Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 213: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Request

Chapter 213: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Request

When Lin Yuan used True Data to check this source-type item that was like an amber button-shaped crystal, he immediately decided that he was going to win the auction for this no matter what. This was a source-type item that he had been yearning for.

If he nurtured it properly, not only could it protect himself, but it could also play a controlling and attacking role. However, its contract conditions were a little too harsh, so harsh that it would make everyone flinch.

A Creation Master would appraise auctioned source-type items on the spot so that the Creation Master could judge what contract conditions it required.

Even Creation Masters of high ranks could not accurately judge a source-type lifeform’s specific role and ability, as such lifeforms were simply too strange, and many of them were unique so far.

Although people would find out about the source-type lifeforms’ abilities through the Radiance Federation’s experiments and announcements, the contractor would still have to find out the other source-type lifeforms’ strength and how to use them.

The true reason source-type items were so highly sought after was that the spirit qi professional’s talents would not affect them. The source-type items were not divided into any types, so one could contract them as long as they could meet their contract conditions.

However, regardless of its strength, the primary condition for contracting one was to be able to meet those harsh conditions. Due to the harsh conditions, there should be no one willing to lay their hands on it.

The Shadow Bat King wore a smile on his face, clearly in an excellent mood.

The king-class expert squad had organized this auction to consolidate resources. This time, they had brought out almost all the spiritual ingredients and feys useless to the team members for the auction.

The prices of these spiritual ingredients and feys auctioned off had also obviously reached the Shadow Bat King’s expectations.

Actually, this was not the reason for the smile on his face. It was because the Wave Halberd Killer Whale that had been auctioned off had been exchanged for the Diamond Deep-Blue Soul-Awakening Petals.

When his king-class expert squad had been exploring the Class 3 dimensional rift, one of their squad members had suffered severe mental trauma and fell into a coma. Currently, he had yet to regain consciousness. He was also the squad’s healing-type spirit qi professional.

They wanted to consolidate resources this time because two of their squad members had comprehended Willpower Runes in the Class 3 dimensional rift and needed two Bronze high-quality feys. On the other hand, they wanted to save their squad’s healing-type spirit qi professional.

Feys that could heal mental trauma were not really rare, just like when Lin Yuan had been unconscious.

The doctor that Auntie Zhang had found had a contracted Clear Pond Carp with abilities that could calm the mind. However, a king-class expert’s mental trauma was not that easy to heal.

Even some king-class healing-type spirit qi professionals probably had no way out without their feys’ abilities or exclusive skill that specialized in healing mental trauma.

They needed to spend a lot of money to find a king-class healing-type spirit qi professional specialized in healing mental trauma.

The Diamond Deep-Blue Soul-Awakening Petals could awaken the mind. Those willing to auction such a life-saving item like it were probably even rarer than a source-type item.

Exchanging a Bronze Wave Halberd Killer Whale for Diamond Deep-Blue Soul-Awakening Petals was clearly an excellent deal.

It was not because the Bronze Wave Halberd Killer Whale was not as valuable as the Diamond Soul-Awakening Deep Blue Flower Petals.

The Wave Halberd Killer Whale was even rarer than the spiritual ingredients that could heal a king-class expert’s mental trauma.

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, the ocean had become a forbidden ground. The king-class expert squad that the Shadow Bat King was in had been lucky to capture it. While its mother was fighting with a school of sharks, the squad had seized the chance to capture it.

Bartering was exchanging an item or fey that one did not need for an item or fey one needed. As long as the price was comparable, both parties would benefit no matter how they exchanged it.

Just then, a middle-aged woman, who had been standing beside Shadow Bat King without speaking, walked up to him and said, “Let’s display all three source-type items before allowing them to be bid separately. If we end it quickly, we can use the Deep-Blue Soul-Awakening Petals to wake up Shan Shan.”

Upon hearing that, the Shadow Bat King nodded and said to the crowd in the VIP area waiting for the auction, “There are still three lots left in tonight’s auction. They’re all source-type items. I’ve decided to show them all and let you bid on them separately.”

After saying that, the Shadow Bat King took out two brocade boxes that were not that big and opened them. As he did that, Lin Yuan heard the Mother of Bloodbath’s strange yet unusually pleasant voice. “Lin Yuan, help me bid the source-type lifeform in the third box. I’ll owe you a favor.”

Lin Yuan could hear an urgency and fervor in the Mother of Bloodbath’s voice. However, it spoke with unusual solemnity.

Its urgency and fervor were for the blood-red egg-shaped object in the box that was the size of a fist, while its solemnity was a promise to itself.

As Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath would only protect his safety in times of peril. It was not obliged to fulfill any requests made by him, so owing him a favor proved that he could also ask a favor from it once.

The Mother of Bloodbath was a Suzerain/Myth I expert. It could be said the benefit because of it owing him a favor was valuable.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check this blood-red egg-shaped source-type item and realized it was a source-type lifeform’s egg.

The egg contained majestic blood energy. In the center of the eggshell was a young lifeform whose shape could not be seen yet. It was slowly absorbing the blood energy in the egg.

Thanks to True Data, Lin Yuan discovered that it was called the Deep Sea Blood Mosquito.

He was a little curious. Why would the Mother of Bloodbath want such a source-type lifeform?

Feys could not contract a source-type lifeform like humans, and they could only rely on themselves.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s eyes were now focused on that blood-red egg-shaped source-type lifeform in the third box. It might have sensed Lin Yuan’s puzzled gaze, so it whispered beside his ear, “I’ve been stuck at Myth I for a long time. This source-type item contains majestic blood energy. If I can completely refine and absorb it, I might be able to reach Myth II. At that time, I will be able to take human form.”

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