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Chapter 208: Evil Zhao Xiaochun

Chapter 208: Evil Zhao Xiaochun

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After looking in the mirror, Lin Yuan scratched the back of his head and could not help but think, I’m not a narcissist.

Then, he turned around and left the room. When he just walked down the stairs, Wen Yu and Liu Jie, who were downstairs, were dumbfounded.

Lin Yuan usually never dressed himself up. Although he also did not dress himself up today, with a change of clothes and his unique kind of cheerfulness, it surprisingly gave off a kind of indescribably handsomeness and friendliness.

‘A beauty in the high places is like a jade, while a handsome young man is unmatched’ could be used to describe him.

Liu Jie said in admiration, “Lin Yuan, if you take a photo wearing this and post it on Star Web, you’ll have a lot of fans based on your visuals alone!”

Wen Yu rolled her eyes at him and said, “Does Lin Yuan need to rely on visuals?”

In her opinion, Lin Yuan was very handsome and outstanding. Compared to his other aspects, his aura and appearance were unworthy to be mentioned.

Lin Yuan responded somewhat helplessly, “You two are something. When did the two of you form a praising team and comprehended the ability, Storm Praise?”

After the meal, Wen Yu summoned her contracted flying fey, the Sunlight Egret, in the courtyard. Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Wen Yu sat on the Sunlight Egret and headed toward the Royal Capital’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

As Liu Jie sat on it, he suddenly had a feeling of being a beautiful rich woman going for a spin with two handsome young men.

He felt that his thoughts were a bit dangerous, so he immediately shook his head, shaking these thoughts out of his head, and returned to his honest face.

The Royal Capital’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion had always been very lively, and so was it today. However, it was different today, as more people were coming and going on the flying feys than before.

When they arrived at the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, they verified their identities. Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Wen Yu walked to the Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s third floor.

When Liu Jie reached the third floor, he felt nature calling and quickly went to the washroom. Lin Yuan and Wen Yu stood in place and waited for him to return.

The entire Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s third floor had been booked tonight.

At that moment, as soon as he entered the third floor, Lin Yuan realized that it was set up like a banquet. There were a lot of refreshments and delicacies made from spiritual ingredients on the table. Most of the drinks were also brewed from various spiritual ingredients and were expensive.

There were still about 40 minutes before the auction started. Many people who had come to the auction were either seated on the VIP chairs waiting for the auction to start, or chatting, which seemed very harmonious.

However, Lin Yuan found a man and a woman looking a bit strange at the entrance’s desert area. They were less than five meters away from him. Because the man and woman were facing the VIP area, their backs were facing him.

The man had a bowl-cut and was standing there as if he had nothing left to live for. The woman, who looked sweet and lovely, was eating large mouthfuls of dessert from the table. She could eat a half-fist-sized of pastry in one bite and was eating very quickly. However, she looked unusually elegant while eating the pastry.

At that moment, the bowl-cut fellow said helplessly, “Zhao Xiaochun, can you stop eating? Didn’t you have the entire table of dishes when you were in the training room just now?”

The woman, who was eating, mumbled, “Fang Duoduo, what’s wrong with me eating? It’s not like I ate yours!”

Fang Duoduo looked helpless. How was she eating just a little?

“Zhao Xiaochun, can you change to a different table? The dessert on this table is almost gone.”

Zhao Xiaochun raised her head and stared at him. “Stop worrying about me! Otherwise, I’ll tell Long Tao that you slacked off in the training room! See if Boss Long Tao will give you additional training!”

Upon hearing Zhao Xiaochun’s threat, Fang Duoduo replied in an unperturbed manner, “Boss has been trying to find a way to contact Black since yesterday when he found out Black refused to accept any messages. So how can he have time to give me extra training?”

Fang Duoduo’s words almost choked Zhao Xiaochun to death.

Lin Yuan did not expect the man and woman standing near him would mention himself, and it also seemed as if they had to find him for some matters.

After some time, Zhao Xiaochun finally returned to her normal state. “Fang Duoduo, you were the one who agreed to contact Black. If you could do so, would Boss still need to fret?”

Fang Duoduo looked aggrieved, feeling that he was simply being wronged. What could he do if Black refused to receive anyone’s message?

“Zhao Xiaochun, you’re a Radiance Hundred Sequence member. If you really finish the food on the table, your image of a food-hating lady on Star Web will be destroyed! If you speak nicely, I still can promise not to post any photos I take.”

Zhao Xiaochun looked at Fang Duoduo taking photos of her and was so angry that she immediately placed her hands on her waist. Because she had so much food in her mouth, she only managed to swallow it all after a minute and said indifferently, “Go ahead if you want to! If you really do, I’ll tell Feng Lei about you deceiving him!”

Fang Duoduo was at a loss due to her words. Feng Lei was the most inflexible person on the team and was easily fooled. He loved to take everything seriously. What could he lie to Feng Lei about? Feng Lei was a good comrade of his.

Although Fang Duoduo was at a loss, he still responded, “Zhao Xiaochun, I’ll post it now!”

Zhao Xiaochun replied quickly, “Feng Lei’s online girlfriend of two years has never had a voice chat or video chat with him. Every time he wants to do that, she finds all kinds of excuses to refuse him. If you dare to post that photo, I’ll tell Feng Lei that you’re using an alternate account as a woman to fool him!”

“F*ck! Zhao Xiaochun, can you not be so evil? You’re taking advantage of this! When have I ever used an alternate account to pair up with Feng Lei? Feng Lei is inflexible. If he believes your words, my life will be at stake!”

Fang Duoduo recalled Feng Lei always had a worried and bitter face while sighing. Feng Lei always asked himself why his online girlfriend of two years had not done a voice call or video call with him and had also been dragging meeting up with him in real life.

Fang Duoduo seriously contemplated what their child would be called in the future.

Fang Duoduo could not help but shiver several times at the thought. If Zhao Xiaochun went back and spouted nonsense, the inflexible Feng Lei would beat him to death while crying.

Just as Zhao Xiaochun wanted to continue, she heard a soft laugh from behind. She immediately turned her head and noticed a young girl covering her mouth, looking at her apologetically.

However, Zhao Xiaochun did not have time to react. She stared at the young man clad in black with an outstanding aura beside the young girl.

She subconsciously said, “So damn handsome!”

Fang Duoduo could not help but slap the back of his head, while his other hand reached out to tug Zhao Xiaochun’s sleeve before he said softly, “Zhao Xiaochun, wipe away your saliva and get back to your senses!”

Upon hearing that, she subconsciously wiped the corners of her mouth and realized she did not even have any saliva! Instead, there were only some cake crumbs, so she glared at Fang Duoduo.

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