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Chapter 1973 - 1973 The Feminine Bai Qinghuan!

Chapter 1973 - 1973 The Feminine Bai Qinghuan!

1973 The Feminine Bai Qinghuan!

During the last Crown Wood Banquet, one of the Bai family’s collateral descendants had caused a scene after having too much to drink. As a result, Yang Sijie had sent someone to break his limbs and toss him into the pool outside the banquet hall. By the time he was pulled out, half of his body had already been eaten by the wrasses in the pool.

Yi Huailong was terrified that Yang Sijie would attack Liu Jie without warning.

If that happened, Yi Huailong would have to step in to defend Liu Jie. But once he did, he would turn the Yi family into the Yang family’s target.

Yi Huailong was well aware that the Yang, Su, and Bai families had all been looking for a justifiable reason to eliminate the Yi family and take over their resources.

The Yi family had survived for so long because the Su, Bai, and Yang families had managed to get a leg above the other.

Just as Yi Huailong was about to step in, he watched as Yang Sijie ignored Liu Jie’s floating precious instrument and said to Lin Yuan in a friendly tone, “Young Master Chu, you have already been in the Sacred Forest City for some time but as the leader of the Divine Wood Federation, we the Yang family have yet to properly host you!

“Why don’t you stay the night in the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court? After the Crown Wood Banquet ends, I will prepare another feast in your honor!”

Yang Sijie’s words almost caused the jaws of the members of the veteran factions who knew him to fall to the ground.

When he saw this, the blood vessels in Su Han’s eyes popped.


The Su family and Sky Creation would never be able to mend their relationship. Su Han needed to think of a way to prevent the Yang family from becoming closer to Sky Creation.

Su Han quickly walked over and began his suicide mission. “Brother Yang, I don’t think Young Master Chu will have time tonight. After all, Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master is a guest in the Su family. If he’s going to be hosted by anyone, it should be with the Su family! You’re welcome to join in the fun too!”

Previously, Su Han wanted nothing more than to prevent outsiders from finding out that Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master was staying with the Su family. But now, he had no other choice because only by making the Yang family believe that the Su family were already allies with Sky Creation would convince the Yang family to give up on connecting with Sky Creation.

Even if this would cause the Yang family to put up their guard, Su Han did not care.

Su Han’s words caused those present to let out gasps one after another.

Although all of them had guessed that Sky Creation had a Class 5 Creation Master, none of them had been fully certain.

But now, Su Han’s words had verified all of their guesses.

Sky Creation indeed had a Class 5 Creation Master, and they were currently staying with the Su family.

What kind of relationship did Sky Creation and the Su family have?

Yang Sijie’s expression changed abruptly when he heard what Su Han said. The way he looked at Lin Yuan was no longer as friendly as it had been moments ago.

Yi Huailong’s lips curled almost imperceptibly. He felt that he had never seen such a shameless person in his life.

However, Su Han’s words were utter nonsense.

If Yi Huailong was not aware of how Lin Yuan felt about the Su family, he would have been anxious despite knowing that he had already sworn his loyalty to Lin Yuan. He would have been afraid that Lin Yuan saw the Yi family as a dispensable stepping stone for him to get to the Su family.

Yi Huailong rejoiced internally when he saw Yang Sijie’s expression change.

Although what Su Han had said was shameless, it was significantly beneficial for the Yi family.

If Yang Sijie managed to connect with Lin Yuan, the Yi family would have to compete for Lin Yuan’s attention with them.

But now, Su Han’s statement caused the Yang family to pull themselves out of the running.

The Yi family would only have a better chance at development if they were the only family in Sacred Forest City that Lin Yuan was favoring.

Even if the Yi family presently did not have the power to stand up to the Yang, Bai, and Su families, they had potential that the three families lacked.

This was because there was a high possibility that Yi Huailu would be able to become a true Class 5 Creation Master shortly.

By now, numerous members of factions were recovering from their shock.

Didn’t Su Han just try to needle Young Master Chu? Yi Huailu and the rest of them had been the ones who helped Young Master Chu. So why was Su Han suddenly setting himself as a close ally of Young Master Chu?

At that moment, a weak female voice said from within the crowd, “Uncle Han, you just asked for the jade on Young Master Chu’s waist and were stopped by his retainer. Otherwise, all these terrifying insects would not have been summoned. So, why are you so quickly reconciling your relationship with Young Master Chu? If others acted the way you treat Young Master Chu, I wouldn’t be friendless.”

The weak voice ripped a gaping hole in Su Han’s heart, and Yang Sijie let down his high guard of intense animosity against Lin Yuan.

Instead, he started to examine the relationship between Lin Yuan and Su Han, or rather the one between Sky Creation and the Su family.

From Su Han’s expression, it was likely that Bai Qinghuan had hit a bullseye.

If Bai Qinghuan had watched such an event, those who arrived in advance would also have seen it.

Yang Sijie intended on asking a few people after the Crown Wood Banquet ended to clarify what had happened.

If Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master was truly a guest of the Su family, Su Han would not have acted that way toward Lin Yuan.

Everyone present, including Liu Jie, sensed a thick feminine air from the weak female voice.

Su Han glared daggers at the charming maiden who had just spoken.

The girl was wearing light yellow long robes that had white silk flowers embroidered on them. There was also a tuft of white fur at the corner of the robe.

Furthermore, the young girl was slender and petite. She seemed like the daughter of a wealthy family, raised in such a spoiled environment that any trouble would cause her to keel over.

She seemed to lack all malice.

However, the name Bai Qinghuan had already rung through Sacred Forest City four years ago.

She was the only female descendant who was personally nurtured by the head of the Bai family.

After the Yang family entered the imperial court, they placed great emphasis on their bloodline. Their direct disciples enjoyed much higher statuses than collateral disciples. No matter what the collateral disciples were doing at the moment, they would have to drop it to greet any direct descendant who entered their eyelines.

Yet, the Bai family somehow placed greater emphasis on bloodline than the Yang family.

In the Bai family, direct descendants could even kill collateral descendants as long as they had an acceptably convincing reason.

Bai Qinghuan was personally nurtured by the head of the Bai family but came from a collateral branch of the family. This was enough to prove how extraordinary she was.

Su Han gnashed his teeth and said, “Niece Qinghuan! I didn’t know that you had already arrived! You are still the same, preferring to watch the fire from the sidelines. But if the flame gets too large, you’ll end up burned too!”

Bai Qinghuan chuckled when she heard what Su Han said.

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