Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1794 - 1794 Lin Yuan was Comprehending Again!

Chapter 1794 - 1794 Lin Yuan was Comprehending Again!

1794 Lin Yuan was Comprehending Again!

Even the bravest and most strong-willed people would crumble in the face of the uncertainty of their loved ones being able to revive.

The more you cared about someone, the more clouded your mind would be when it came to matters that involved them.

If Purple Love was unsure if Jade Sundial could be revived, she could begin to slowly heal her scars and turn her grief into longing. She would occasionally gaze at the handkerchief that contained fragments of Jade Sundial’s soul and think about Jade Sundial.

However, fear now coexisted with the hope in Purple Love’s heart.


She was afraid that her hopes would be dashed and she would lose Jade Sundial again, her sister who had been by her side for over a millennium.

Purple Love did not know if she would be able to handle having her heart broken again.

It might be better to avoid the possibility of pain altogether.

The most unacceptable thing to Purple Love would be if the failure to revive Jade Sundial’s soul caused the fragments of Jade Sundial’s soul to dissipate. That would mean that she had truly lost her final link to Jade Sundial.

Lin Yuan could tell that Purple Love was in turmoil.

He was in no rush to take the tangerine and red handkerchief from Purple Love.

Lin Yuan found out from the Moon Empress that Jade Sundial used to be the second member of the Heavenly Family Cottage and had a deep relationship with Purple Love.

Reviving Jade Sundial involved not only the Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon but also Purple Love and all the other members of the Heavenly Fey Cottage.

After the fight against the Freedom Federation, Lin Yuan’s mindset had changed. It also matured him.

Although the Moon Empress had never mentioned it to him, Lin Yuan knew that he could regard the Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon as family.

However, Blue Lotus, White Phoenix, and Purple Love represented the Heavenly Family Cottage.

In a way, Lin Yuan represented the Radiance Federation.

Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath had witnessed how Rememberling collected soul fragments.

Both of them had also sensed the fragments of Jade Sundial’s soul that Rememberling had collected from the lava zone.

Thus, both of them felt rather relaxed.

The Mother of Bloodbath had been with Lin Yuan for a very long time and understood what kind of person he was.

Lin Yuan would never agree to something that he had no confidence he could achieve.

Blood New Moon said, “Sister Purple Love, I have seen Lin Yuan’s ability for myself. He managed to collect all of Jade Sundial’s soul fragments from the lava zone, and he will be able to do the same with the handkerchief. Although it wasn’t successful because of some circumstances, the soul fragments had not disappeared.”

Purple Love took a deep breath when he heard what Blood New Moon said.

She took a step forward and handed the tangerine handkerchief to Lin Yuan with both hands as she said, “Thank you so much! Even if this fails, the fact that you saved Blood Love is enough to make you the debtor of the entire Heavenly Family Cottage,”

Lin Yuan did not immediately reply.

After he received the handkerchief, Lin Yuan did not rush to instruct Rememberling to use Soul Knot. Instead, he instructed it to release Jade Sundial’s soul fragments that it had collected.

He said solemnly, “I won’t be careless with Auntie Jade Sundial’s soul. Frankly, I don’t just need more of Auntie Jade Sundial’s soul to revive it but also to make sure her soul retains as many memories as possible after the revival. If not for this reason, I would only need to nurture her soul fragments to complete it.”

Lin Yuan has essentially revealed his secret weapon to Purple Love.

His words stunned everyone present, including the Mother of Bloodbath and Blood New Moon.

Lin Yuan had mentioned Rememberling’s abilities to Blood New Moon and the Mother of Bloodbath.

However, they did not expect its abilities to be so extraordinary that it would be able to nurture soul fragments to revive a soul.

Jade Sundial had been dead for many years.

If Lin Yuan could still find fragments of her soul now, he would essentially be able to bring the dead back to life.

Not even experts who were walking the heaven’s path had such abilities!

Lin Yuan had revealed his secret weapon because he wanted to reassure Purple Love, Blue Lotus, and White Phoenix and because it was all but certain that Tower Canon and the Freedom Federation had colluded.

Heavenly Family Cottage had always maintained a neutral stance, and Lin Yuan wanted to help the Radiance Federation secure such a powerful ally.

Additionally, everyone present was worthy of his trust.

After Lin Yuan said what he said, delight spread across the faces of Purple Love and the rest after momentary shock.

Lin Yuan had already all but guaranteed that Jade Sundial’s soul could be revived, but he was now giving them another surprise.

If what Lin Yuan said was true and the soul fragments could be absorbed to retrieve Jade Sundial’s past memories, they would truly be able to communicate with her.

Now that Purple Love and the rest appeared more at ease, Lin Yuan did not say anything else.

Instead, he tossed the handkerchief to Rememberling so it would be able to use Soul Knot on it.

When Rememberling used Soul Knot, it would absorb the soul into its body.

When Jade Sundial died in the lava zone, Purple Love had rushed to the Radiance Federation to save Blood New Moon and collect the remnants of Jade Sundial’s soul.

Given the strength of the soul, Lin Yuan was sure that Jade Sundial had reached Eternal and had been one step away from breaking through past that level.

When a fey reached Eternal, their soul would gain a unique color.

Many colored soul fragments entered Rememberling’s body.

Although Purple Love, Blood New Moon, and the rest still could not see Rememberling, they could see Jade Sundial’s soul swirling around inside an unknown lifeform’s body.

Lin Yuan noticed that the swirling soul fragments were interlocking intricately and joining together.

The way that a soul was formed was one of life’s greatest secrets, and people usually did not get the chance to discover it.

If Jade Sundial’s soul had not reached Eternal, they would not be able to see the soul being put back together.

At that moment, Lin Yuan felt deep awe for life.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan entered a state of comprehension.

A Willpower Rune that resembled a soul being continuously shattered and put back together appeared in Lin Yuan’s spiritual spatial zone.

Purple Love, Blue Lotus, White Phoenix, and Blood New Moon did not find it strange that Lin Yuan had abruptly entered a state of comprehension.

Although the four of them had reached such a high level, they were also amazed as they watched the soul being reformed.

It was normal that Lin Yuan had managed to produce a Willpower Rune from this comprehension.

Lin Yuan was one of the Radiance Federation’s best prodigies and the Moon Empress’ disciple. As such, his comprehension ability had to be impressive.

On the other hand, the Mother of Bloodbath felt that nothing about this was normal.

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