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses from Star Web that ranged from Normal I to Elite V.

Just like the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses were feys that could exhale spirit qi. However, it was slower to raise the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s grade, while the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses could only grow in an environment with a large amount of spirit qi. They would wither in less than a day when there was a small amount of spirit qi. The more spirit qi there was, the better the growth and the fuller they would open. It was considered as a very delicate plant fey.

The Spirit-Containing Hibiscus exhaled spirit qi in a very special way. Each of its flowers was the size of a bowl, and the color of the blooming flowers ranged from dark pink to light purple.

These flowers opened in the day and withered in the night, and the spirit qi released by the Spirit-Containing Hibiscus was contained in these fallen flowers.

The fallen Spirit-Containing Hibiscus flowers were very suitable food for the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish and Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps.

The Glow-Winged Butterflies were as delicate as the Spirit-Containing Hibiscus, as they both needed a large amount of spirit qi to survive.

The Glow-Winged Butterfly was only the size of a thumb, and its wings would constantly change with the color of the flower it perched on. The more spiritual power they absorbed, the more magnificent would the color on their wings be.

Although these Glow-Winged Butterflies could not be compared with the Blue Flash Butterfly’s beauty, their wings were more deftly when they fluttered them.

At the same time, their abilities contained Dust Avoidance. While the Glow-Winged Butterfly fluttered, it could expel all the dust and harmful particles in the air, making the air unusually fresh.

Lin Yuan started and promoted all the 99 Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses and 99 Glow-Winged Butterflies to Bronze I/Flawless. He would still need one or two hours to promote then into Bronze X/Epic in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. However, he only needed less than ten minutes to promote then to Bronze I/Flawless.

After some time, the Spirit-Containing Hibiscuses and Glow-Winged Butterfly reached Bronze I/Flawless. Then, he picked 99 Five Fortune Ranchu of the best quality from the spirit pool.

The Five Fortune Ranchu had not awakened with the dragon-species bloodline, so they were not large, only palm-sized. They had reached around Elite IX, and those determined ones had reached Bronze.

Lin Yuan also raised all the Five Fortune Ranchu into Bronze I/Flawless.

He exited the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and within a moment, the phone rang. He picked up the phone and heard the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan, speaking. “Kid, I’ve already made that red sandalwood fish tank. Tell me, when should I deliver it?”

It was already dusk the next day now. The sky was even lit up with rosy clouds, with a very spectacular red color.

“Senior, if it’s convenient for you, you can deliver it to me now.”

Lin Yuan had been busy for dozens of hours for this red sandalwood fish tank’s arrival.

While enhancing his feys, he was also raising the spiritual power in his body. In less than an hour, the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, Hu Quan, arrived at Lin Yuan’s mansion.

Lin Yuan went out to receive him and brought him in. Hu Quan was dumbfounded. “F*ck! What kind of noble, immortal lair is this!”

A moment later, the middle-aged man returned to his senses and sized up Lin Yuan before he said secretly, Damn, who exactly is this youth?

He’s living in such an environment all day long! It’s simply too great!

Hu Quan placed the red sandalwood fish tank where Lin Yuan had requested. It was Lin Yuan’s turn to be surprised when it was used as a feature wall.

This completely jade-textured red sandalwood was a supreme treasure. Thanks to Hu Quan, it had been carved into something extraordinary!

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