Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1967 - 1967 Adjudication Dung Beetle

Chapter 1967 - 1967 Adjudication Dung Beetle

1967 Adjudication Dung Beetle

“What!? A Class 5 Creation Master can help an Immortal expert reach Eternal? Then why is your power barely at Immortal? If we open the Su family’s treasure vault to you, you could use the resources to increase your own power.”

Lin Yuan had expected there to be a clear-minded person in the Su family. Not all of them would allow their minds to cloud over at the thought of having control over a Class 5 Creation Master.

Lin Yuan had sent Di Wanmi to the Su family to trade for the resources in the Su family’s treasure vault.

But since the Su family was baring its teeth, he was not going to hold back either.

Once Di Wanmi entered the Su family’s treasure vault, all of the resources inside would belong to Lin Yuan.

It was likely that the resources in the Su family’s treasure vault were comparable to or even better than those found in the Yi family’s treasure vault. After all, the Su family had Immortal experts, but the Yi family did not.

Just as the old woman spoke, the breeding room’s air thickened.

All the joy was wiped off of Su Zhenmu, Su Jian, and Su Jun’s faces. They started looking at Di Wanmi doubtfully.

At that moment, they watched as Di Wanmi’s hand pulled at the black robe.

She was clearly dressed elaborately under the black robe, but the girl’s scar-covered body was a bizarre sight to the Su family.

The scars seemed to be alive as they moved continuously.

Normally, something moving in a person’s body would cause them agonizing pain. Even their souls would feel as though they were being torn apart.

But this girl’s face was expressionless. It was as though the scars were not moving in her body.

When one looked past the scars, one could tell that the girl was beautiful. She had almond-shaped eyes that emanated a sense of authority.

However, even the best of features were overshadowed by the scars.

Su Jian was so terrified by the sight under Di Wanmi’s robe that he almost lost interest in all women.

While the Su family was confused about why Di Wanmi had removed her black robe, Di Wanmi said, “I am heavily injured, and my spiritual power is in a murky state. I only have Class 5 Creation Master abilities but not the power. What if you let me live here, and I’ll provide you with Class 5 Creation Master resources? But first, you have to make me comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll receive nothing from me.”


Red Thorn instructed Di Wanmi to sit down on the sofa in the breeding room and put on an air of nonchalance.

Di Wanmi was a corpse to begin with and had been revived by being turned into a puppet by the Tongue of Relinquish.

The scars on her body were caused by the Tongue of Relinquish breaking up into pieces and dispersing.

Her spiritual power and movements were fully under the Tongue of Relinquish’s control.

When the Tongue of Relinquish stopped supplying spiritual power to Di Wanmi’s body, she would not have any spiritual power to use.

Lin Yuan instructed Di Wanmi to act weak in front of the Su family to lull the Su family into a false sense of security.

She was nothing more than a puppet controlled by the Tongue of Relinquish and was unable to swear on a Law Rune.

But even if she could, there was no reason for her to do so because there was no way the Su family would be able to kill her. The most they would do was keep her imprisoned.

This was because the Su family could not withstand the temptation of having control over a Class 5 Creation Master.

But if they kept her prisoner, the Su family would only let her live under them without receiving any benefits.

Thus, Lin Yuan guessed that after the Su family investigated Di Wanmi and confirmed that she indeed lacked spiritual power, they would agree to her request. They would allow her access to their treasure vault so she could provide them with Class 5 Creation Master resources.

Just as Lin Yuan anticipated, Su Zhenmu strode quickly to Di Wanmi and picked up her scar-covered wrist as he injected spiritual power into her body.

Su Zhenmu immediately noticed that Di Wanmi’s body was greatly lacking in spiritual power.

Given her situation, even if she did summon her feys, she would not be able to use them to her advantage. In her state, she was of no threat to the Su family.

After confirming the situation, Su Zhenmu relaxed, and an uncontrollable smile spread across his face.

With a wave of his hand, a short and strange man with six strands of hair growing on his face appeared in front of him. The man’s hair stuck upward and was as straight as a needle.

The breeding room was instantly filled with a muddy odor.

Su Zhenmu ordered, “Adjudication Dung Beetle, keep this Class 5 Creation Master company in my stead. From now on, she is our valued guest!”

Although Su Zhenmu called Di Wanmi a valued guest, it was clear that he intended for the Adjudication Dung Beetle to keep a close watch on her.

With the Adjudication Dung Beetle watching Di Wanmi, Su Zhenmu did not have to worry about Di Wanmi having free access to the Su family’s treasure vault.

Di Wanmi’s life was in the Adjudication Dung Beetle’s hands, and she would not dare to do anything to hurt the Su family.

Accompanying Su Zhenmu’s happiness were the smiles that bloomed across the faces of the elderly woman, Su Jian, and Su Jun.

The Su family sure was lucky! They had managed to gain control over a Class 5 Creation Master! From today onward, they would be a family that possessed a Class 5 Creation Master!

There were no families with Class 5 Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation or even the entire Startling Lines Continent.

More importantly, Di Wanmi’s words had informed Su Zhenmu and the rest of the extent of a Class 5 Creation Master’s power. It turned out that a Class 5 Creation Master could evolve a fey to Eternal Breed.

If Su Zhenmu forced out profits from this Class 5 Creation Master by promising her more benefits, the Su family could have an Eternal expert in the future.

Moreover, with the Class 5 Creation Master around, there was also a chance that Su Jun and Su Jian could become Class 5 Creation Masters after interacting with her.

At that time, the Su family would have their own Class 5 Creation Masters.

With such a rate of development, the Su family would be able to take over the Startling Lines Continent once they gained control of the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court.

At that time, the Divine Wood Federation would be equal to the three major federations, and anyone who mentioned the Divine Wood Federation would address them as part of the four major federations!

As long as Di Wanmi provided the Su family with Class 5 Creation Master resources, the Su family could provide her with anything and everything she needed.

However, the precondition was that Di Wanmi’s injuries could not be allowed to heal because this would keep her reliant on the Su family.

Everyone in the Su family was dreaming, but Su Han still felt unsettled.

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