Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 212: Wave Halberd Killer Whale

Chapter 212: Wave Halberd Killer Whale

After a poison-type fey reached Platinum, the biggest problem was how to bite the target with their venomous fangs and break through the target’s body surface.

If their venomous fangs could not break through the target’s defense, the poison-type feys would not have any advantage over other feys in a duel.

Poison-type feys were very powerful feys early on, but they became weak after Gold. Of course, this situation was not absolute. Many precious poison-type feys that even reached Platinum could still kill their enemies.

Some of them even comprehended the exclusive skill, Armor-Breaking Venomous Fang. However, this Mist-Concealed Mamba was excluded.

The final price was out of Lin Yuan’s expectation. This Platinum X/Epic Mist-Concealed Mamba had actually been sold for 9,000,000 Radiance dollars.

Wen Yu looked at it and said, “This Mist-Concealed Mamba shouldn’t be worth 9,000,000 Radiance dollars. It’s only suitable for battling on Star Tower, but not for actual combat in the wild.”

Wen Yu was someone from the Radiant Moon Palace, so she was not the least bit surprised to see this Mist-Concealed Mamba. On the contrary, she felt that the fey was not very good.

Lin Yuan also understood where the problem was. The Mist-Concealed Mamba’s Mist Transformation had a tremendous flaw.

Feys that underwent spiritual mutation were almost always good at energy attacks, and most energy attacks caused ranged damage.

Therefore, the Mist-Concealed Mamba could give it its all and attack on the Star Tower duel and could even use Mamba Disintegration to finish off its opponent.

However, when it came to actual combat in the wild, it was not outstanding in any other aspects as a poison-type fey.

It was very likely that after Mist Transformation, under many energy attacks, before it could attack others, it would have been seriously injured.

The king-class expert, who had organized this auction, revealed a rather satisfied expression on his face when the Mist-Concealed Mamba had been sold. Clearly, its price was also beyond his expectations.

The auction continued with a few more feys, most of which were finished products. In terms of abilities and exclusive skills, they were not that perfect.

Since their species were rather rare and everyone was bidding against each other in the auction, the price had gone relatively high.

Lin Yuan had a deeper understanding of the fey market and feys’ prices thanks to this auction. He had learned that these feys were simply too expensive.

After auctioning off what he had at hand, the king-class expert cleared his throat and said, “The following item is the fourth last item for this private auction.”

After saying that, he took out a Bronze fey storage box. It was obvious that the fey inside was rather rare.

When he released the fey, Lin Yuan’s pupils subconsciously shrunk. This Bronze fey was actually a young whale. Despite being a young whale, it had a three-meter body length. Judging from its state, it should have just been born not too long ago.

When the king-class expert summoned this young whale, Lin Yuan saw Zhao Xiaochun stand up from her seat and said, “Senior Shadow Bat King, I heard that your teammate suffered serious injuries in the dimensional rift and is unconscious. I have a few Diamond Deep-Blue Soul-Awakening Petals. I wonder if I can use them to exchange for this Wave Halberd Killer Whale?”

Zhao Xiaochun was sitting near Lin Yuan and even winked at him as she stood up.

As a king-class expert, who all had their own titles, his title was ‘Shadow Bat’. When the Shadow Bat King heard Zhao Xiaochun’s words, he answered, “Sure! We’ll exchange!”

After saying that, he stored the Bronze Wave Halberd Killer Whale in the Bronze fey storage box.

At that moment, Lin Yuan subconsciously used True Data to check it.

[Fey Name]: Wave Halberd Killer Whale

[Fey Species]: Cetacea/Toothed Whale

[Spirit-Lifeform Grade]: Bronze (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Water

[Fey Quality]: Flawless


[Halberd Strike]: Quickly charges at target, using the halberd on its back to cut the target in half.

[Resonant Whale Sound]: The high-frequency whale sound creates ripples. While it causes damage to the target, it will also cause some mental interference.

Exclusive Skill:

[Surging Tide Sad Melody]: Connects to all water beings in the water. If they are willing, it can absorb all the energy in their bodies.

Lin Yuan was shocked to see the Wave Halberd Killer Whale’s exclusive skill. This Bronze fey was completely the main axis of a fey combat system. Other water-type feys could work very well with it in a battle. Its Surging Tide Sad Melody was akin to consolidating the power of all the water-type feys present.

Even though it was only at Bronze currently, if it was nurtured properly and underwent several metamorphoses, it would certainly be terrifying when it became a Fantasy Breed.

At that moment, Fang Duoduo said with a suppressed voice, “Zhao Xiaochun, Boss Long Tao said you should bid first. If you can’t win it, then you can use the Diamond Deep-Blue Soul-Awakening Petals to exchange for it. Why are you keeping such a high-profile?”

Zhao Xiaochun rolled her eyes at him and replied, “This is called avoiding undue delay bringing trouble! The sea is simply a forbidden ground. Do you think it’s easy to get a newborn Wave Halberd Killer Whale from there?”

Fang Duoduo could not continue and muttered, “Anyway, we’re considered having completed the mission of coming to this private auction. Boss’ fifth fey is settled.”

Lin Yuan had not expected that Long Tao would be the one who bid the Bronze Wave Halberd Killer Whale instead of Zhao Xiaochun.

Long Tao’s Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus was still fresh in Lin Yuan’s mind. As Radiance Hundred Sequence #3, Long Tao’s title of Overflowing Sea had come from his signature fey.

After Long Tao nurtured this Wave Halberd Killer Whale, it would become his signature fey. This fey would also become his and even the Dragon Gate Guild Club team’s core axis.

After this Wave Halberd Killer Whale had been auctioned off, it was finally time for the highlight of the night, which was also the three source-type items that Lin Yuan was most looking forward to.

Shadow Bat King took over a box, slowly opened it, and said, “The third last auction and also the first source-type item of the night is in this box.”

Lin Yuan saw a transparent amber crystal inside the box that was in the shape of a button.

He thought that this first source-type item really looked a bit strange, but when he used True Data to check the source-type lifeform, he had an interesting expression on his face.

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