Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1795 - 1795 Long Time No See!

Chapter 1795 - 1795 Long Time No See!

1795 Long Time No See!

The Mother of Bloodbath had always been by Lin Yuan’s side as his Path Protector. It had watched him comprehend Willpower Runes numerous times.

It felt that it was easier for Lin Yuan to comprehend Willpower Runes than it was for others to drink water.

At that moment, a cry filled the air.

At the same moment that the cry filled the air, vast soul energy exploded out.


If Purple Love had not used her aura to put a barrier over this space, the soul energy would have caused ripples to spread out across the Royal Capital.

When feys reached Eternal, they would make it a habit to restrain their aura.

But Jade Sundial was clearly unable to pull the reins back on the aura of its soul.

Lin Yuan could tell from the cry that was released that it had come from Jade Sundial’s soul.

There was no mistaking that the cry had come from a spider-species fey. Yet, it was also completely different from a regular spider-species fey.

There was no malevolence or ferocity within the cry. Rather, it had a hint of gentleness. It was like the sun that was looking out over all creatures of the earth.

When Blood New Moon, Purple Love, and Blue Lotus heard the cry that came from the soul, a bright smile stretched across their faces.

Blood New Moon’s one gold and one red eye, Purple Love’s dark purple fox eyes, and Dark Blue’s eyes that were as blue as the sea, all welled up with tears.

Even the unempathetic White Phoenix’s eyes filled up with water, and his lips started to tremble.

When Heavenly Family Feys with Eternal power that had complete souls and reached their prime, their souls would produce sound when exposed.

That spider cry had been Jade Sundial’s voice.

At that moment, Rememberling released the soul that it had generated through the horn on its forehead.

A woman who greatly resembled the Mother of Bloodbath but had a completely different style to it appeared next to Lin Yuan in soul form.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s eyes and expression were cold, but when this woman smiled, she would probably be able to heal wounds. It was so gentle that it would overwhelm anyone who looked at her to the point that tears would start to slide down their cheeks.

The woman’s eyes were fixed on the Mother of Bloodbath, and she had her arms outstretched toward it.

Before the woman could take a step forward, the Mother of Bloodbath strode forward and embraced the woman.

For as long as the Mother of Bloodbath could remember, it had been alone and struggling to survive in the forest. It had indeed gone through a phase of resenting the parents that had abandoned it. The feelings of hatred intensified when it was fighting daily on an empty stomach or when it saw other fey families.

But slowly, the feelings of loathing disappeared because the Mother of Bloodbath did not even know who it was hating.

The Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer had developed such a deep friendship because the Mother of Bloodbath highly prioritized kinship.

But once the Mother of Bloodbath found out about its background and met Blood New Moon, all of its confusion cleared up.

It looked forward every single day to its mother’s revival.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s bloodline and nature allowed it to sense an inexplicable warmth from this woman that it had never experienced before.

Blood New Moon walked up to the hugging figures and wrapped his arms around them.

The family of three that had been separated from each other for so long only released each other after some time.

Jade Sundial bowed deeply to Lin Yuan and said with gratitude, “Thank you for giving me the chance to see my daughter, husband, and friends.”

Jade Sundial turned toward Purple Love and walked toward her as she said, “Big Sister, long time no see!”

The Return from Faraway Mansion was full of warmth.

Chu Ci had also wanted to go out to greet Lin Yuan but had been stopped by Wen Yu.

Chu Ci was smart and quickly realized why Wen Yu had stopped her.

But now that the matter had been settled, Chu Ci rushed up to Lin Yuan and embraced him like how the Mother of Bloodbath had just embraced Jade Sundial.

Chu Ci did not say anything and continued to silently hug Lin Yuan.

She had been worried about him through the entire battle, both during Capture the General against Han Qi and the five-man team fight.

The Star Web audience saw one of the Radiance Federation’s elites putting his life on the line to protect the Radiance Federation’s honor. But to Chu Ci, it was her brother engaged in a fight to the death.

She did not have many memories of their parents and had grown up with only him by her side.

With a brother like him who was always there to protect her, Chu Ci never had to feel envious of her classmates who had parents.

You have parents, but I have my brother! I receive just as much love and care as you do.

Lin Yuan was Chu Ci’s everything.

Although she had become Cold Moon’s disciple, Lin Yuan’s position in her heart was unchanged.

Thus, when she saw Lin Yuan fighting with the possibility of death, Chu Ci instinctively felt worried.

Nonetheless, there had been nothing that she could do.

There had been no other moment in her life that she yearned to increase her power more than then.

Luckily, Lin Yuan was fine.

Chu Ci’s worries were only laid to rest when she hugged Lin Yuan.

Wen Yu stood at the entrance of the manor and grinned as she watched the hugging siblings.

A long time had passed, and it was time for the Astronomical Parliament parliamentary meeting to begin.

After the Radiance Hundred Sky City selection, Lin Yuan finally had the time to focus on developing Sky City.

The Radiance Sacred Hall had been sealed, and it was normally not available for public visitation.

Only members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence, Radiance Envoys, Radiance Knights, and members of royalty could access the Radiance Sacred Hall as they pleased.

Given that the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection had just ended, the Radiance Hundred Sequence members had left the Radiance Sacred Hall, and it should be completely empty.

However, the Moon Empress and an elderly man seated in a wheelchair were still in the Radiance Sacred Hall. They seemed to be waiting for someone to arrive.

At that moment, the air beside the Moon Empress and the elderly man started to ripple.

Gold and red water ripples expanded across the spatial fluctuation.

A woman with a gold and red fishtail and dressed in a thin shawl appeared in front of the Moon Empress and elderly man.

The Moon Empress looked at the Goddess of Mercy but did not say anything.

The Goddess of Mercy had no intention of putting on airs in front of the Moon Empress because she had undermined Na Na with the purpose of gaining favor with the Radiance Federation.

The Moon Empress and the elderly man were waiting here because the Goddess of Mercy had used her birth horoscope to send a message to the Moon Empress and the elderly man.

Only a person walking down heaven’s path would be able to do this, and it was the most secretive method of communication.

The Goddess of Mercy’s expression became serious as she looked at the Moon Empress and the elderly man.

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