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Chapter 234: The Goblet of Bloodbath

Chapter 234: The Goblet of Bloodbath

As a Creation Master, Lin Yuan could sense the Mother of Bloodbath’s current body condition. It obviously could not suppress the blood energy that was about to churn and surge out of its body.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check its current condition and finally determined the problem it was experiencing. It turned out that the Mother of Bloodbath was about to get promoted from Myth I into Myth II.

This was a good thing, but Lin Yuan was furrowing his brows, looking unusually anxious. This was because after feys reached Suzerain and the Willpower Rune metamorphosed into the Law Rune as it metamorphosed from a Fantasy Breed fey into a Myth Breed fey, each time Myth Breed feys had their quality improved, they would receive the World Cleansing.

When Suzerain/Fantasy V feys broke through Fantasy Breeds’ limit and metamorphosed from Myth Breed into Myth I, they received the World Cleansing so that the comprehended Willpower Rune in their bodies could be metamorphosed into a Law Rune.

Such World Cleansing was extremely difficult to bear for feys. However, when Suzerain/Myth Breed feys evolved from Myth I to Myth II, the second World Cleansing was one of the most difficult hurdles to pass in their life.

This was because if Myth I feys wanted to reach Myth II, it was a process of the feys’ genetic model promotion and complete metamorphosis.

After reaching Myth II from Myth I, the feys could condense a human body and switch back and forth between a beast and a human form.

Thus, the World Cleansing this time was the complete destruction of a fey’s body and remodeling it before achieving promotion and metamorphosis. They would be annihilated if there were slight mistakes under the World Cleansing.

Lin Yuan had fully understood all the secrets of Suzerain/Myth Breed promotion and metamorphosis due to the Moon Empress’ detailed explanation when he had a question-and-answer exercise with her.

However, the Mother of Bloodbath’s situation was much more bizarre than what his master, the Moon Empress, had told him before about Suzerain/Myth Breed feys evolving into Myth I.

Usually, a Suzerain/Myth Breed fey would have to accumulate energy on their own to promote from Myth I to Myth II.

When they accumulated the energy to a certain degree, they would use the Law Rune in their bodies to trigger this energy and communicate with the world to descend the World Cleansing.

However, the Mother of Bloodbath was clearly in a passive state, and its Law Rune had not triggered such huge blood energy.

Lin Yuan asked anxiously, “Mother of Bloodbath, what do I have to do?”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s peculiar yet pleasant voice sounded hoarse and answered as it stammered, “I can only hold on for another 40 minutes. Within this period, bring me to the wilderness as far away from the Royal Capital as you can.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan ran out of the mansion as he used his cell phone to book a Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow with 800,000 Federation dollars. It flew more than ten times faster than the Platinum Divine Travel Black Swallow.

Lin Yuan estimated the time for the Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow to arrive and then ran toward the south of the Royal Capital to meet it.

The Endless Forest was 300 meters from the south of the Royal Capital. The Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow flew for 40 minutes into the depths of the Endless Forest, allowing the Mother of Bloodbath to receive the World Cleansing there.

When Lin Yuan saw the painful look on the Mother of Bloodbath, he did not know what comforting words to say. He also did not dare to risk helping it, afraid that his pure spirit qi would trigger negative effects when he channeled it into the Mother of Bloodbath.

After running wildly for three minutes, Lin Yuan saw the Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow that had just landed there. He leaped onto its back with the Mother of Bloodbath.

The Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow immediately flapped its wings and headed toward the destination that Lin Yuan had just input in the cell phone.

When Lin Yuan hopped on the Divine Travel Black Swallow’s back, he immediately took a deep breath. The three minutes of strenuous running just now had exhausted most of his physical energy, making him feel a burning pain inside his chest when breathing.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s situation was becoming worse, and the blood energy around it had turned bright red to dark red. It was just like a burning blood qi flame, causing the clouds in the sky to be scattered into mist and drift away.

When the Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow sensed the energy in the Mother of Bloodbath, it immediately chirped in fear, appearing somewhat flustered. However, under Lin Yuan’s appeasement, it flew even faster into the depths of the Endless Forest.

Lin Yuan was constantly sensing the energy change in the Mother of Bloodbath’s body and suddenly felt that its blood energy contained extremely weak but unusually fresh blood energy. He was shocked. Was the Mother of Bloodbath actually injured?

It was very hard for a Suzerain/Myth I fey at peak state to go through the Myth II’s World Cleansing.

However, now that the Mother of Bloodbath was in a very terrible state and even injured, could it really survive that?

After interacting with the Mother of Bloodbath for some time, Lin Yuan had regarded it as an elder that secretly protected him. Therefore, his heart was kept in suspense at this moment.

The Diamond Divine Travel Black Swallow was quick and reached nearly 500 kilometers deep into the Endless Forest in less than 30 minutes.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath in Lin Yuan’s hand leaped toward the sky and let out a mournful sound.

He could see as though broken red-crystal-like things had separated from its basketball-like body and fell in the Endless Forest, immediately making the nearby plants grow wildly. A 30-meter-tall tree had grown to 100 meters in a flash.

Lin Yuan’s heart tightened. These red crystal-like things were no other than the Mother of Bloodbath’s highly pure blood.

A harsh sound echoed in the air, and the Mother of Bloodbath’s basketball-sized body instantly became the size of a mountain peak.

Its eight long and slender spider legs were sharp, and the mountain peak-sized dark-red spider body was covered with blood-red hair.

The jewel-like compound eye flashed with a scarlet flare that suddenly flourished and immediately dispersed the sky of clouds, clearing the sky.

The Mother of Bloodbath turned to glance at Lin Yuan and said in a hoarse voice, “Lin Yuan, ride the Divine Travel Black Swallow and leave 50 kilometers away from this place. Come back when the World Cleansing is over. If it’s successful, we’ll go back together. If it’s not, what remains of my body after the World Cleansing is yours.”

The Mother of Bloodbath spoke in a very calm voice, with just a hint of reminiscence, but not sadness.

Wild feys were raised by the world. From a young age, they had to go through countless dangers and competition, and every Suzerain/Myth Breed fey had stepped on countless fey corpses to reach this peak.

From the time it had set out on this path, the Mother of Bloodbath had a realization that there would be a day like this sooner or later.

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