Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1968 - 1968 Paint a Rosy Picture for You!

Chapter 1968 - 1968 Paint a Rosy Picture for You!

1968 Paint a Rosy Picture for You!

On the one hand, Di Wanmi was too calm. She did not appear like a prisoner at all.

On the other hand, Su Han recalled the way Lin Yuan treated Di Wanmi.

When Lin Yuan told Di Wanmi to go to the Su family, it had been an order. It was as though he had the authority to make decisions for her.

If a Class 5 Creation Master was in charge of the faction, she should be on top of the pyramid, and Lin Yuan would not have taken such an attitude with her.

But if he said something like that now, his great-grandparents and older brothers would not believe him and be disappointed in him.

Hence, Su Han did not say anything.

His older brothers and great-grandparents were no longer lying below the radar.

The yoke of authority had shifted out of Su Han’s hands. From now on, he could no longer make decisions pertaining to the Su family.

Presently, Su Han badly wanted to take a walk in Sky Creation’s tree castle to see what Lin Yuan’s reaction was. This was the only way he would be able to lay his worries to rest.

Just as Su Han was about to speak, a strangely dry and hoarse voice said, “Take me to the Su family’s treasure vault now. I don’t want to see you. From now on, only one person from the Su family is allowed to interact with me. Additionally, you cannot cause trouble for anyone else in Sky Creation’s tree castle. Otherwise, I won’t provide the Su family with any Class 5 Creation Master resources.”

Di Wanmi stood up and ignored the rest of the Su family as she said to the Adjudication Dung Beetle, “Lead the way. If you can keep me in a good mood, I can raise you to Immortal within two months.”

Lin Yuan did not want to cause trouble before the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm opened. This was why he asked Red Thorn to use Di Wanmi to paint a rosy picture for the Su family.

It was likely that the Su family would be making their move within a week. Once they did, they would cause a storm to break out in Sacred Forest City.

This would be about the same time that Lin Yuan exited the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm. At that time, there would be no need for the Su family to exist.

Even if Lin Yuan used all the power in his body, he would not be able to evolve from an Immortal expert to an Eternal one. It would even be difficult for him to raise an Immortal expert’s quality.

This was because once the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen evolved to 4 Stars, it gained the ability to temper Immortal bodies, but each one took two months.

It was not even done tempering Shark Awn’s Immortal body.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen could temper Immortal bodies because of its new ability, Queen’s Cupboard.


Lin Yuan had a feeling that once the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen was done tempering the first Immortal body, the Sword of Punishment’s second abilities would bring him a surprise.

Di Wanmi’s words not only filled Su Zhenmu with visible excitement, but the Adjudication Dung Beetle also felt the same.

The stronger a fey was, the more difficult it was for it to suppress its desire to transform.

The Adjudication Dung Beetle never thought that it would ever have the chance to evolve to Eternal.

But now that it had encountered a Class 5 Creation Master who was making such a promise, the Adjudication Dung Beetle was going to do its best to serve Di Wanmi.

The Adjudication Dung Beetle was well aware of the resources in the Su family’s treasure vault because Su Zhenmu had been personally overseeing it.

The Adjudication Dung Beetle had decided that it was going to do all it could to fulfill Di Wanmi’s requests.

Di Wanmi’s words prevented Su Han from visiting Sky Creation’s tree castle.

However, he had an appointment with Lin Yuan to attend the Crown Wood Banquet. They had already agreed to attend together.

This would not be counted as causing trouble for the people in Sky Creation’s tree castle.

Thus, the best plan would be to try to get Lin Yuan to talk during the Crown Wood Banquet so he could find out if anything special had happened to Lin Yuan after Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master went missing.

However, he still needed to run this by his great-grandparents and two older brothers.

“I’ve already invited Sky Creation’s Young Master Chu to attend the Crown Wood Banquet, and he accepted my invitation. We agreed to meet tomorrow. Great-Grandfather, does this coincide with our original plan?”

Su Zhenmu was silent for a moment before he replied, “Since both of you have agreed on it in advance, everything will carry on as planned! Don’t leak the news that Su Jun, Su Jian, and the two of us are active again. If the Yang family finds out, it might affect the plan. The two helpers are still waiting outside. Han, go and deal with them! More people just means more flapping lips. We need to keep things clean and neat.”

Su Zhenmu and the elderly woman left the breeding room.

In order to maintain the facade that they were still in seclusion, Su Jian and Su Jun returned to the Su family’s mountain villa.

Currently, only Su Han was in the Su family’s residence.

But two days ago, Su Han’s attitude had completely changed.

He was not even in the mood to drink the tea brewed from the Purple Vessel Mountain’s roots that the female attendant had served up.

Ever since Su Wenliang helped to make contact with Sky Creation, Su Han started to rely heavily on Su Wenliang.

Su Wenliang was unaware that the Su family’s elders and first two masters had returned.

But when he saw Su Han the next day, Su Wenliang sensed something was different.

Previously, Su Han had been cavalier and nonchalant about everything. But now, he appeared to be heavily weighed down by something.

Su Wenliang dared not try to guess what Su Han was thinking in case he guessed wrong.

Thus, Su Wenliang could just stand next to Su Han, too afraid to say anything.

But now, Su Han asked Su Wenliang, “Wenliang, what do you think of Sky Creation’s Young Master Chu?”

Su Wenliang did not understand why Su Han was asking him such a question. Could Su Han being troubled have something to do with Young Master Chu?

Su Wenliang had interacted more times with Young Master Chu than Su Han had.

Since he could not guess what Su Han was thinking, he said with brave honesty, “Young Master Chu is extremely impressive. He is far from average. Even the Yang family will struggle to match up to him in terms of dignity.”

Su Han was silent for a long while before he went on to ask, “Wenliang, do you think someone who managed to nurture such a young talent will allow themselves to be trapped and willingly become a tool?”

Su Han’s words stunned Su Wenliang, and he replied instinctively, “Of course not! Someone who can nurture such a young talent has to be proud. If they are taken prisoner and used as a tool, they will fight to the death to resist, even if they know they won’t be able to win! There’s no way they would easily give in and become a chess piece!”

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