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Chapter 1972 - 1972 Some Things Shouldn’t be Said

Chapter 1972 - 1972 Some Things Shouldn’t be Said

1972 Some Things Shouldn’t be Said

Ding Chengshuo was the first person in the Divine Wood Federation who had sworn on his Willpower Rune to become Lin Yuan’s servant. A few months had already passed since then, and he was extremely loyal to Lin Yuan. Moreover, he was very meticulous and did not have a loose mouth.

Hence, Lin Yuan had told Ding Chengshuo about the Su family’s plan and the fact that he had taken in the Yi family.

Ding Chengshuo never expected Lin Yuan to expand his reach within Sacred Forest City in just a few short days and take full control of the Yi family.

When he first found out about the Su family’s plan, Ding Chengshuo had been astonished because the Divine Wood Federation’s structure had been stable for more than a century.


Now that the Su family and Yang family were about to start crossing swords, the structure of the Divine Wood Federation was going to change.

Despite being the City Lord of a remote city, Ding Chengshuo would inevitably be heavily impacted by the conflict.

As such, Ding Chengshuo now resented the Su family.

This feeling intensified when he discovered that the Su family had the audacity to target Lin Yuan’s Class 5 Creation Master. As a result, Ding Chengshuo wondered if the head of the Su family had lost his mind.

If this was in the past, before Ding Chengshuo came to know Lin Yuan, he would have been extremely nervous after finding out that a Class 5 Creation Master was stationed in the Su family.

But now, as he got to know Lin Yuan better, Ding Chengshuo found it increasingly difficult to understand the full scope of Lin Yuan’s power.

Why would a young man who has a Class 5 Creation Master for a servant lack the ability to end the Su family?

Since Lin Yuan had taken in the Yi family, it meant that he was going to bolster them.

Thus, the way for him to help Lin Yuan would be to incite the Su family to attack the Yang family.

Ding Chengshuo turned his gaze to Su Han and said, “Lord Su Han, I heard that Lord Yang Sijie is also trying to get in touch with Sky Creation. I wonder what kind of faction Sky Creation has to be in such high demand in Sacred Wood City. I wanted to greet Lord Long Huailong, but he is fully focused on Young Master Chu and doesn’t have time for me at all.”

Ding Chengshuo’s words caused Su Han to furrow his brow.

The Yang family presided over the imperial court, and Yang Sijie was a direct descendant of the Yang family. As such, it was only natural for him to want to connect with Sky Creation.

Even Ding Chengshuo had heard the news.

It was likely that Yang Sijie had been secretly interacting with Sky Creation for some time.

Yet, the Su family had not heard about this at all.

This should not be surprising! The Su family could not infiltrate the imperial court when the Yang family was present, even if they wanted to.

Even in the past, before they attacked Di Wanmi, Su Han would be terrified when he learned that Yang Sijie had initiated contact with Sky Creation.

This was because once Sky Creation worked with the Yang family and provided them with a mountain of Creation Master resources, the Su family would meet with a great amount of obstruction and even possible failure when they attacked the Yang family.

But now that the Su family had already made their move on Di Wanmi, there was no looking back.

The Adjudication Dung Beetle was already holding Di Wanmi hostage, and she could no longer get in contact with Sky Creation.

Yet, Lin Yuan was still treating him in such a way. Could it be because he had formed a partnership with the Yang family?

If the Yang family worked with Sky Creation to scheme against the Su family, the Su family would be in deep trouble.

Su Han’s head snapped up, and he glared at Ding Chengshuo.

Ding Chengshuo shivered instinctively as Su Han said, “Chengshuo, some things shouldn’t be said! Has Yang Sijie truly connected with Young Master Chu?”

Ding Chengshuo nodded seriously and said affirmatively, “There’s no way this could be fake! No matter how daring I am, I would never dare to tell you about it before it’s verified! Lord Yang Sijie is representing the Yang family at the Crown Wood Banquet tonight. You’ll believe me once you see how Lord Yang acts toward Young Master Chu!”

Ding Chengshuo was not spouting nonsense.

The Yang family had approached him before the Su family did, and the person from the Yang family who had interacted with him was Yang Sijie.

When Sky Creation first opened, Ding Chengshuo had been in the tree castle.

When Yang Sijie was networking with Ding Chengshuo, he had specifically brought up Sky Creation and made it clear that he wanted to get closer to Sky Creation to eventually use Sky Creation to carry out the imperial court’s tasks.

At that time, Ding Chengshuo had felt that Yang Sijie was very shameless.

But since Yang Sijie had such intentions, he would definitely try to get closer to Lin Yuan during the Crown Wood Banquet. This would create the illusion that the Yang family was on close terms with Sky Creation.

This would confuse the other factions trying to connect with Sky Creation and make them wary of having unsavory thoughts about it.

Additionally, Yang Sijie wanted to declare his ownership of Sky Creation to scare the other factions.

Regardless, once Yang Sijie arrived, his reaction would confirm everything that Ding Chengshuo had just declared.


It was likely that Su Han would be like a cat on hot bricks at that time.

Suddenly, a lively yet stately tune started to play. This told everyone present at the Crown Wood Banquet that the Yang family had arrived.

The Divine Wood Federation placed a heavy emphasis on the performing arts.

When Lin Yuan first arrived at the Divine Wood Federation and arrived at Phoebe Zhennan City, he realized that even a Class 1 Creation Master family had their own song that they played when they hosted banquets.

The Crown Wood Banquet was held in the garden of the Divine Wood Federation’s garden.

Although it was said to be a banquet where all the major factions gathered, the Yang family’s song was still played when they arrived in order to provide them with the necessary respect as the family that presided over the imperial court.

When Su Han heard what Ding Chengshuo said, he was immediately gripped by trepidation.

He now fixed his eyes on the middle-aged man with short red hair who had just entered the banquet fall.

The members of other factions who were crowding around Lin Yuan also turned their gazes toward the red-haired middle-aged man. However, they were not feeling the same worries for their families that Su Han was experiencing.

All of these members of factions were worried about the young man with silver armor who had publicly summoned feys in the middle of the Crown Wood Banquet. Although no altercation had broken out, it had still broken the rules of the Crown Wood Banquet that the Yang family had set.

When the red-haired middle-aged man strode toward Lin Yuan, sweat broke out all over Yi Huailong’s palms.

Yang Sijie was the fifth most important person in the Yang family and had reached pinnacle thearch-class long ago. It was unknown if he had reached Immortal.

Yang Sijie had a bad temper, and he hated nothing more than those who broke the Yang family’s rules.

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