Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 220: Flaring Sand, Proliferation Sand, Sand Control

Chapter 220: Flaring Sand, Proliferation Sand, Sand Control

After entering the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Lin Yuan immediately noticed it differed from before. Previously, many low-grade energy ores, which he had bought not too long ago and piled them up on the side of the spirit pool, had been consumed.

At that moment, he found that the Gold Wind Speed Rapid Antelope, which had always been placed in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, was pushing one batch after another of low-grade energy ores into the spirit pool. He was a little surprised at this discovery.

Lin Yuan had always put up the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope on Star Web. Many people had asked about its price, but he never sold it. This was because he had been busy enhancing feys at that time and was not really short of money.

Even though the Gold/Elite Wind Speed Rapid Antelope was in Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store Star Web store, he had never thought of looking at the requests about purchasing it.

Although the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope was a Gold/Elite, few Silver Sword Horn Speed Antelopes could spiritually evolve into Gold Wind Speed Rapid Antelopes. Therefore, despite the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope’s low quality, it was still very much in demand.

As a Gold fey, the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope could sense the spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone gathering in one direction and decreasing.

As a fey who instinctively loved highly concentrated spirit qi, it constantly kept pushing the low-grade energy ores into the spirit pool.

Lin Yuan could not help but ponder, The Wind Speed Rapid Antelope is actually useful.

As batch after batch of low-grade energy ores was pushed into the spirit pool, they were soon broken down into pure spirit qi that constantly gathered on a new glazed stone pillar in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

It had a small limestone bowl, and when the spirit qi gathered in it, it constantly compressed.

Lin Yuan knew that Morbius’ Spirit Qi Condensation after it had been restored to its complete state was condensing the spirit qi crystal.

He had previously thought this ability would condense spirit qi crystals by consuming many energy ores, but he did not expect it would consume so many low-grade energy ores.

Morbius would need at least seven days to condense a spirit qi crystal, provided that there was sufficient spirit qi. The low-grade energy ores in the Spirit Lock spatial zone could at least last three more days.

Lin Yuan’s current goal was to enhance the source-type Source Sand, so he did not immediately care about the Spirit Lock spatial zone’s low-grade energy ores.

When the Gold/Elite Wind Speed Rapid Antelope saw Lin Yuan, it immediately galloped over. He rubbed its head and could not help but think, Raising this Gold/Elite Wind Speed Rapid Antelope here in the Spirit Lock spatial zone would be an excellent choice.

At the very least, the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope can constantly push the low-grade energy ores into the spirit pool, which would save me a lot of trouble.

Lin Yuan planned to take this Wind Speed Rapid Antelope down from his Purchase With No Loss Fey Store. Instead of selling it away, it would be better to let it do hard labor in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

As Lin Yuan looked at the spirit qi constantly condensing on the limestone bowl, he looked forward to the spirit qi crystal that Morbius would condense after seven days.

After sensing the change in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, he started enhancing the source-type Source Sand. As he injected a large amount of pure spirit qi, the Source Sand’s grade and quality constantly improved.

During that continuous process, its amber-button-shaped-crystal-like appearance became more and more exquisite. If it was like a roughly carved citrine button before, then it was now a finely polished artwork.

In a short while, Lin Yuan enhanced the source-type Source Sand from Normal I/Normal to Elite X/Epic. He took a deep breath and did not stop as he raised the Source Sand to Bronze. It was now very easy for Lin Yuan to enhance Elite feys to Bronze.

Since the source-type Source Sand was Elite/Epic, it had three exclusive skills when it was promoted to Bronze, which Lin Yuan was shocked to see.

What kind of luck did he have? He had actually obtained three supreme-grade exclusive skills. However, he could only keep one.

He had always been a very decisive person, but he could not help but hesitate as he looked at the three exclusive skills.

The first exclusive skill was Flaring Sand. If he chose this exclusive skill, then the Source Sand’s gravel would contain burning traits. The degree of heat would increase as the Source Sand’s grade improved.

The Flaring Sand would enhance the Source Sand’s attacking ability, making it a very powerful exclusive skill.

The second exclusive skill was the Proliferation Sand. This exclusive skill enhanced the Source Sand’s growth ability, allowing it to quickly smash the sand and ores underground to produce a huge amount of gravel.

The first exclusive skill increased its attacking ability, while the second one increased its ability in all aspects.

Although the Proliferation Sand was not as effective as the Flaring Sand, it was clearly more all-rounded in terms of defensive and control ability enhancement.

Among these two exclusive skills, Lin Yuan would choose the Proliferation Sand without hesitation. Even though the Flaring Sand was very powerful, it would clash with Red Thorn’s sea of flowers. In the Flaring Sand’s heat, Red Thorn’s sea of flowers would have difficulty surviving, let alone battle.

As a spirit qi professional, it was a huge taboo if two feys’ abilities or exclusive skills limited each other. This would undoubtedly be the same as debasing oneself in a battle.

The exclusive skill that made Lin Yuan worried was the third exclusive skill, the Sand Control. It could enhance Lin Yuan’s control of the Source Sand and reduce the spiritual power consumed to command it.

He was very satisfied with such an exclusive skill, as every spirit qi professional was like a bucket in a battle. Their spiritual power was like water, and every bit of water used was akin to lesser water in the bucket.

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