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Chapter 1971 - 1971 The Su Family Can’t Afford the Trade!

Chapter 1971 - 1971 The Su Family Can’t Afford the Trade!

1971 The Su Family Can’t Afford the Trade!

Su Han did not have the chance to respond to Yi Huailong before several members of veteran elite families echoed what Yi Huailong said.

“Third Master Su, Young Master Chu is a man of means. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to produce the high-quality Bronze Item-Storing Walnuts.”

“I remember that the Second Master Su was the one who recorded the highest bid for the Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts. Now that you have the opportunity, it would also be helpful to you to trade more with him. You might not have the same chance again in the future.”

These members of veteran elite families would never dare to speak to Su Han in such a way usually. They had the courage now because they were motivated by their potential profits.


All of the members of veteran elite families who had spoken were the ones who had placed orders with Sky Creation and silently accepted Sky Creation as a foreign faction.

With every day that Sky Creation remained in Sacred Forest City, they would be able to gain even more high-class Creation Master resources.

After all, high-class Creation Master resources were valuable to even the Sacred Forest City’s veteran elite families. The more they had, the more they would be able to strengthen themselves.

Moreover, Yi Huailong was the one who had started the confrontation with Su Han. The rest of them were just adding fuel to the fire.

Thus, Su Han would not place the blame on them.

Additionally, Su Han was not the head of the Su family, but Yi Huailong was the head of the Yi family. In terms of status, Su Han was below Yi Huailong.

Su Han could not make the final decision on every one of the Su family’s matters.

When so many members of the factions sided with Lin Yuan, Su Han knew that he would be putting himself in the line of fire of all these factions if he insisted on putting Lin Yuan on the spot.

The Su family could not allow themselves to become unpopular for the sake of their long-prepared plan. Otherwise, not only could the plan meet with a bump in the road, but there could also be issues when they were trying to reap the rewards.

Hence, Su Han knew that he could not continue testing Lin Yuan.

At that moment, Su Han watched as Lin Yuan reached out and touched the blue and gold tablet hanging on his waist as he looked at Su Han with amusement.

“Not everything is like the Peaceful Calm Air Moss. There are some things that the Su family can’t afford to trade.”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Su Han to inhale sharply.

Although the Peaceful Calm Air Moss was not a secret to the Su family, it was a secret that the Su family had asked Sky Creation to nurture the Peaceful Calm Air Moss.

The Peaceful Calm Air Moss was a strategic resource and needed a high concentration of spirit qi in order to grow.

If not in preparation for war, there would be no need for the Su family to nurture the Peaceful Calm Air Moss. Everyone present knew of this.

Lin Yuan had said what he said as a clear warning to Su Han not to cause trouble. Otherwise, Lin Yuan would reveal the amount of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss that he had nurtured for the Su family.

This would immediately put the Yang and Bai families on high alert.

The thing that troubled Su Han the most now was not Lin Yuan threatening him in front of the entire court but Lin Yuan’s confident expression.

A person in trouble would never be able to produce such an expression.

Su Han smiled wryly and silently left the area where Lin Yuan was.

Su Wenliang followed Su Han with confusion all over his face.

Two days ago, Su Han and Young Master had been chatting happily. So why were they speaking so scathingly to each other now? Su Han had even said that he wanted to work with Sky Creation and cling tightly to Sky Creation. Could it be that Su Han and Young Master Chu fell out over the last two days?

Su Wenliang knew that Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master was now a guest in the Su family. This was all thanks to Su Wenliang, and he had received significant rewards as a result of it. He had been promoted from an attendant in the Su family to the steward of the Su family.

If the Class 5 Creation Master wanted to leave the Su family, the Su family would still grandly send off her even if they did not want the outside world to find out that she was staying with them.

Yet, nothing like this had happened. This meant that Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master was still living with the Su family.

Given that Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master was still living with the Su family, Su Han and Young Master Chu should be on even closer terms.

The gears turned in Su Wenliang’s head, and he immediately thought of one possibility.

Something could have happened to Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master that he was unaware of.

When this possibility appeared in his mind, Su Wenliang immediately thought back to how Su Han had sent him to Sky Creation’s tree castle this morning to invite Young Master Chu to travel together and to take note of Young Master Chu’s reaction only for him to be forbidden from entering the tree castle.

This added more stock to Su Wenliang’s guess.

When he saw the worried look on Su Han’s face, Su Wenliang thought, Foolish!

In the entire Sacred Forest City, factions of all sizes, including the Yang family, knew that Sky Creation was not a native faction of the Divine Wood Federation.

The Yang family did not interact with Sky Creation because they were afraid that Sky Creation would interfere with their governance. As the family that presided over the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court, the Yang family had to prioritize their reputation.

Meanwhile, the other veteran elite families from Sky Creation were doing all they could to trade with Sky Creation because they wanted to trade as much of their unused resources for high-class Creation Master resources or resources that would be more useful to them as possible.

These veteran elite families knew that Sky Creation would eventually leave Sacred Forest City. As such, the more they traded, the more they would earn.

Given the situation, it would not be smart for the Su family to make an enemy of Sky Creation.


Su Wenliang was naturally respectful of Class 5 Creation Masters.

The three major federations were able to rise above the rest because of their Class 5 Creation Master resources.

The power of Class 5 Creation Masters had to be terrifying. No number of Class 4 Creation Masters would be able to compare to one Class 5 Creation Master.

Thus, a faction that only had Class 4 Creation Masters did not deserve to even shake hands with a faction that had a Class 5 Creation Master.

However, all of the authority he enjoyed in the Su family was thanks to him being looked after by Su Han. He was actually soft-spoken by nature and could not say anything to Su Han now while he was in such a mood.

All he could do was hope that Su Han was not foolish!

Su Wenliang could come up with the crux of the matter, but it did not occur to him that Su Han was no longer the decision-maker of the Su family.

Su Han was holding a wine glass as he idly chatted with Ding Chengshuo. He was full of anxiety and worry, and his expression sent the message of unapproachability so those who were trying to get in the Su family’s good books would know to stay away.

However, Ding Chengshuo had still started a conversation with him.

Because of Ding Chengshuo’s position in Sacred Wood City’s council, he was no longer just the City Lord of the remote Oak City and could be useful to the Su family. As such, Su Han did not turn him away.

Ding Chengshuo could see Su Han’s gaze being pulled away.

Since the Su family wanted to die, Ding Chengshuo was going to give them a push.


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