Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1969 - 1969 The Price Will be Paid Later!

Chapter 1969 - 1969 The Price Will be Paid Later!

1969 The Price Will be Paid Later!

Su Han shot to his feet and said, “Wenliang, take a trip to Sky Creation’s tree castle and tell Young Master Chu that I will personally fetch him from his tree castle to take him to the Crown Wood Banquet at 4 o’clock. Tell him that he has to come with me!”

Su Wenliang replied to the order, “Third Master, I will go to Sky Creation’s tree castle now. However, inviting Young Master Chu to attend the Crown Wood Banquet will definitely attract attention from all other factions in Sacred Wood City. If you personally ride in a fey carriage to fetch Young Master Chu and his retainer, it is very likely that it will catch the notice of the Yang, Bai, and Yi families.”

Su Han shook his head.

The Yang and Bai families had already noticed the Su family.


The Su family could make preparations, and so could the Yang family.

As for the Yi family, Yi Huailong as a man of means. In spite of Yi Huailu’s disability, he managed to hold down the Yi family’s fort.

As long as Yi Huailong did not reach Immortal, he could not straighten his back to stand in front of the Su family.

“We don’t have to care about the Yang and Bai families’ reactions. Just pass the message. Remember, when you go over, check and see if Sky Creation’s tree castle is operating as normal and how the others in the tree castle are reacting.”

Su Wenliang was going to treat a task from Su Han with utmost seriousness.

However, Su Wenliang was confused about what Su Han’s goal was. According to the plan, the Su family should be clinging tightly to Sky Creation.

So why did it seem like Su Han’s order was meant to put up walls against Young Master Chu and to test him?

Su Wenliang did not dare to probe and immediately left to carry out Su Han’s order.

At first, Lin Yuan intended to open doors for business this morning.

But the Su family had made their move.

Di Wanmi was currently in the Su family’s treasure vault and was being led around by the Adjudication Dung Beetle as she admired the contents.

Thus, to accommodate the Su family, Lin Yuan would keep the tree castle doors closed until the Su family made their move.

From the Su family’s breeding room and everything that the Su family did to Di Wanmi, Lin Yuan deeply understood the importance of having experience.

If the Su family truly understood Class 5 Creation Masters and placed them on an absolute pedestal, they would not dare to hold Di Wanmi hostage.

One had to pay the price for one’s greed. The Su family would pay the price later!

When Su Wenliang came to visit, Lin Yuan immediately instructed two helpers to stop him at the entrance and tell him that no visitors were allowed.

His attitude would definitely cause a scheming person like Su Han to have even more doubts.

The less confident Su Han was, the more he would rush the Su family’s plan.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan would continue with his original plan of attending the Crown Wood Banquet and using the mountain of Great Lush dollars he traded to buy up precious resources.

The Sacred Wood Mystic Realm would be opening tomorrow.

The more brilliantly Lin Yuan shone tonight, the more attention from other factions he would attract in Sacred Forest City and the safer he would be when he walked alongside Ding Chengshuo tomorrow with the Faceless Paper on his face.

Because of this, no one would link Young Master Chu to him when he was wearing the Faceless Paper.

Ding Chengshuo had used his own power to evolve the Dragon Horns Mysterious Turtle to pinnacle Myth III and became president of Sacred Wood City’s council.

Frankly, Lin Yuan could evolve the Dragon Horns Mysterious Turtle to Creation Breed and Ding Chengshuo to a thearch-class expert. But he did not do so because he was afraid that it would attract too much attention if Ding Chengshuo’s power increased too quickly.

A storm was brewing in Sacred Forest City.

Ding Chengshuo used to be the City Lord of a remote city.

Once he entered Sacred Forest City, many veteran elite families did not think it was worth it to connect with him.

They knew that he was a Class 4 Creation Master, but most City Lords of large cities had the support of a powerful family. If their family was in trouble, they would not have sufficient Creation Master resources to trade.

Hence, only Ding Chengshuo’s old friends in Sacred Forest City were willing to interact with him.

But ever since Ding Chengshuo gained a seat on Sacred Wood City’s council, the Yang, Bai, and Yi families all took the initiative of making friendly contact with him. All of them wanted Ding Chengshuo to become their ally.

This greatly boosted Ding Chengshuo’s ego.

Alas, he did not agree to the Bai, Yang, Su, or Yi families’ invites.


Ding Chengshuo knew who was responsible for giving him the power and status he was currently enjoying.

Previously, the Su, Yang, Bai, and Yi families were all entities that Ding Chengshuo could only look up to.

But now, they could not even catch his fancy.

Without a Class 5 Creation Master, what grounds do you have to talk with me? The right choice would be to cling tightly to Lin Yuan!

In the past four days, Ding Chengshuo had not met up with Lin Yuan to avoid arousing suspicion.

But Ding Chengshuo had provided Lin Yuan with a substantial amount of secrets about Sacred Forest City’s internal affairs and the dynamic between the veteran elite families through the Thoughts Letter Paper.

Previously, Lin Yuan would have been very interested in these secrets.

But now, Yi Huailong and Yi Huailu had become members of Sky City, and the Yi family was a subsidiary of Sky City.

Lin Yuan had already found out all the secrets he needed to know from Yi Huailong.

Once the Su family made their move and the structure of the Divine Wood Federation changed, the previous secrets would become useless.

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan still gave Ding Chengshuo the prize of three earth-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls with outer layers for working so earnestly.

Ding Chengshuo wanted to become a butler and infiltrate the major families to find out all about the skeletons in their closets.

Since Lin Yuan had not agreed to see Su Wenliang, he did not wait for Su Han to fetch him at the tree castle.

By the time Su Han rode in his fey carriage and arrived at Sky Creation’s tree castle, he found out from the two helpers at the door that Lin Yuan had already set off an hour ago with his retainer by his side.

This caused Su Han’s face to fall.

The thoughts that filled Su Han’s mind were not that Lin Yuan had insulted him but curiosity over why Sky Creation still went to attend the Crown Wood Banquet despite having lost contact with their Class 5 Creation Master.

Su Han had already been less than confident. But now, he was even more panicked.

When he returned, he felt that he needed to have a good talk with his great-grandparents to convince them to start the plan immediately after he and his two older brothers entered the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm tomorrow.


Most of the buildings in the Divine Wood Federation were tree castles. Only the residents of large families and important organizations, such as the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court, constructed buildings.

The Crown Wood Banquet was being held in a garden outside of the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court. It had been built by many Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen and was extremely extravagant.

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