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Chapter 221: Source Sand Upgrading to Fantasy Breed

Chapter 221: Source Sand Upgrading to Fantasy Breed

During the first duel for the Star Tower’s promotion duels, Lin Yuan had suffered due to his insufficient spiritual power. Therefore, Lin Yuan put extra priority into the usage of spiritual power in combat.

As an all-rounded source-type lifeform, Lin Yuan would naturally be using the Source Sand frequently during combat. If spiritual power consumption could be reduced during combat when using the Source Sand, Lin Yuan felt it would be much more useful than to increase the Source Sand’s attack power.

Before Lin Yuan enhanced the Source Sand, he had already tried using it. He already felt that when he was commanding the Source Sand, it felt just like a part of his body, and it was very smooth. Therefore, what would it be like if he chose the exclusive skill, Sand Control?

Finally, Lin Yuan hesitated for a moment before he made his decision to choose Sand Control. Putting aside the ability to control, just the reduction of spiritual power consumption was enough for Lin Yuan to pick the exclusive skill, Sand Control.

When Lin Yuan picked the exclusive skill, the Source Sand was now considered a Bronze source-type lifeform. At present, the Source Sand was no longer a blank slate. It might not have any abilities still, but it had its first exclusive skill.

Lin Yuan didn’t rush to continue increasing the Source Sand’s quality to Legend and upgrade it into a Fantasy Breed. Instead, he checked on the newly obtained exclusive skill, Sand Control, first.

After evolving into the Bronze grade, the Source Sand looked like a crystal button with distinct grains. The grains looked just like the patterns on the gravel.

Each gravel had entirely different patterns, and just by looking at this source-type lifeform, the Source Sand’s distinct gravel patterns looked as though they contained all possible grain patterns that existed.

When a person looked at the Source Sand for a long time, they would feel as though they were looking at the desolate desert.

Lin Yuan commanded the Bronze Source Sand. This time, the Source Sand turned into gravels that were close to 100 catties in weight.

Lin Yuan could feel that if he allowed the highly concentrated Source Sand’s gravel to dig into the ground, it wouldn’t take long to produce a huge batch of fresh sand.

As Lin Yuan commanded the Source Sand to form various shapes again, he realized that it was much easier than before. Lin Yuan was using some physical movements to control the gravels previously, but now, as soon as Lin Yuan had a thought in his mind, the gravels would start to move according to his subconscious thoughts.

After some experimentation, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that his control of the Source Sand wasn’t just limited to shape. He noticed he could control the gravels’ density and the mutual pressure from each of the gravels.

Lin Yuan tried controlling a bunch of yellow sand to wrap around a low-grade energy ore at the side of the spirit pool. The solid and tough low-grade energy ore was easily crushed by the yellow sand that was split off from the Source Sand.

This discovery made Lin Yuan extremely delighted. He then continued to see how strong of a pressure could be produced from the yellow sand.

In the end, Lin Yuan realized that the pressure and power were directly related with the amount of spiritual power he used. At the same time, Lin Yuan realized that when he was commanding the yellow sand to change shapes, it was basically using a negligible amount of spiritual power. Only when he tried to increase the pressure between the yellow sand to crush objects, it would use up a small amount of spiritual power.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, the exclusive skill Sand Control really helped him to save up a huge amount of spiritual power consumption. At the same time, it also increased the combat capability of the Source Sand. Furthermore, the sand’s increase of pressure and density was invisible to the eye and made it unexpected.

Wherever the yellow sand could reach, it would be Lin Yuan’s fangs.

Lin Yuan was amazed as he looked at this amber-colored crystal button, which was more exquisite than any artwork.

The source-type Source Sand might not have any abilities, but just this single exclusive skill was enough for it to be evenly matched with other source-type lifeforms. If a serious comparison was made, the Source Sand would be superior.

For the next five days, Lin Yuan entered another state that was like seclusion. Apart from having meals with Wen Yu and Liu Jie and ensuring he had five hours of sleep, Lin Yuan would spend the rest of the time enhancing the Source Sand.

After five days of diligent work and not paying attention to anything else, the Source Sand was finally enhanced from Bronze X/Epic to Bronze X/Legend. The moment the Source Sand was upgraded from Epic to Legend, grains of gravel started to rise up into mid-air. The two Willpower Runes that were concealed inside the Source Sand started to glow.

At that moment, the two willpower runes were really fusing together with the Source Sand. It was the Yin-Yang Willpower Rune that Lin Yuan had comprehended when looking at the rise of the sun and moon and the Myriad Willpower Rune that he had comprehended when observing the changing mountains on the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carp’s body.

The crystal button-shaped Source Sand was shining brightly with amber light.

Lin Yuan had a feeling that he was looking at a mysterious painting that existed in the desolate land. The beautiful scenery was constantly changing over countless rotations of sun and moon. At the final rotation of the sun and moon, the beautiful mountains turned into barren ruins.

There was a breeze that blew the yellow sand into the sky. From the two types of changes, be it the rotation of sun and moon, or the flowing of the mountain river, they all ended up as gravels. The gravels were then all gathered into a small artwork of an amber-colored crystal button that was extremely exquisite.

When all of the radiance gathered into the crystal button-shaped Source Sand, the yellow sand enveloped the Source Sand. When the Source Sand was revealed again, Lin Yuan realized that the crystal button was already significantly different.

The crystal button had reverted to the form when Lin Yuan just contracted it. It was simple and unadorned and very unassuming.

However, after careful observations, Lin Yuan realized that the simple-looking crystal button actually contained a world of yellow sand inside.

Lin Yuan had heard of the term ‘complexity into simplicity’. It was something that Lin Yuan had never really understood. Lin Yuan had witnessed the process of how the Source Sand evolved from its initial state to become exquisite. Thus, when it finally upgraded into a Fantasy Breed and turned back into its original state again, it allowed him to understand the meaning of complexity into simplicity.

In fact, it was the same for a person. No matter how wealthy a person was, they were still mortals, but an ordinary person must not remain mediocre.

Lin Yuan held onto this crystal button-shaped Source Sand, which didn’t forget its origin. He then used True Data to check on the Source Sand, which was already Bronze X/Fantasy I. After seeing the two exclusive skills comprehended when being a Fantasy Breed, Lin Yuan couldn’t help raising his brows.

Because the two exclusive skills that the Source Sand comprehended were related to changes. However, the two types of changes were entirely different.

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