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Chapter 206: Flame Veined Dragonfly

Chapter 206: Flame Veined Dragonfly

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For the past two days, Lin Yuan had been enhancing pots of Silver/Elite Usneas. He put all of them in his store. The AI robots that were still working in the store would automatically put up ten pots of Silver Usneas for sale every once in a while.

As for the goods supplied to Zhou Jiaxin’s store, he had sent them over through Ostrich Logistics recently. At the same time, he had also purchased many low-grade energy ores from her store.

These two days were very fulfilling for Lin Yuan, as he had completely absorbed and mastered the benefits from the previous Celestial Stairway promotion duel during these two days.

Since he was going to attend the private auction tomorrow, he did not go for the second promotion duel. Instead, he took out the very promising Normal Mist Flame Dragonfly he had collected in the wild previously. Due to their high aptitude and rarity, they rarely circulated in the market.

Most of the adventurers who captured Mist Flame Dragonflies would either put them up for auction on Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion or find a rich buyer who needed them. Usually, when such a rich buyer wanted to buy a fey that they needed urgently, they would post on Star Web about buying a specific fey.

Most of them who posted did so to obtain a particular exclusive skill when the fey reached Bronze. This was a matter of luck. A buyer who was willing to obtain a particular exclusive skill would certainly not be short of money.

Therefore, they could even sell the Mist Flame Dragonflies at a higher price than the Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s auction if they found such a buyer.

At that moment, Lin Yuan was about to enhance this Mist Flame Dragonfly. However, he would not do so like ordinary Creation Masters.

The Mist Flame Dragonflies had the bloodline of ancient Silurian Huge Veined Dragonflies in their bodies. They were a kind of feys with high compatibility for spirit qi.

Since the Mist Flame Dragonflies had the Huge Veined Dragonflies’ bloodline, they naturally inherited their characteristics.

The highly pure spirit qi could optimize the Mist Flame Dragonflies’ bodies’ genetic model, allowing them to evolve into more superior lifeforms.

The Huge Veined Dragonflies were the strongest overlord in the Silurian period, the era of the dystopian planet.

With an insect body, they ruled the sky and land and were the most powerful predatory lifeforms of that era, standing at the top of the food chain at that time.

When Lin Yuan summoned the Mist Flame Dragonfly, it immediately stopped on his fingertips. Obviously, it still had a deep impression of him even after such a long time. It knew that he could release highly-concentrated spirit qi with his hands.

As Lin Yuan looked at the Mist Flame Dragonfly carefully pleasing him and had an impatient look on his fingertip, he smiled brightly and revealed his white teeth.

Lin Yuan channeled his body’s spiritual power, and a large amount of highly pure spirit qi entered the Mist Flame Dragonfly’s body, allowing it to constantly undergo metamorphosis.

For feys compatible with high-concentrated spirit qi, their growth and development would be limited if they had an insufficient concentration of spirit qi, which was the case for the Mist Flame Dragonfly.

Ordinary Mist Flame Dragonflies would evolve without changing their form. Due to the insufficient concentration of spirit qi, they could not optimize their gene optimization for mutation when evolving.

However, thanks to Lin Yuan channeling high-concentrated spirit qi, it was going through the process of continuous molting and wrinkling and unfolding of its wings. In a short while, its red body and light-green wings had already undergone a huge change.

At that moment, when Lin Yuan checked it with the True Data, he found out that it was no longer called a Mist Flame Dragonfly, but a Flame Veined Dragonfly.

Its body had become nearly two meters long, fully awakened with the bloodline of the Huge Veined Dragonfly.

The Flame Veined Dragonfly’s entire body had become fiery red, and even its wings had turned red, except that its body was full of blue veins that made its body look usually slender and elegant.

Although it looked a little thin, Lin Yuan knew that it was an absolute spell expert. Its exclusive skill, Fierce Fire, when it had been promoted to Bronze, was very simple and brutal. It increased the power of a flame.

Originally, the Mist Flame Dragonfly’s wings were blue, and when it spewed out fire, the storm incited by its wings could increase the coverage and intensity of the fire. And those blue veins on its body were the power of the wind element.

However, this Flame Veined Dragonfly had changed, aiding fire with wind from outside to circulate inside its body. Due to its ability to aid fire with wind and the Fierce Fire, it had become the simplest and most brutal spell-type unit.

Although it had become two meters in size, it still rested by Lin Yuan’s side obediently, its eyes full of gratitude toward him. He nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the Flame Veined Dragonfly.

So far, he had enhanced a total of six Bronze/Epic feys. He planned to keep the three Bronze X/Epic Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps and the Bronze X/Epic White Jade Snow Orchid for himself, leaving only two Bronze X/Epic feys to offer.

These two Bronze X/Epic feys were the Green Bamboo Snake and the Flame Veined Dragonfly. The Bronze X/Epic Green Bamboo Snake attacked like a poisonous assassin, while the Bronze X/Epic Flame Veined Dragonfly was like a berserk mage.

Lin Yuan had gathered these feys from the Endless Forest, and it could be said that he had single-handedly changed the path of their lives. He had enhanced the Green Bamboo Snake and the Flame Veined Dragonfly into Bronze X/Epic, which was akin to a gift to them.

Since he would not contract these two feys, and the people around him were not compatible with them, he would eventually sell them.

However, as a Creation Master who had created the miracles of life for them, he would find good owners for them when he traded them.

Time flew by, and in this day or so, Wen Yu was practicing her Creation Master skills besides taking care of the manor, while Liu Jie was also training in the manor’s new training room.

A genius certainly had extraordinary talents, but if they wanted to reach a certain height, they would not require less effort than a mediocre person who wanted to change their fate against the odds.

After enhancing a pot of Silver Usnea, Lin Yuan stopped what he was doing. This was because he, Liu Jie, and Wen Yu were going to attend that private auction held by the king-class experts’ squad.

Lin Yuan was not very interested in other things of this private auction, except for the three source-type items. Somehow, an intuition emerged in his head that made him feel he would definitely gain something going to this private auction.

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