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Chapter 222: Fantasy Breed’s Two Exclusive Skills

Chapter 222: Fantasy Breed’s Two Exclusive Skills

At present, the Bronze X/Fantasy I Source Sand possessed three exclusive skills. Apart from the first exclusive skill, Sand Control, the other two exclusive skills were Metal Consume Manifestation and Gravel Spirit Acceptance.

Metal Consume Manifestation and Gravel Spirit Acceptance were the two exclusive skills that the Source Sand obtained when upgrading into a Fantasy Breed. Lin Yuan felt that these exclusive skills were indeed worthy for the Willpower Runes they inherited. Be it Metal Consume Manifestation or Gravel Spirit Acceptance, both of them had extreme characteristics in transformation.

When looking at the exclusive skill, Metal Consume Manifestation, Lin Yuan’s eyes immediately lit up. It allowed the Source Sand to consume a type of metal and possess a part of the metal’s characteristics.

In fact, during combat, the Source Sand could quickly condense the same type of metal it had consumed and form into a specific shape for offense, defense, or control. The amount of the metal the Source Sand could consume would be determined by the Source Sand’s grade.

This exclusive skill allowed the Source Sand’s combat style to immediately change qualitatively. The Source Sand was actually just a pile of yellow sand, and even if its attack power was strong, it was still limited.

However, the exclusive skill Metal Consume Manifestation made it no different than concealing a sharp sword within the sea of gravel, which could be brandished at any moment.

After some considerations, Lin Yuan decided that the Source Sand would use the Metal Consume Manifestation to consume the Bronze ferromanganese, a metallic spiritual ingredient, which was refined from manganese ore.

The metal that was consumed using the Metal Consume Manifestation was able to change after a certain metal type was specified. On the contrary, the metal consumed by the Source Sand could be replaced at any moment with Lin Yuan’s command.

The Source Sand was only Bronze X/Fantasy I now, so the Bronze ferromanganese was definitely the most suitable for the Source Sand at this moment.

Ferromanganese’s characteristics were very simple—toughness and sharpness. The ferromanganese’s surface wasn’t smooth, and there were plenty of jagged edges. If the jagged surface was to rub against the enemy’s skin, it would be able to deal serious damage and act just like a sharp file. If the jagged edges stabbed into the enemy’s skin, it would simply be a sharp object to release blood.

The Source Sand could turn itself into gravels, but they were simply produced from the soil and rocks on the ground. The Bronze X/Fantasy I Source Sand still wasn’t competent enough to use highly-concentrated sand to dig deep into the ground to smash up the hard rocks during the battle and produce large amounts of tough gravel.

But if the ferromanganese was chosen for the Source Sand’s Metal Consume Manifestation, it would immediately enhance the gravel’s toughness and also the ability to produce more gravel. Moreover, it would allow the Source Sand’s gravel to have a sharp surface.

As a Bronze spiritual ingredient, the ferromanganese could be bought in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion from an auction. Therefore, Lin Yuan immediately purchased a huge supply of ferromanganese from the Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion. At the same time, he ordered another huge supply of low-grade energy ores from Zhou Jiaxin.

This time, Lin Yuan purchased way more low-grade energy ores and stored them in several Silver fey storage boxes. He then put them in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. They should last for a very long period.

Lin Yuan then took out the ferromanganese. The pieces of ferromanganese were dark blue in color and had a metallic luster that manganese ores didn’t have. The quality of the ferromanganese was also much tougher.

Lin Yuan immediately allowed the Source Sand to consume the ferromanganese that he had just obtained. While the Source Sand was consuming the ferromanganese, Lin Yuan was constantly observing the changes that were happening to the Source Sand. He realized that the Source Sand didn’t have any obvious transformation. However, the Source Sand’s toughness was constantly increasing.

Moreover, when Lin Yuan clenched a pile of sand, he could already feel that the sand felt like sharp spikes and was rather painful to the touch. He knew that the ferromanganese’s metal characteristics had been transferred to the Source Sand.

Lin Yuan had purchased a huge bulk of ferromanganese, but he had still underestimated the Source Sand’s Metal Consume Manifestation and the amount of ferromanganese it could consume. Lin Yuan had purchased close to 8,000 catties of ferromanganese, but there were less than 300 catties left now.

After the Source Sand consumed the ferromanganese with Metal Consume Manifestation, Lin Yuan made a careful consideration of the ferromanganese shapes he wanted during combat. The form and shape of the ferromanganese wasn’t something that Lin Yuan could directly change during combat. Due to the ferromanganese’s toughness, if Lin Yuan wanted to change the forms during combat, the Source Sand would have to refine the ferromanganese and turn them into the weapon of choice. It was unknown how much spiritual power Lin Yuan would need to supply.

Thus, Lin Yuan had to condense the forms and shapes of the weapons he required from the ferromanganese and allow the Source Sand to memorize it. By then, Lin Yuan only had to give the command in combat, and the Source Sand would be able to produce the weapon shape that it had already memorized.

Because the Source Sand could only memorize one weapon form, Lin Yuan had to be cautious.

There were all sorts of weapon forms. A shield could be used for defense, while a sharp sword could be used for damage. A chain or whip would be used for control.

Be it the shield, sword, chain, or whip, their effects were too simple, but Lin Yuan was a quick-witted person and quickly thought of a solution. The solution was a chain blade.

The chain blade incorporated the advantages of a sword and chain, combining attack and control. Simultaneously, Lin Yuan made the body of the blade wider, allowing it to be used as a shield.

Lin Yuan’s design wouldn’t reduce the combat capabilities of the weapon formed by the Source Sand’s Metal Consume Manifestation. On the contrary, the ferromanganese’s irregular surface allowed the body of the chain blade to become a huge file.

Once the chain blade wrapped around the target, the blade didn’t have to slash; it only had to rub against the target to rip apart a layer of flesh. Simultaneously, if multiple chain blades were used, the thick body’s intersection would create a giant metal prison. The target would be trapped, and once the target was controlled, the Source Sand could bury the target deep into the ground along with the metal prison. The Source Sand could then use pressure and density to suffocate the target to death underground.

After making the decision, Lin Yuan transmitted the unique chain blade’s design in his mind to the Source Sand. Subsequently, the Source Sand reverted to its crystal button state.

In order to form the chain blade with Metal Consume Manifestation, the Source Sand would need to go through a memorization process. It would then be able to produce high-purity ferromanganese from the yellow sand as soon as Lin Yuan commanded and turned it into the chain blade.

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