Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 218: It Can Be More Expensive

Chapter 218: It Can Be More Expensive

Except for the youth with the dreadlocks, everyone present could not help but look at Lin Yuan with a thoughtful gaze. Those who could come to this private auction did not have simple identities.

When they looked at the youth clad in black, they felt he was very unfamiliar and had never heard of him before. Besides his aura, they were more concerned about his identity.

What kind of foundation had allowed him to say that any species of the Bronze/Epic feys could be chosen at will and take out the Bronze/Epic Flame Veined Dragonfly, which had the bloodline of the Silurian overlord, the Huge Veined Dragonfly? This was a kind of foundation.

Based on the youth’s calm expression, they knew he put little attention on this fey.

The Lightning Sparrow King was silent for a moment and glanced at the Shadow Bat King. Upon seeing the Shadow Bat King hesitate for a moment and nod very firmly, the Lightning Sparrow King said, “Little friend, I agree to the deal. These three source-type items are yours.”

Lin Yuan answered with a smile and nod, “Senior Lightning Sparrow King, this Bronze/Epic Flame Veined Dragonfly is now yours.”

He touched the Flame Veined Dragonfly’s wings, which was a farewell to this fey he had nurtured. He had wanted to find a suitable home for it. The Lightning Sparrow King’s king-class squad member was clearly an excellent choice.

As soon as the Flame Veined Dragonfly was promoted from Epic to Legend, it could immediately evolve into a Fantasy Breed with a Willpower Rune.

It was very hard for feys to obtain a Willpower Rune to evolve into a Fantasy Breed after a contract with a human.

After Lin Yuan bade goodbye to the Bronze/Epic Flame Veined Dragonfly, he stored it in a Bronze fey storage box and handed it to Wen Yu.

She walked up with the fey storage box and handed it to the Lightning Sparrow King. At the same time, she also took the three brocade boxes from the Lightning Sparrow King and handed them to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan handed the source-type Hurricane Owlet Moth to Liu Jie and said, “Big Brother Liu, your Insect Queen’s Platinum ability is supported now.”

Liu Jie took it and revealed an honest smile on his face. He did not thank Lin Yuan but clenched his fists tightly.

With the Hurricane Owlet Moth, his Platinum/Fantasy I Insect Queen’s combat system would also be truly perfected, and it would reach a pinnacle state.

Liu Jie did not know what to say at this point. He was going to constantly become stronger and protect this young man before him.

Wen Yu, who had witnessed all of this, looked at Lin Yuan before looking at Liu Jie and revealed a bright smile. She had never imagined such a life, which was carefree and comfortable.

There were faith and emotions. In fact, the real bridge between humans was their feelings toward each other. Be it family, love, or friendship, they were different means to the same goal. It was just a kind of emotion and responsibility.

Wen Yu had treated this present manor as a small home long ago. This feeling was just like a sense of security. This feeling of home felt superb.

At this point, the private auction was completely over. Zhao Xiaochun dragged Fang Duoduo, waiting to find Lin Yuan and Liu Jie for a sumptuous meal.

It was because of Liu Jie’s return. As a Radiance Hundred Sequence member, she wanted to hold a welcoming meal for him. On the other hand, both of them wanted to get acquainted with Lin Yuan and befriend him.

However, Fang Duoduo’s expression immediately changed after receiving a phone call. Fang Duoduo spoke to Zhao Xiaochun, and her expression immediately changed from being an all-smile to a serious one. She seemed like a completely different person. After Zhao Xiaochun bade farewell to Lin Yuan and Liu Jie, she dragged Fang Duoduo to leave in a hurry.

Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Wen Yu were not in a rush to go home. Instead, they were prepared to go to the night market next to the Rare Lifeform Pavilion to eat supper.

When they just left the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, Lin Yuan saw the youth with the dreadlocks running toward him with a smile on his face.

Liu Jie immediately took a step forward and blocked Lin Yuan’s front. The youth with the dreadlocks dashed as he giggled and said to Lin Yuan ingratiatingly, “Brother, let’s get to know each other. My name is Gao Feng. We might have some misunderstanding during the auction just now.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan smiled slightly and replied, “It was just bidding. No worries.”

After saying that, he was ready to continue forward with Liu Jie and Wen Yu when he noticed Gao Feng had no intentions of leaving. At that moment, the youth with the dreadlocks asked cautiously, “Brother, I wonder if you still have other kinds of Bronze/Epic feys?”

When Lin Yuan heard this, he knew what was going on. After this youth with the dreadlocks had heard what he had said to the Lightning Sparrow King back at the auction, the youth became interested in his other species of Bronze/Epic feys.

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment and did not refuse him right away. Instead, he answered, “I have Bronze/Epic feys here, but they’re not cheap. Plant feys may be a bit more expensive.”

Because this youth with the dreadlocks wanted to obtain the source-type Hurricane Owlet Moth, Lin Yuan knew that he certainly could contract a Breeze Hibiscus. Therefore, it was easy to guess about his feys’ compatibility.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s answer, Gao Feng was elated, especially when he heard ‘Bronze/Epic plant fey’. His eyes nearly became two big green shiny bulbs under the night.

Gao Feng exclaimed, “The price doesn’t matter. My Gao family is rich. Can I have a look at what species you have? Are there any that specialize in attacks?”

Lin Yuan answered, “It won’t be possible soon. Leave me your contact number, and I’ll contact you when you can take a look at them.”

Gao Feng immediately gave Lin Yuan his contact number and responded, “No hurry. You can summon me whenever you have time.”

He waved his hand and watched Lin Yuan and the other two leave as though he was looking at the traffic light.

Wen Yu said softly to Lin Yuan, “The Gao family that Gao Feng mentioned should be the wealthiest Gao family from Wind Mist City.”

Ever since Wen Yu had become Lin Yuan’s assistant, she had crammed the information of the Radiance Federation’s major powers, thinking that it would come in handy one day.

Information like this might be extremely rare to other people, but not for Wen Yu. She just had to browse through the Radiant Moon Palace’s database. Her hard work could now be put to use.

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan nodded. He would consider Gao Feng as his first customer for his fey store. He hoped he could exchange some interesting things with Gao Feng.

Lin Yuan was no longer short of Radiance dollars. When his fey store opened, since he would be selling high-end feys, he would not choose to trade with Radiance dollars but barter for something that interested him.

Lin Yuan, Wen Yu, and Liu Jie ate supper in the night market, and Lin Yuan and Wen Yu became fussy at this point.

The snacks in the Royal Capital’s night market were not as good as the ones Liu Jie had made. As they ate, Liu Jie received their Storm Praise, at which he could not help but giggle.

It was already very late when they returned to the mansion. However, Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to sleep. He took out the amber-button-shaped-crystal-like source-type item and was ready to contract it.

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