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Chapter 1793 - 1793 The Legendary Obtuse Man?

Chapter 1793 - 1793 The Legendary Obtuse Man?

1793 The Legendary Obtuse Man?

When they left, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie had been full of determination to take on any battle but had never felt such immense pressure and responsibility before.

When an entire federation’s honor rested on the shoulders of a few people, it would force said people to grow up quickly.

Now that Lin Yuan was home, he finally relaxed and stretched.

Lin Yuan intended to organize his wide variety of spoils from the battle first.


He obtained three precious instruments from Han Qi, one of which was 5 Stars. There was also the body of Han Qi’s devil and feys, as well as the numerous resources in his spatial equipment.

Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian’s riches had been swallowed up by Lu Ou’s devil when it consumed the three of them.

Lin Yuan had intended to split these resources with his four teammates.

However, he had been the one who swooped in at the last leg to secure their victory. Thus, Zong Ze, Gao Feng, Liu Yifan, and Liu Jie turned him down.

Lin Yuan felt that the three sacred source lifeforms that Lu Ou had not yet digested had great research value. They would also make great precious weapons.

But the person that contributed to most of Lin Yuan’s spoils was undoubtedly Qian Yu.

Lin Yuan checked and saw that Qian Yu’s spatial equipment contained much more resources than the other spatial equipment.

Moreover, the Diving Songstress itself represented unfathomable wealth.

Nurturing a sacred source lifeform to 8 Stars was no easy feat.

Lin Yuan was certain that the power that surged through his body after he fused with Dark Blue was the mermaid’s power. This was the only explanation for why the power had been able to affect Qian Yu, who had fused with the Diving Songstress.

Although the power of the Diving Songstress’ bloodline was inferior to the power of Dark Blue’s bloodline when it was fused with Lin Yuan, the latter and the Diving Songstress’ bloodline had the same source.

When the precious instrument was being made, a superior bloodline could be used to evolve the bloodline within the precious instrument.

This meant that when Di Wanmi used the Diving Songstress to create a precious instrument, Lin Yuan would be able to use his bloodline to evolve the mermaid bloodline within the precious instrument.

This would enable Lin Yuan to gain a precious weapon that was suitable for him.

The only precious instrument that Lin Yuan had was a precious spatial instrument that he used for storage.

If he could obtain an 8 Stars precious instrument that was suited to his bloodline, his power would undoubtedly skyrocket.

Nonetheless, nothing excited Lin Yuan more than the green crystal that Morbius wanted to absorb.

Before Lin Yuan even reached his room, Blood New Moon leaped out from his hair and changed into human form, and landed on the ground.

When Blood New Moon changed into human form, Blue Lotus, White Phoenix, the Mother of Bloodbath, and a beautiful woman with a purple leather cloak draped over her walked out from the manor.

Heavenly Family Feys could perfectly recall their auras. This would allow them to pass by completely undetected.

However, Lin Yuan immediately knew who this beautiful woman was. He expected that this woman was actually the leader of the Heavenly Fey Cottage that Blood New Moon had mentioned, Purple Love.

All of them wanted to congratulate him, and Purple Love had gratitude in her eyes as she looked at Lin Yuan.

Heavenly Family Feys placed importance on kinship and promises.

Besides the possibility of Lin Yuan being able to revive Jade Sundial, the fact that he had saved the Mother of Bloodbath numerous times was enough to make Purple Love regard him as a savior.

Before Blue Lotus, White Phoenix, and the Mother of Bloodbath could congratulate him and Purple Love to thank him, Lin Yuan walked over to them with a serious expression and said, “You must be Senior Purple Love! I heard from Uncle Blood that you went to the Radiance Federation’s lava zone and collected most of Auntie Jade Sundial’s soul fragments.

“Now that you’re here, why don’t you let out the soul fragments so I can try to revive Auntie Jade Sundial’s soul? If there are enough soul fragments, you should be able to commence simple communication with Auntie Jade Sundial’s soul.”

Blood New Moon, Purple Love, Blue Lotus, and White Phoenix had been extremely grateful to Lin Yuan.

His actions told them that he truly regarded this matter as an important task.

Although he should clearly be basking in cheers and praise, the first thing that came to his mind when he saw them was reviving Jade Sundial’s soul.

This caused the gratitude that they felt to multiply.

The Mother of Bloodbath could no longer hold back as it walked up to Lin Yuan and hugged him tightly as it whispered into his ear, “Lin Yuan, thank you!”

Lin Yuan regarded it as the Mother of Bloodbath being overwhelmed by the possibility of being able to communicate with its mother’s soul.

He replied, “Why are you being so polite? You’re my Path Protector, after all.”

Lin Yuan summoned Rememberling.

The Mother of Bloodbath released Lin Yuan and stood next to him. It looked at him with gentleness and slight shyness.

Although it was Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, Lin Yuan had saved it many more times than it had saved him.

Purple Love was unaware of how the Mother of Bloodbath felt about Lin Yuan, but Blue Lotus, White Phoenix, and Blood New Moon could tell.

Three of them had been stunned by what Lin Yuan said because the Mother of Bloodbath’s hug clearly seemed more than just courtesy.

Could this be the legendary obtuse man? An obtuse man was handsome but might also end up spending their entire life alone.

Rememberling affectionately circled Lin Yuan.

Blood New Moon had already witnessed how remarkable Rememberling was, but this was the first time that White Phoenix, Blue Lotus, and Purple Love were encountering a fey from legend.

The three of them could not see what Rememberling looked like but could sense that there was a lifeform close to Lin Yuan that was acting lovingly toward him.

Purple Love took a deep breath and took out that tangerine and red handkerchief that looked as though it was a piece of a sunset.

Once she took out the handkerchief, despite how much she looked forward to being able to converse with Jade Sundial’s soul like how they used to, the Purple Love that had barged into Tower Canon’s headquarters to kill First Page Fate now felt frightened.

Although Lin Yuan had just given all of them a sense of assurance, Purple Love was still afraid of the possible result that Jade Sundial’s soul could not be revived.

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