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Chapter 214: Harsh Contract Conditions

Chapter 214: Harsh Contract Conditions

Upon hearing the Mother of Bloodbath’s words, Lin Yuan could not help but feel a little stunned.

Unlike other people who bid for source-type lifeforms to form a contract, the Mother of Bloodbath actually did it for the sake of eating it. However, its goal of doing so was the same as humans contracting source-type lifeforms. It was for the sake of getting stronger.

The law of survival of feys was the survival of the fittest, let alone the Mother of Bloodbath. Since birth, it had completely relied on itself and reached Suzerain/Myth I step by step with no contracts with a spirit qi professional.

From a young age, it had experienced countless killings to get to where it was today, so consuming a source-type lifeform to get stronger was a matter of course.

After the Shadow Bat King took out these three source-type items, he pointed at the middle-aged woman who had come forward to speak just now and said, “I’ll let the Lightning Sparrow King introduce the contract conditions of these three source-type items.”

She took over from the Shadow Bat King and said, “Many of the people present should know me better. Besides being a combat-class spirit qi professional, I’m also a pinnacle Class 3 Creation Master, so I shall introduce these three source-type items’ contract conditions to everyone.”

Lin Yuan had discovered that the middle-aged woman, who was called Lightning Sparrow King, was actually popular there.

Clearly, besides having something to do with the fact that the Lightning Sparrow King was a king-class expert, the more important reason was that she was a pinnacle Class 3 Creation Master.

Based on the status and position in the Radiance Federation, king-class experts actually had a comparable status to that of Class 3 Creation Masters.

However, pinnacle Class 3 Creation Masters had vaguely surpassed pinnacle king-class experts in terms of connections and power.

King-class experts looked up to Class 4 Creation Masters. Any Class 4 Creation Masters was a target for the king-class experts to curry favor with.

The Lightning Sparrow King picked up that source-type item that was like an amber button-shaped crystal and said, “This source-type item is an elemental source-type item.”

As she said that, a clamor ensued. There were many types of source-type items, but the most precious ones were elemental source-type items. When nurtured properly, they would often be formidable. At the same time, they were comprehensive and could combine attack, control, and defense all in one.

Many people in the audience looked at this source-type item as their eyes lit up. However, the Lightning Sparrow King changed the topic and did not introduce how strong this source-type item was. Instead, she said, “This source-type item has very harsh contract conditions. It would need two Willpower Runes for a contract, and these Willpower Runes should conform with each other. When it reaches Legend, it will automatically become a Fantasy Breed.”

The Lightning Sparrow King’s expression somewhat twitched.

God knew how happy the king-class expert squad had been after obtaining this elemental source-type item. But then again, how speechless had they been after learning its contract conditions?

Lin Yuan had been waiting for this. However, the contract conditions that the Lightning Sparrow King had mentioned were much easier than that of this amber-button-shaped-crystal-like source-type item. It was not comprehensive enough.

Besides requiring two Willpower Runes, only after this source-type item became a Fantasy Breed would it then have an exclusive skill. Its special feature was that it had no abilities.

Instead, when it became a Fantasy Breed, it would get three exclusive skills. One of the exclusive skills was randomly generated like other feys, while the other two were related to the two Willpower Runes used in the contract. Each Willpower Rune corresponded to one exclusive skill.

Therefore, if this elemental source-type item could not reach Legend and become a Fantasy Breed, it would be like wasting two Willpower Runes and obtaining a useless amber button-shaped crystal.

Of course, Lin Yuan would not make all of these known.

Since it needed two Willpower Runes, no one would want to contract this source-type item.

As expected, the expression on those who had been eager was as disgusting as eating cat litter that had not been changed in three years. It was not acceptable, even if only one Willpower Rune was needed.

With a Willpower Rune, they could just contract a high-quality Bronze fey and evolve it into a Fantasy Breed before Gold, which was the most accurate way to use the Willpower Rune.

Only a fool would purchase a source-type lifeform and spend two Willpower Runes to contract it in most people’s eyes.

The Lightning Sparrow King did not mind the bidders’ reaction below. Her squad had taken out three source-type items for auction due to their harsh contract conditions and the fact that they were not of any use to her squad members.

If they had obtained a source-type item that was good to contract and nurture, the squad definitely would not have taken them out for auction.

The Lightning Sparrow King continued to introduce the second source-type. “Many of you should’ve heard of this source-type item. It’s an insect egg with a source-type Hurricane Owlet Moth inside.

“There’s information on it on the Radiance Federation’s Star Web. The Hurricane Owlet Moth can use the hurricane generated by its wings to control the target, while the wind blades in the hurricane have a strong penetrating effect and can cut through thick armor.

“Its contract conditions are very simple. You only need to contract a Breeze Hibiscus.”

The Lightning Sparrow King was generous with her words, unlike when she had introduced the amber-button-shaped-crystal-like source-type item.

When she introduced the Hurricane Owlet Moth, she spoke of all its advantages that she could come up with. The people sitting below waiting for the auction immediately became interested when they heard it was the Hurricane Owlet Moth. Obviously, many of them knew about the Hurricane Owlet Moth.

When the Lightning Sparrow King introduced the Hurricane Owlet Moth, Lin Yuan realized that Liu Jie was clenching his fist tightly, his lips pursed together. He was looking at the Hurricane Owlet Moth egg in the brocade box.

Lin Yuan immediately knew that he was interested in it, so he said, “Big Brother Liu, this Hurricane Owlet Moth is quite suitable with your Insect Queen’s Platinum ability.”

Liu Jie’s Insect Queen was a Platinum/Fantasy Breed source-type lifeform and should have five abilities theoretically, but it only had four.

Liu Jie had been keeping the Platinum ability slot that relied on devouring insects to replicate the template.

This Hurricane Owlet Moth fit well with his Gold/Fantasy Breed Insect Queen’s combat style. Furthermore, the Hurricane Owlet Moth had a very simple template. Producing one would not cost the Insect Queen too much energy.

Liu Jie smiled bitterly when he heard Lin Yuan’s words. He had known about the Hurricane Owlet Moth a long time ago. When his Insect Queen was at Silver, he had seen the detailed information on the Hurricane Owlet Moth and felt that it was very compatible with his Insect Queen. However, source-type lifeforms were rare, and many of them were unique. They were unlike feys that could be searched for.

When the Insect Queen had been promoted to Platinum, Liu Jie found that there were no suitable insect-species feys. It was either they were feys with compatible abilities but a complicated template, or feys with a simple template but incompatible abilities.

So far, Liu Jie’s Insect Queen was lacking the most in an insect template to play a control role. The source-type Hurricane Owlet Moth had unexpectedly appeared now, so the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was very suitable for his Insect Queen.

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