Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 219: Source-type Item, Source Sand

Chapter 219: Source-type Item, Source Sand

Lin Yuan examined the source-type item. Thanks to True Data, he found it was called Source Sand.

It represented the sand element of elemental source-type items and was considered a mutation of the earth element.

Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to contract the Source Sand. Instead, he took the blood-red eggshell containing the Deep Sea Blood Mosquito, which he had won at the private auction, out of the Diamond leaf-shaped fey storage box on his chest.

He walked out of his room and came to a long hallway outside the mansion. The eaves at the top of the long hallway did not look special in the night, but he knew that the Mother of Bloodbath was there.

When he returned to the mansion, the Mother of Bloodbath would not follow him in. It usually stayed on the eaves and beams outside the manor as it absorbed the spirit qi of the world and comprehended the Law Rune in its body.

“Mother of Bloodbath, I’ve brought you the source-type item you asked for at the private auction.”

Lin Yuan tossed the blood-red eggshell containing the Deep Sea Blood Mosquito toward a corner of the eaves. A red shadow flashed, and the blood-red eggshell vanished into the night. The Mother of Bloodbath’s pleasant and peculiar voice sounded. “Lin Yuan, I owe you a favor. Thank you.”

Then it did not utter a word anymore.

Lin Yuan knew that the Mother of Bloodbath should be preparing to absorb the majestic blood energy from the Deep Sea Blood Mosquito’s egg. As his Path Protector, if it could improve its strength, he would naturally be thrilled.

Moreover, both of them had slowly developed an affection for each other after getting along in the past few months.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath hardly spoke, was not good at words, and was cold, Lin Yuan could sense its concern for him. The Mother of Bloodbath had always said that it would not help him unless his life was in peril.

However, just when the pinnacle Class 1 dimensional rift had opened outside Millstone Town, it actually did not need to take out the source-type item from the dimensional rift for him. Thanks to the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee that the Mother of Bloodbath had taken out, Lin Yuan’s current strength had undergone a qualitative leap.

Otherwise, based on his two attacking units, the Silver I/Fantasy I Chimey and Bronze IV/Epic Red Thorn, Lin Yuan would not have been able to reach the Celestial Stairway promotion duels, let alone having a record of competing to the 100th floor without losing.

The night breeze blew the green jade bells hanging on the four corners of the eaves outside the mansion, producing a subtle bell sound that was clear and crisp in the night breeze and sounded especially beautiful.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath of the late autumn night’s cool air and felt much more energetic. He looked at the beauty of the mansion at night and went back to his room.

After he picked up the elemental source-type item, the Source Sand, and carefully examined it, he used his spiritual energy and summoned the Yin-Yang Willpower Rune and the Myriad Form Willpower Rune.

Regardless of which Willpower Rune it was, the core of their true source was about change. This was also why Lin Yuan had not fused this Myriad Form Willpower Rune to the Bronze X/Legend Genius and allowed it to become a Fantasy Breed.

For this elemental source-type Source Sand, such a change-based Willpower Rune was really more than suitable. Few people could comprehend two nature-related Willpower Runes like Lin Yuan.

Even if people could comprehend such Willpower Runes, they would not be willing to use two of them as a prerequisite for contracting a source-type item.

Lin Yuan looked at the Yin-Yang and Myriad Form Willpower Runes, and his heart was slightly moved. These two Willpower Runes shot into the Source Sand, and he contracted it and soon completed the contract.

Two Willpower Runes shot into the Source Sand without making any ripples, just like a stone sinking into the sea, and the Source Sand’s shape did not change at all either.

Lin Yuan could not help but sigh that the Source Sand was really magical.

He used Morbius’ True Data to check its attributes.

[Fey Name]: Source Sand

[Fey Species]: Elemental/Sand

[Fey Grade]: Normal (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Source

[Fey Quality]: Normal

Upon seeing its True Data, Lin Yuan could not help but smile and shake his head. Its data was really so simple that it was obvious at a glance that it did not even have an ability.

Actually, at the auction, when Lin Yuan had used True Data to check the Source Sand, he knew it was special. The Source Sand originally had no abilities. Only when it was promoted to Bronze would it have an exclusive skill, like other feys and source-type lifeforms.

When it reached Legend, it would directly become a Fantasy Breed without consuming a Willpower Rune. It would fuse with the two Willpower Runes at that time, giving rise to two exclusive skills that would be determined based on the two Willpower Runes’ traits.

In other words, after it became a Fantasy Breed, it wοuld be a peculiar elemental source-type item without abilities but with three exclusive skills.

Lin Yuan controlled the Source Sand, and it actually turned into a large amount of fine sand at his feet. He found that he could command it to transform into a large amount of fine sand, just like commanding his own arm as he wished.

For example, when he raised his hand, a wisp of fine sand would form a thin wall of sand in the air to block based on his intention.

At that moment, he found that a wisp of fine sand had the intention of drilling into the ground, so he hurriedly stopped its next action, as it was of high concentration.

It wanted to drill into the ground to smash the underground ores and soil to create sand. If Lin Yuan did not stop its action, he was afraid that the Source Sand would destroy this newly built mansion.

Therefore, he took it into the Spirit Lock spatial zone. What he wanted to do next was to evolve it into a Fantasy Breed and see what kind of qualitative leap there would be when it obtained three exclusive skills.

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