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Chapter 207: A Dazzling Youth

Chapter 207: A Dazzling Youth

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The Royal Capital had gradually turned cold in late autumn. When the wind blew at night, it seemed to be able to blow through the clothes, causing people to shiver. But the late autumn wind blowing on the body was not as cold as the winter wind, like small knives cutting one’s flesh.

At present, the late autumn wind was the coolest. As the sun set, the faint stars in the sky made one’s heart feel clear.

Lin Yuan stopped what he was doing and was about to leave the room when he heard a knock on the door. He opened the door and saw Wen Yu walk in with black clothes in her hand.

“Young Master, see if these are suitable for tonight?”

Lin Yuan took the clothes and had a closer look at them. The top was a black court coat made of cotton linen and silk, with a narrow lapel design and inlaid with some black jade decoration. It appeared simple with a kind of rustic magnificence.

Even though the cotton linen and silk were black, the silk was brighter, while the cotton-linen was darker. The two black colors surprisingly produced a color-clashing style.

This made the design of the court coat look ordinary yet extraordinary and complicated yet simple. The contradictory beauty obviously made this coat unique.

The long, black pants combined classical elegance and sporty toughness perfectly and were made up of black camel velvet and silk. The camel velvet was brighter than the silk, and the design of such material gave the simple black long pants a different kind of vitality.

It did not make the black court coat stand out the most, and the pants were brighter than the palace coat, making the overall design balanced.

Lin Yuan could not help but raise his brows. These spirit qi clothes were obviously made of expensive materials. The top lapel had very inconspicuous, dark feather embroidery on both sides. The threads of this feather embroidery were silk threads spat out from the spinneret of a Platinum Dark Death Creepy Spider.

The silk threads spat out from its spinneret were extremely rare, and the Dark Death Creepy Spider was also very rare, not to mention that it was a spider fey that only spat out silk when it molted.

Excluding the price, his outfit looked very low-key. It was entirely black, with almost no other colors. However, if one looked at it carefully, they would be immediately surprised to find that there was a kind of low-key nobility hidden in the set of clothes.

“Wen Yu, where did you get this set of clothes from?”

Lin Yuan had also bought some clothes for daily wear during this time. Despite not being short of money, he would still choose some simple, sturdy, and durable clothes.

From the age of eight, he had been living a hard life, so Lin Yuan would not develop an extravagant behavior even after being rich.

The clothes that he had bought and Liu Jie’s and Wen Yu’s clothes were placed in their own special cloakrooms.

Although Lin Yuan did not remember what clothes he had bought, he obviously had not bought this set of clothes.

When Wen Yu handed the clothes to him, she kept checking his expression. Upon seeing that Lin Yuan was very satisfied with this set of clothes, she immediately smiled and replied, “Young Master, I made the clothes while I was supervising the construction work during those two months.”

Her words shocked Lin Yuan. He had only known that she was a Creation Master with a talent for internal affairs, but he did not expect her to be a Weaver as well.

Weavers and Spirit Craftsmen belonged to the lifestyle-class spirit qi professionals. The Weaver Association was also an extremely rich association among the lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation guilds in the Radiance Federation.

Humans were always improving, especially in aesthetics. Weavers could use spiritual materials to make spirit qi clothes. Although these high-grade spirit qi clothes could not play much of a defensive role, they allowed one not to worry that these clothes would be easily damaged in a battle.

“Wen Yu, you should be a high-class Weaver!”

Upon hearing that, Wen Yu smiled and answered, “Young Master, I have not passed the test of a Weaver, but if I do, I should at least be a Class 3 Weaver.”

Even though Weavers were not as rare and honored as Creation Masters, Class 3 Weavers were very rare. The fact that Wen Yu could become a Class 3 Weaver alone was enough to prove how talented she was.

Although she knew she had the talent of a Weaver, she had focused her mind on improving as a Creation Master. However, ever since she had saved her sisters, who were also spirit attendants and damaged her roots—due to the ostracism and being unable to improve her strength because of her damaged roots—she had trodden on a Weaver’s path during that period.

As a result, she had gotten very interested in the process of how Weavers made clothing. This interest was also considered a kind of outlet and solace. Then, she suddenly had an epiphany.

Being a Weaver was a very wonderful thing. A Weaver’s values, character, condition, habits, and even will when designing clothes would affect the final outcome of how a piece of clothing would look like.

Weavers making clothes and Creation Masters creating feys had to do with creation.

In Wen Yu’s opinion, although both occupations created things differently, there was a little bit of common ground.

This comprehension had allowed her to have a significant improvement on the progress as a Creation Master. Suppose she had not met Lin Yuan or had that drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. In that case, she could only be conceited and indulge in self-admiration for a lifetime after being eliminated from the spirit attendants—whether she was a Creation Master or Weaver.

However, it was Lin Yuan who had brought light and hope to her. Therefore, while she had been supervising the construction work, no matter how tired she had been, she would still spend a lot of time creating this set of spirit qi clothes.

Even though it was hard to carefully design exquisite spirit qi clothes, Wen Yu had also completed this set of clothes the previous day.

As Lin Yuan looked at the clothes in his hand, he thanked her. In his mind, after he had become the Moon Empress’s disciple, and Wen Yu had become his assistant, not everything she did was necessary. He was well aware of what she had done.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan thank her, Wen Yu quickly answered, “Young Master, you should change first. Big Brother Liu has finished cooking. I’ll go down and help him. After eating, we should be on our way to the auction.”

Then she left Lin Yuan’s room. Wen Yu could feel a kind of respect from Lin Yuan when he had thanked her. This respect referred to the fact that he had always put himself on an equal footing rather than treating her as a servant. Such respect made her eyes tingle.

Wen Yu did not understand why Lin Yuan, an 18-year-old youth, could give people strength with his actions and words.

After Lin Yuan changed his clothes and looked in the mirror, he felt that the youth with black hair, black eyes, and clad in a full body of black clothes looked dazzling.

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